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The Cartoon Contest

Guest ~Rosey~

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Okay, so this contest might not take off, and if it doesnt, feel free to close. But I came up with this idea tonight.

There will be a host for each round (me if that takes off for the first one) and they provide a theme type of thing. Like I might say Garfield (hence title of contest) and then you guys will have to go make a Garfield something. I'm not saying that it would be Garfield tho.

It would kinda run like any other contest, with voting at stuff.

If anyone is interested, I will psot first thing soon

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Cartoon Contest Number 1

  • The theme: Tweety Bird

  • Can be a avatar or a sig/banner

  • If pictures cant be found, ask me for a link

  • Entries must be in by Friday Morning, 7:30am, Australia Time

  • And for people who dont know timezones, thats Thursday Night, 10:30pm UK time

  • Entries will be up after that.

I think thats all you need to know, so get making :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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