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This Is Where I Belong

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Chapter 3 part 3

I got up the following morning, ready to face what was coming. I walked along the edge of the ocean to see Josh and Shelley making out on a large beach towel. "Stone the flamin' crows!! What the flamin' hell is going on here?"Alf Stewart said walking up beside me. "Looks like Josh West is cheating on young Dani with some old sheila." As they pulled apart, I seriously thought Alf was going to confront them. Instead he looked over his shoulder and that's when I saw her. Dani Sutherland jogging towards us. When she reached us, she was about to introduce herself, when she saw Josh and Shelley, who had commenced their making out. Dani stood there for a long time before yelling profanities and Josh and Shelley. When they looked over to see us standing there, Shelley went red with embarrassment, Josh was trying to reason with Dani. Things were about to get worse, Colleen had come down onto the beach with Jade, Kirsty, Rhys and Max and they had seen from afar that Josh was making out with some older woman. As they got closer they realised that it was Shelley. Rhys got so angry he punched the lifeguard stand and splintered his hand. Max ran off towards the diner crying. Jade grabbed her phone and called Nick. Kirsty held Dani and she bawled her eyes out. Shelley tried to explain but noone was listening. Finally Colleen spoke up. "I thought you were good people. How wrong was I?"

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