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Tues, 15 May 07 - “ Tuesdays Are Bad For Baddies “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Tuesdays Are Bad For Baddies “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 15 May 07 - Episode # 4417)

Martha gets extra concerned for her safety when smoke enters the room [unde the door etc]. She tries to escape via what looks like a big skylight in the ceiling.

Maneawehile, jack arrives a police station, and he listens to the msg that Martha left him [bout being locked in].

As jack drive to rocket club, he notices that cam is going the other way. Jack arrives at rocket club, and goes inside – despite the place being ablaze. He goes upstairs – and kicks the door in. jack gets Martha to put his jacket over her face etc to protect her. Hey makes it out of the building just as the fire fighters etc arrive.

After Martha tells jack what she was doing there [at club], hey both get word form Lara hat its appears the fire was deliberate lit.

Jack & co go to the diner flat – where they catch cam who is about to bail – his bag has things in I that he stole form Martha [jewellery etc].

When they get cam to the station, it appears as through they not have enough evidence against him, but jack convince Cindy not to go along with cam’s story that she is his alibi. The police also get word that fuel cans with cam’s prints were found near the crime scene.

As cam is led away, Martha tells him hat she can’t believe hat she le him ouch her etc and hey he is pathetic.

Martha returns to the diner, where she talks to Alf & sally about what’s happened, before [in diner flat] she tells jack that she loves that he always seem to be there when she needs him. Jack way loves it when she goes to him for a comforting hug.

Amanda & peter are lying on the couch – and it looks like they just finished having a real good time, when belle enters the house. This naturally embarrasses peter & Amanda.

After peter go to get change, bell tells Amanda that she is just vesting – because manda is out of hospital today. Amanda tell bell that she rally thinks that things are back on track, but after belle bails, peter tells Amanda that always he’s keen on her, he doesn’t want to take things to fast [esp. after Amanda suggest hat he can move back in if he wants to move bak in etc].

After peter arrives back a Leah’s he talks to Dan. He says that the things are good tween he &^ manda again, but when Dan & Amanda meet up a the diner, Amanda can't believe that peter didn’t tell Dan hat hey [peter/Amanda] are back together.

Because of his, when peter goes to the mansion, Amanda says that she thinks that hey rushed things a bi today, and things they should way slow things down etc. peter agrees.

Because of this, when belle returns to the mansion later, she finds Amanda way depressed. Manda told belle hat she offered peter an escape – and he took it like it was he last lifeboat on the Titanic.

Belle goes to the police station, where she tells peter hat she thinks he is silly for “buying” Amanda’s story.

Peter then goes to the mansion, where he admits that although he does loves Amanda, he just “can’t go though that again”. Peter then bails, and Amanda slumps to the floor.[end of ep]


Are Jack/Martha and Drew/Belle getting closer to being back together???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle’s black [with red rock band logo] singlet top/red long pants

SILVER – Amanda’s red v neck top/red velvety jacket/burgundy skirt

BRONZE – Amanda’s leopard print haler top/black long pants


Alf’s white [with blue, mustard & brown vertical stripes] button up shirt

Cam’s plum button up shirt

Cindy’s royal blue [with silver & green pleats] thin strap top

Dan’s light blue & grey polo shirt

Irene’s red & white floral blouse

Jack’s black leather (with 2 white horizontal stripes on the chest) jacket

Peter’s white [with thin black diagonal stripes] button up shirt

Sally’s black thin strap top

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