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Wed, 16 May 07 - “ Martha ‘Breaks’ “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Martha ‘Breaks’ “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 16 May 07 - Episode # 4418)

Belle is walk on the beach when drew comes out of the surf and talks to her. They talk about Cass & Jules, and drew mentions that Jules is curremytkly at home doing the assignment. Jules naturally then also comes out of the water. Belle doesn’t look impressed.

Drew, Jules, maddie & Cass talk about their presentation to be done at school today. Jules isn’t impressed when Cass seem to be ignoring him – indeed, Jules “suggest” that she doesn’t have to go all ice queen on him.

When the 4 of them get to school, they encounter belle & Luke. Bell comments to Luke about a tutor for the writer’s circle being a teacher at the school now, and Luke [of course] wonders what is going on tween Jules & Cass [after various comments are made].

Soon after, in class, maddie, Cass, drew & Jules go to the font on the room to present their thought on the novel “Frankenstein’. Brad is annoyed that ppl are laughing – they are doing so because as Cass is speeking, Jules is mocking her by mouthing the words in a funny way as well. Bell is partic annoyed by what Jules is doing – and he doesn’t like that she is being this way.

Naturally, Jules gets belle back – by incl [with the handouts that bell provides that class to go with her presentation] a photocopy of [i assume his] backside.

Belle, annoyed as she is, decided to take a hacksaw [during a break] to Jules’ chair. Cass suggests against this – and of course jules can see [through the glass window in the room door].

Soon after, belle & Cass enter class seconds after Jules. He doesn’t fall, and neither do either of them when they sit down. BRAD however falls to the ground when he sits down, and the subsequent comments from drew, Jules, belle and Cass lead to all 4 of them on detention.

As Martha [near beach] thinks about recent events, jack [hunter house] tells Tony bout the ‘moment’ that he had with Martha last night.

Soon after, jack & Martha encounter each other at the diner, and colleen comments about jack being Martha’s hero etc.

Alf, sally, brad & Ric arrive – and they have breakfast at diner with Martha & jack. When Colleen makes a comment about Martha’s wild days being over, Ric “suggest” that they don’t ant to hear about colleen’s wild days.

Alf or sally suggests that it would be great if Martha would come home – but Martha declines the offer.

Soon after, Alf & Martha are talking in the diner. Martha is glad when Alf says things like that he was never really ashamed of her. Martha is also glad when Alf tells her that she is V welcome to start working at Noah’s again.

Soon after, in the diner flat, she tells jack that moving back to the vph, would be a step back fro her – she’s needs to stand on her own two feet etc.

Martha however does accept an invitation to join sally & co for a BBQ dinner tonight – and jack does too.

Jack & Martha go to the vph, where all the “family” [Alf, Martha, Cass, ric, sally, jack, little pippa] have lots of fun. Indeed, loved how little pippa was just speaking over ppl like a young child does.

When jack ^ Martha rtn to the diner flat, Martha opens up to him. She tells jack that everything that’s happen recently – the drinking, the dancing etc –was ALL because for he trying to stop herself form feeling anything about the worst decision of her life – to terminate her pregnancy. Jack offcourse comforts Martha. [end of ep]


Will Cass/Jules, Kimmy/Kit and Rachel/Hugh get together?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Little Pippa’s white [aqua floral motifs] top

SILVER – Martha’s black ruffle collared v neck top/denim shorts

BRONZE – Sally’s black [yellow wavy pattern on the bust] top/bone jacket & skirt


Alf’s electric blue button up shirt

Belle’s SBH uniform

Brad’s blue tie/white shirt/dark suit

Cassie’s white [v neck, mid riff revealing] long sleeve top

Colleen’s red [with gold & white floral motifs] top

Drew’s dark green board shorts

Jack’s Irish green polo shirt

Jack’s orange [white “retro central”] t

Jules’ red board shorts

Luke’s SBH uniform

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Martha’s orange dress

Ric’s black [unknown motif] t & shorts

Sally’s leopard print top

Tony’s stylish grey long sleeve top

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