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Mon, 14 May 07 - “ Downfall “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Downfall “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 14 May 07 - Episode # 4416)

Amanda arrives home after discharging form the hospital. She doesn’t answer a phone call [on her mobile] form peter.

Soon after, Dan arrives – and says that all is right with the world again [bell by Amanda’s bedside in hospital constantly, gym back in Amanda’s hands, esp. since the ‘injured’ man confessed]. Amanda thinks that things aren’t back to normal – as peter hasn’t been to see her since that 1st day in hospital after peter took Amanda to hospital after what Kelli did.

Later, Dan & then Amanda speak to peter in the diner. He says to both that he’s been V busy at work, and that why he’s not been round to see manda. The latter “suggest” that she should still be being punished, and that’s what she feels peter is doing.

Soon after, peter arrives at the mansion. He tells Amanda that, even though he knows that Kelli & Ethan were behind everything, he knows that she doesn’t want to be hurt again.

Amanda isn’t going to let peter gets way like that, and she & Peter end up PASHING!!!

Cam [diner flat] walks back into the room, and sees Martha with the money. She can’t believe that he would do this. He grabs the money out of her hand – and meets with the loan shark near the beach. The loan shark wants cam to pay of his debt [$70,000] REAL quick – or cam will have to sign the rocket club over tho him.

When cam returns to the diner felt, he & Martha further talk about the stolen money, no doubt so Jack & another uniformed officer [who enter soon after] can hear.

Cam is taken down to the station and questioned by peter. Cam even then still makes “digs” as jack about the cam/Martha relationship.

Later, when Alf, jack & Martha are talking about what’s happened, they get a phone call. Cam is out of bail.

Cam heads to the club, where the loan shark is waiting. Cam signs over the ownership over to the loan shark begrudgingly.

In the diner, colleen naturally voices her opinion about this cam business to anyone who’ll listen [incl the like s of Irene & jack]

Soon after, Martha is alone at the diner flat when cam phones her. She can hear the desperation in his voice when he says that he’s lost the club, he lost Martha etc.

Martha decides to go to the club to talk to cam. She doesn’t find him downstairs, so she goes into the office. He’s not there either – but she is forced to hide under desk when the loan shark and his “associates” put some of the club’s bar stock in the room. They, of course, lock the door afterwards.

When the loan shark etc are gone, cam re enters the club – with several containers of fuel. Martha rings jack [on the club’s landline, as she forgot mobile] before she hears music downstairs. She yells out for help – but cam, who sets ALIGHT the place, way can’t hear her. {end of ep]


Martha is trapped in the burning club

Whilst manda is surprised that peter hadn’t even told Dan that they are back together.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s red v neck top/red velvety jacket/burgundy skirt

SILVER – Irene’s white [with gold, sky blue & brown swirls etc] top

BRONZE – Martha’s black blouse & matching short shorts


Amanda’s multicolour (pink, white, light blue, dark blue) sports singlet top/royal blue tracksuit

Cam’s plum button up shirt

Colleen’s light blue [green leafy motifs] blouse

Dan’s green [black large “55”on the front] t

Jack’s red (mustang motif) t shirt

Martha’s grey cami top/white (red floral) PJ long pants

Martha’s grey singlet/brown long pants

Peter’s light purple button up shirt/dark suit

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