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Type of story: Oneshot

Rating: G

Main Characters: Robbie & Kim

Genre: Angst/Drama


Is Story being proof read: NO!

Summary: Robbie tries to write Beth's eulogy, but Kim interrupts him.




The funeral home had an eerie yellow glow from the sun coming in through the window above Robbie’s head. He was in one of the offices, alone, reading over a scrappy bit of paper with tears in his eyes. Kim pushed the door open without knocking. He didn’t want to give his friend a chance to turn him away.


Robbie sniffed and straightened himself up. “Kim, what are you doing here?” He stuffed the paper in his pocket. “Shouldn’t you be with Kit?”

“You know the answer to that.” Kim strode over to stand by the desk that Robbie had perched himself on.

Robbie closed his eyes. “Kim, please. Not now.”

“When then? When you leave again?”

“Tasha wanted to leave,” Robbie reminded him. “I- ”

“You could have stayed,” Kim finished.

“Tasha’s my wife,” Robbie growled, in a way that told Kim he was sick of saying it.

Kim was sick of hearing it. “And what am I?”

“You’re not my wife,” Robbie told him. “Now if you don’t mind I have to finish this stupid eulogy.” He took the paper out of his pocket and flattened it out roughly. “Apparently I’m the ‘creative’ one, so I get to do the honors.” He shook his head at the meaningless drivel he’d scratched out. “I don’t know why Scott couldn’t have done this. He’s the oldest, and he was Mum’s favourite…”

“You’re mum didn’t have favorites,” Kim said, leaning in to rest his chin on Robbie’s shoulder. “She loved you, and she’d love anything you write about her.” He reached around to hold the paper still in Robbie’s hand so that he could read it. Robbie’s breath caught in his throat as Kim’s fingers closed around his own. He swallowed the air and lifted his tear-soaked cheek to brush against Kim‘s.

“She‘d hate me for this,” he whispered. “She’d feel so betrayed… and disappointed…”

“It doesn’t matter,” Kim told him softy. “None of that matters now.” He took in the scent of Robbie’s hair, amazed that it could still smell exactly as he remembered it, even after all these months apart. “I missed you,” he sighed.

Robbie sniffed again to stop himself from crying as he turned to face Kim. They watched each other for a moment, trying to guess what the next move would be. Kim wasn’t surprised when Robbie shifted forward and kissed him. It was only a few seconds of blind passion before Robbie broke away.

“I can’t do this,” he sobbed hopelessly. “I can’t…”

“It’s okay.” Kim stroked Robbie’s arm. “We don’t have to…”

“Not this,” Robbie rolled his eyes, “This!” He held up the crumpled eulogy again.


Robbie felt the heat of his tears as they came on stronger. “Nothing sounds right! I mean, how do you sum up someone’s entire life in a fifteen minute speech? It‘s impossible!”

“Nothing’s impossible,” Kim said, somewhat annoyingly, as he drew Robbie into a sympathetic hug. “I’d start by saying she had great kids,” he smiled.

“Right,” Robbie muttered into Kim’s chest. “Great kids who cheat on their wives with their best mates.”

“Nobody’s perfect.”

“Mum was. She was the perfect mum. But she was more than that, wasn’t she? God,” Robbie realized, “I don’t even know who she was…”

“Neither did she. Isn’t that why she went on that trip anyway, to find herself?”

Robbie nodded.

“Well,” Kim asked, “What did she find?”

“I guess we’ll never know.”


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