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Fri, 18 May 07 - “ The Greatest Of Compliments “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Greatest Of Compliments “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 18 May 07 - Episode # 4420)

Note – this guide will be mostly in sequence [no A & B story delineation] as it works better that way

Naomi [sBH] is trying to open a class room door – with a box of things in her hands. Sally approaches and opens that door for her. Sally is V impressed with how early Naomi has arrived on her 1st day. Naomi is hoping that, if this teaching vacancy becomes permanent, she’ll have put fwd the best impression [and will way be considered].

Things are naturally busy at the hunter house before school, with the likes of Luke, Tony, maddie & kit all preparing for the day. Kimmy enters the house as Tony, Luke & maddie are bailing. Kit tells Kimmy that she is going to draw up a schedule of when he can come around to see Archie - as kit thinks that she needs to stand on her own two feet etc, and that Archie needs some consistency.

Sally [sBH] introduces Naomi to a class of students incl Luke & maddie. When the lesson truly begins, Naomi seem to ignore Luke whenever he puts his hand up [i.e. she asks another person with their hand up for the answer to her questions].

Hugh [Rachel’s place] suggests to Kimmy that they should have a night out tonight. Rachel is keen to go to – but Hugh says that it’s a boy’s night.

Back at SBH, Naomi’s class finishes and when all the other students are out of the room, Luke confronts Naomi, who insists that she isn’t ignoring him.

Hugh [diner] tells tony & ric about t6he boys night. They are keen, and, despite what Hugh had said to Rachel, when Naomi enters the diner, Hugh invites her along. Luke enters the diner, but exits again ti go after Naomi.

Luke & Naomi talk as they walk onto the beach. Naomi insists that it’s unprofessional for her to have a relationship with Luke now – and ric sees their heated chat form afar.

Soon after, ric approaches Luke, who tells him that when they were at the writer’s circler, Luke & Naomi had a “thing” for each other, but that was on the basis of Luke’s lie that he is a uni student.

Kimmy enters the hunter house. He is keen to see Archie but kit tells him that she has just got him to sleep. Kit is way annoyed that the subsequnet “discussion” with Kimmy and maddie results in Archie waking up [and waaaaaay crying]

As Kimmy, ric & Hugh talk about tonight, Rachel [her place] comments on Hugh looking partic stylish for this boy’s night out.

The boys [Hugh, Kimmy, ric, Tony] go to pub in yabby creek, and Naomi joins them. Hugh takes an interest in a dark haired woman nearby. Indeed, Hugh decides to approach the woman, whose name is Ingrid [who is the4r with a few female friends]. Whilst that’s going on, Tony & Naomi are also chatting.

Kit [hunter house] can’t believe that she has fallen for the wrong man again, and the rather wise comments that Maddie makes lead to kit comment that Maddie is giving her advice that Beth would have.

Next day, Rachel [her place] is surprised when Ingrid exits Hugh’s room, and you can see that she is not impressed with Hugh when he exits the room seconds later.

Naomi [beach] is trying to surf [i.e. she's not going well] when Tony [surf board under his arm] approaches and agrees to teach her how to surf.

Nearby, Luke & ric are exiting the water, having just surfed, and when they sit on the beach, Luke can’t believe it when he sees Tony teaching Naomi.

Later that morning, at SBH, Naomi is teaching an English class, and she & the students are discussing a novel which revolves around 2 different views of history. Indeed, because of what’s happen tween them [luke/naomi], Luke really uses the books’ subject matter to launch an attack on Naomi, because she is having her own version of their OWN recent history. Maddie is quite surprise at how strongly Luke feels about this, whilst Naomi tells Luke to leave the room.

Rachel [her place] was a go at Hugh for his 1 night stand with Ingrid. She suggests that Ingrid may think that this is more than just a bit of fun, but we all know why Rachel is behaving like this.

Kit [hunter house] looks all tired etc when Kimmy enters. He wants to talk about this schedule – but kit hasn’t had time to do it up yet. Kimmy tells that he IS going to see Archie now – and maddie [returning to the house for a forgotten text book] tells kit that she agrees with Kimmy [that kit can’t treat him this way].

At SBH, Luke overhears one of the other boys commenting about how hot Naomi is. Luke way takes offence and pushes the boy against a locker. Naomi overhears the ruckus – and “suggests” that Luke should come into the class room with her.

Luke wonders why she has no problem with boys saying things like that yet she has issues with them. Naomi [speaking rather loudly about a subject that she is trying to keep a secret] tells Luke that she has NO intention on risking her career for a relationship with him!!! [end of ep]


Tony & Naomi get WAY closer – but will they regret sleeping together?

Kimmy/Rachel continue to fall apart, AND

Kimmy gets knocked unconscious outside the surf club

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Naomi’s aqua bikini

SILVER – Rachel’s black [satin] PJ top

BRONZE – Naomi’s choc brown [way stylish] dress


Hugh’s back [occasional white floral motifs] button up shirt

Hugh’s off white [purple floral motifs] button up shirt

Ingrid’s friend’s gold dress

Ingrid’s green [white crest motif] t

Ingrid’s red & white [vertical stripes] dress

Irene’s red top

Kimmy’s light pink [“7 S”] t/dark jacket

Kit’s black t/denim jeans

Kit’s red [with light grey sleeves & white dog motif] long sleeve top

Kit’s royal blue v neck t

Luke’s light blue board shorts

Luke’s mauve [surfy motifs] t

Luke’s SBH uniform

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Maddie’s white spaghetti strap top

Naomi’s red shirtdress

Naomi’s royal blue [with red lining] spaghetti strap dress

Rachel’s orange blouse

Rachel’s red [white floral motif around v neck] t

Ric’s green & white (rising sun motif) board shorts

Ric’s white [green checks] button up shirt

Ric’s white [with grey & light pink] t/dark coloured board shorts

Sally’s black [with red & blue curvy motif] top/black jacket

Tony’s black button up shirt

Tony’s red [white unknown motif] board shorts

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