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This Is Where I Belong

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Sorry for the delay..brain blockage

Chapter Two Part 2

"Where on earth have you been missy?" Dad yelled at me out the window of our new place. "I had to pass on an address to a diner lady from one of my friends in the city." "I hope you didn't eat anything because your hard-working mother made some lunch." I didn't want to mention that fact that Fiona dropped me off there because he would have gone ballistic.

I sat down and ate the salami and ham sandwiches without saying a word. "After lunch, I want you to unpack your boxes and then go to this diner and see if they have any jobs for you to do after school. Then meet me back here and we will go up to the high school and enrol you." Mum said eyeing me suspiciously.

After I finished eating, I went upstairs and walked into a small, damp and cramped room. "You silly girl, your room is down the hall," my sister screeched. I walked into a largeish, bright and welcoming room. When I saw my boxes I felt relieved and escastic that I had a great space. "Your father and I agreed that because Fiona is off at uni all the time you might need a bigger space." My mother said showing the first sign of sincerity I had seen in awhile. I unpacked me boxes and pull out the photo of Melody and I when we were 12. We were horse-back riding and i had mud across by forehead. I looked closely and a vision of that day came.

"Come on silly billy! Get out of the mud! You never told me you couldn't ride a horse. Smile for the camera, Tina" Suddenly something happened, I moved as if I wasn't seeing it but was in the scene. I could feel the cool mud dribble down my face and the pain in my bottom. I picked myself up and found that I was talking to Melody again. "I will always be your best friend", I said unneccessarily. Then there was a white flash and a loud BOOM.

What was it?

Find out in the next part of chapter 2 coming soon....

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Chapter Two Part 3

I was back in my room and the box full of the clothes was now on the floor. I stared at the photo, it was different. In it Melody had her arm around me and i was no covered in dirt. Mum raced in "What on earth are you doing? Playing how can I annoy my father?" I just shrugged and picked up the box that had my clothes spewing out of it. Mum ran out of the room to my sister screaming Spider on the loose. I felt weird, so weird I had a desire to talk to Melody. Instead, I walked down the stairs and told dad I was going to the diner.

I strolled up to the diner and bumped into Irene scolding a brown haired boy. "Jules, if I have told you already please do not ask the customer for tips." She looked over and saw me but the weird thing was she looked at me like we had never met. Irene walked over and said, "What do you want, shorty?""Irene, its me Tina. We spoke before about Kane and Kirsty."I said under my breath. "What about them? They're sitting over there. How do you know them?" Irene said looking puzzled. I ran out of the diner when I felt something in my pocket. It was Shelley's card, I pulled out my mobile and dialed the number. I heard a ring in the distance and saw Shelley, Rhys and Jade sitting at a table outside of the diner. "Hello, are you there?"Shelley said. I quickly hung up.

What on earth was going on? I didn't know but I took a punt and pressed Melody's old number and it began to ring. "Hi, you have reached Melody. Sorry I am not out and about to take your call. If this is Tina. Please stop ringing me!! I am sick of you s--BEEP".

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Sorry about the delay guys...gotten behind in my schoolwork and got myself a job after waiting 18 months. Jane you can breathe a sigh of relief that i am back

Chapter 3 Part 1

I was so confused!! Why was Melody no longer friends with me? If noone in Summer Bay knew me, why did we move here? I ran back home and almost bowled over a young boy in the process. "Watch where you're going!! It's not a race!!" the young brown haired boy said. "Sorry. I am Tina, what's your name?""Max Sutherland. You look spooked!! Did I frighten you?"" No, I am just worn out!! I just moved to the bay!! Catch you around Max." I continued to run and finally saw my house. Dad was outside with Fiona arguing about my room. "Why does she get the bigger room, I'm older and wiser.""We talked about this. With you in the city 5 out 7 days you don't need a big room. Besides, Tina's room is more prone to spiders."Dad said looking over at me and winking. Dad never winks at me, he never even acknowledges I am there. Weird! Fiona stormed off towards town and didn't look back.

Something odd was going on, Irene had never heard of me, Shelley was in Summer Bay living with Rhys and Jade, Kirsty and Kane weren't on the run and my dad loved me.

Find out some of the answers in the next part

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Chapter 3 part 2

It was the following day and I was sitting on the beach looking out to the ocean when I heard someone yelling my name. I turned around to see Max Sutherland coming towards me with someone who I didn't recognise. "Hi Tina. This is my friend Henry Hunter, he lives here too. What are you thinking about?"" Hey Max, I am just sitting here thinking about nothing that matters." Henry smiled at me and then grabbed Max's arm and dragged him towards the diner. I looked over towards a lifeguard stand to see my sister running towards me. I was waiting for the punching and the scratching but she just sat down next to me and smiled. "What's wrong with you?" Come on tell me, I am your favourite sister after all.""How did we get so close Fiona? I thought you hated me!!" Fiona looked to me and laughed when she saw how serious I looked. "Tina, we have been close since you and Melody stopped talking. I going on a punt here but I guess the answer to your next question. Melody and you stopped talking because you both had seen me stealing in a clothes shop, but you told the security guards that I didn't steal anything. That and the fact that you accused Melody of stealing her horse, but that it was found later in the back of our paddock in the 'burbs. When you tried to apologise she told you to stuff it and never talked to you again. But you keep calling her mobile, so I would stop otherwise you will get a restraining order taken out on you." Fiona got up and ran towards home. I ran after her with more puzzling questions still to ask her. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Shelley Sutherland standing there talking to Josh West, who I had recognised from my other world as Dani Sutherland's ex boyfriend. Suddenly Josh lent into Shelley and started nuzzling her neck. She responded by nibbling his ear, she stopped when she saw me. "I don't know who you are, but if you see my husband Rhys, I was in a therapy session. I am helping Mr West here with his phobia of the water." I heard a scream from behind me and saw Jade Sutherland standing there on the beach with Nick Smith. I ran upto her asking if she was okay, wary of Shelley and Josh coming up behind me acting nervous. "A crab bit my toe! Josh have you got any bandaids in that first aid kit?" Shelley breathed a sigh of relief and comforted her daughter. I just stepped away and ran towards home.

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