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Just an Idea not a spoiler

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  • 3 weeks later...

Now that I've read the revelation in TV Week that Alan Napier is Oliver's grandfather, and that his parents aren't who he thought they were, this theory has become more likely: I don't think that Paul can't be Alan's son, partly because they already did that story with Julie, and apart from anything else I don't think Anne would have cheated on Jim. (Actually that's not completely impossible, considering that, in a sense, she trapped him into a marriage, similar to Karl and Izzy, or Roo and Frank on Home and Away.)

BUT it's possible that a teenage Paul could have impregnated Oliver's mother, (Alan's daughter,) and not known that she had a baby who was subsequently put up for adoption.

But then, if this is true, this wouldn't be Paul's first long-lost illegitimate child, making this almost as unlikely as Paul really being Alan's son. Also, it's hard to believe that Grundy would go this far with an incest storyline: Luka and Serena didn't sleep together, nor did Glen and Lucy.

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Paul is Olivers Dad... read Neighboursdfans.com!!! its true

Cast Photo

Monday 23rd July - Episode 5261

Rosie and Frazer finally enjoy their dream wedding and Frazer succeeds in escaping the confines of his wheelchair. But as their perfect day comes to an end, a terrible disaster looms… Meanwhile, the new Parker family arrives in Erinsborough; Ned’s older brother Steve moves to Erinsborough with his wife, Miranda, and daughter, Bridget.

Wedding Party

Tuesday 24th July - Episode 5262

In the aftermath of the bus crash, Carmella and Ringo are trapped inside as the vehicle threatens to explode. Ringo begins to lose consciousness, but not before declaring his love for Carmella…

Ringo and Ned

Wednesday 25th July - Episode 5263

Rebecca is shaken to the core by seeing the photo of an old flame – Paul Robinson! Horrified, Rebecca meets with Paul to demand that he force Elle to stop seeing her son immediately as she believes that Paul is Oliver’s father!

Elle and Oliver

Thursday 26th July - Episode 5264

Rebecca’s claim that Paul is the biological father of Oliver is immediately dismissed, but when she insists on a DNA test, Paul and Oliver begin to consider the possibility that she’s telling the truth.

Paul and Elle

Friday 27th July - Episode 5265

Ned continues to search for Mickey with no luck and Janae provides invaluable support. Emotionally exhausted, Ned finally gets the courage to tell Janae he’s in love with her.

Ned and Janae

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