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Hold On

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Story Title: Hold On

Type of story: undecided

Main Characters: Cassie, Ric, Matilda, Pippa

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: possible (V/D) Violence & (L) Coarse Language

Summary: Cassie is married to Riley, Mattie to Ric and each have children. Pippa is also now a teenager and living with Cassie and family.

Chapter 1

"Kids dinner" Cassie called. Two young girls came bounding off the settee when they heard their Mum calling. Their names were Tabby and Harriet. Cassie's youngest daughters. Her eldest daughter Ella, arrived through the front door with a guest.

"Mum" she called wondering through the house in search of Cassie. "She followed her Mum into the kitchen.

"Adam walked me home. He wanted to stay for dinner but you can say no. It's ok, i don't mi...". She spoke fast, not wanting to stop for breath.

"El, El" Cassie said interupting her. "It's fine... if you want him to? " She looked at her daughter, searching her face as her voice sounded uneasy.

"No, no i do" she said walking to the door before her Mum could question her. That is not what she needed right now.

As Cassie laid an extra place, a tall young man appeared at the door. He held out his hand to Cassie.

"A pleasure to meet you Mrs. Wilson" He said. He beamed at her and then greeted her sisters.

Ella sat next to him uneasily through the meal.

As soon as they had finished, Ella glanced at her watch.

"Would you like to stay for dessert?" Cassie asked.

"Actually Mum, i have homework, so maybe some other time he could" Ella said, grabbing his things and showing him to the door. Adam got up begrudgingly and said goodbye to Cassie with a smarmy smile.

"I'll see you tomorrow" He said to Ella as he left.

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Chapter 2

“Guess who’s here!!” A familiar voice called from the doorway. Cassie’s husband Riley dumped a large number of cases onto the floor. A tall young woman stood behind him. Her long golden locks were half way down her back.

“Cassie” she cried, throwing her arms around her.

“Pippa, how are you” Cassie said. “It’s so nice to see you, it’s been too long!”

Pippa had grown up with Cassie in her life and looked upon her as a sister.

“Mum and Dad asked me to ring them to let them know I got her safely”. Pippa said as she hugged Tabby and Harriet.

“How old are you again?” Harriet asked Pippa. Harriet was only 5 and to her, Pippa was a real life Barbie.

“21” Pippa beamed.

Sally and Brad had got married when Pippa was 4. Flynn would forever have a place in her heart as her Daddy. But Brad was now her Dad and she adored him. She knew Sally knew that’s what Flynn would have wanted.

Riley took Harriet and Tabby up to bed, giving Pippa and Cassie a proper chance to catch up.

“How’s Ella?” Pippa asked as Cassie handed her a glass of wine. Cassie paused before replying.

“If you’d asked me that this morning, I would have told you she was just great” Cassie said sipping her wine.

“But” Pippa prompted when Cassie offered no conclusion to her sentence.

“You know what, it’s probably nothing, but she was acting out of character when Adam came to dinner”

“Adam being..?” Pippa asked. She smiled to herself. Cassie was talking to her as if she had never been away.

“Oh right, course, sorry” Cassie said, putting her hand to her head.

“Her… boyfriend I guess. She was just acting weird around him, and she certainly didn’t want to talk about it”

Their conversation was interrupted when Ella walked into the kitchen.

“Pippa” she screamed as she flung her arms around her.

“How are you?” Pippa asked.

Ella paused before she spoke.

“ I’m doing great”.

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