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Save Me

Guest Roccoluver

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Story Title: Save Me

Type of story: long fiction

Main Characters: Irene, Brad, Sally & New O.C Family

BTTB rating: A

Genre: *none*

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: Violence, sexual content & language

Summary: A new family arrives in the bay...

A teenage boy, about 16 entered the diner, he wore a black baggy clothes and sun glasses that hide his blues eyes, his blonde spiky hair stuck out among the darkness that surrounded him.

He stood impatiently in the line, glancing down at his watch that stuck out the end of his long sleeves that covered his arms. His face seemed to be in a constant frown, Irene smiled as he scuffled up to the counter.

“How can I help you” she asked politely.

“Two meat pies and a beer thanks”

Irene smile faded “Do you have I.D”

The kid looked surprise by her question “Look, its for my dad”

“I can’t sell you beer with out I.D”

“What is taking you so long, can’t you even do this right!” a man voice exclaimed, Irene turned to see a tallish man with jet black hair and brown eyes stalk in, he walked over to the counter and pushed the kid over.

“You need I.D sir to by a beer” she said, the guy glared at her but looked though his wallet. Looking over at the kid she notice that when the guy had pushed him the sleeve had rolled up and exposed a painful looking bruise, before she could say anything the kid notice and roughly pulled his sleeve back down.

The guy slammed a driver license on the counter and some money and Irene passed over the order.

“Come on” the guy growled, walking out of the diner. Irene picked up a helpline card and passed it over to the kid, who shook his head and followed the guy out of the diner.

Tell me what you think, whether I should carry on or get lost

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thanks guys, the next part is kinda short cos I'm having trouble writing, but here it is. plus my thanks goes out to [x]whacko[x]jen[x] for being a big help.

The black S.U.V pulled up outside the modern looking two story house that looked out over the sandy beaches of the bay, the house was a dull mixture of browns, light greys and white.

Dominic walked up to the door, searching though his bag he found a key. Opening up the door he marched into the house.

“What do you think?” He asked looking around, yet keeping a carefully glaze on Julie and Mark’s face.

“Oh it’s perfect, I love it” Julie said, smiling nervously.

“Its nice”

“Nice!, I work day and night you ungrateful little brat”

Dominic walked over to Mark and raised his fist.

“I think I’ll get dinner on” Julie said, hurrying out of the hallway.

“So it’s only nice” Dominic said in a strangely calm voice, fist casting a shadow over Mark’s body.

“It’s great, really”

Dominic lowered his fist “That better, learn some respect” he spat, walking into the kitchen.

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