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I hope H & A doesn't become too expensive too!

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Five have signed a contract guaranteeing to buy+show Home and Away for as long as it's produced. Five also pay at least half of the production costs anyway.

I wonder about RTE in Ireland though? We don't get 5 over here.

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Wait forgive my slowness but Nieghbours isn't axed in the UK is it, its just not played on BBC, Five and ITV are still bidding right?

It just says on that article that Five and ITV are expected to bid. I haven't seen an article yet confirming that anyone has a) bid or b) won it, so it remains to be seen really. I don't know anyone who watches it, personally.

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Five won it, article:

Press Release, 18th May 2007

Five has secured the rights to Neighbours, with the long-running soap joining Five and Five Life in 2008.

The news was announced just hours after it emerged that the BBC, which has aired the soap since 1986, had pulled out of negotiations.

"I'm delighted Five has secured such a popular and sought after series," said Five managing director of content Lisa Opie. "Neighbours is quite rightly much loved by its many fans and it will be a greatly prized part of our schedule and suitably cherished by us."

Neighbours distributor Fremantle was accused by the BBC of making an "unrealistic price demand" and is understood to have priced the soap at approximately £300m over eight years. Fremantle and Five are both owned by RTL. It is understood that Fremantle's desire to increase the per-episode price paid for the soap is part of a bid to revamp sets and backdrops and prepare for high definition filming. Despite being the highest rated daytime show on the BBC, Neighbours generally rates lower in Australia compared to Home & Away, which is already filmed in a high definition format.

"Five will be a great home for Neighbours and FremantleMedia is confident that the show will continue to go from strength to strength," said FremantleMedia Enterprises CEO David Ellender.

Five CEO Jane Lighting added: "Neighbours is a fantastic asset for us to add to Five’s family of channels, particularly as it is a household brand which delivers strong audiences daily."

Airing on Ten Network for over 20 years, Neighbours is one of Australia's most successful television programmes. Launched in the UK in 1986 Neighbours is the BBC’s highest rated daytime show.


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