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This Is Where I Belong

Guest jessirhall

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Type of story: undecided

Rating: T, SC, L

Main Characters: ie. Multiple Current Cast Members, Original Characters

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: There may be some sexual scenes and course language

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: This is a story about Tina Mellows moving to Summer Bay with her family. She is holding a secret back from them and so are they. Everything is not as it seems with this family as well as the Summer Bay's reaction to exactly what they are and how they fit in.

Please guys this is my first fic so pls bear with me!! I am speaking on behalf of Tina

Chapter One part one

As I looked out into the distance, I could still hear the laughter from the fateful day.

"Come on Tina. The view isn't that bad." My good friend Melody yelled from the edge of the rocks. As I crept closer her laughter got harder " Come on scaredy cat!! I'll hold your hand!! Then out of nowhere, tragedy struck.

I can still feel where the car struck me side on!! I can still hear Melody screaming as she fell down the gorge!!

"Well done Tina. I think we have made a breakthrough. I see hear you are moving to Summer Bay. Please call me anytime, day or night if you want to talk." my counsellor says as she hands me her card. As I walk out of the youth center and outline her name with my fingers, Shelley Sutherland.

Please comment on what you think, I know its short but its part one of chapter one. When I get the hang of it, I will write full chapters

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Chapter One Part 2

Once I saw the outlines of skyscrapers, I knew I was outside. "Come on you little scum bucket. Mum and Dad can't leave this place without us."/i] my 'loving' sister Fiona screeched from behind the wheel of her new jeep. "Did you say goodbye to those loser friends of yours?" she said looking the outside of the youth center up and down. I knew the rest of today would go by slow.

Mum, Dad and Fiona don't know that I came here for counselling, they also don't know that my counsellor has a secret of her own. Something that links her with Summer Bay. She has lived there before, but she says that I can only tell one person at Summer Bay her secret. Her name is Irene Roberts and Shelley says only she can know because Irene is the only she trusts.

What is Shelley's secret?

How will Irene Roberts react?

I will update soon

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Chapter Two Part 1

As we drove through the city to the outskirts of Summer Bay, my sister didn't say anything more to me!! She dangerously drove along the road while talking on her mobile. "Yes sweetheart, I will miss you too. But hey, Tina may drive me back to visit you soon." The truth was, ever since the accident, I wouldn't drive. My parents thought I was being paranoid and told me to get over it. My sister thought I was being ridiculous considering I wasn't killed so therefore I have no reason not to drive.

The sea breeze hit my face and I realised we had arrived in the famous Summer Bay. My sister dropped me outside a diner and i saw a lady cleaning tables out the front. Shelly's voice came into my head " When you see a nice red headed lady outside the diner, that will be Irene. Please tell her in private as there is a busybody I don't want knowing what I have just told you." "Excuse me, are you Irene Roberts?""Yes darl, what can I do for you?"

I walked over to Irene and began to explain who I was and what I needed to tell her. "You mean good old Shelley Sutherland is hiding out Kirsty and Kane in her townhouse apartment?" Have you met them?" I continued to explain that Shelley told me, I could only tell her as Shelley trusted her with this information. I also explained I had met Kirsty and Kane a couple of times but they went by the Karen and Kirk Timmins now. They had a little girl which they had named Irene because Kane had decided to name it after a woman who he thought of as his mum. They always thought of Irene(Summer Bay one) and wished they could come back and visit but knew that was impossible. I gave Irene their address and phone number and when she rang them to address them as Kirk and Karen until they met at the apartment in person. I also stated that Rhys and the rest of the Sutherland clan had no idea that Kirsty and Kane were so close to them. The apartment they were staying in was Shelley's refuge apartment. Kirsty and Kane had dyed their hair and gotten contacts to disguse themselves if police or Rhys had dropped by to see his wife. When I finished talking, Irene was crying but not so much to get herself noticed by passing people. So not to have caused a scene, all Irene said to me was, "Welcome to Summer Bay, kiddo".

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Kane and Kirsty??? :o that was a shock, more soon please

Jane, I am not sure whether i should continue as you are the only one reading it. Please tell how i can make more people read it!!

Umm, you could put a link to your story in your signature like with my ones.

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