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Title: Attraction

Type of story: Long fiction

Main Characters: Lucas, Matilda & Henry

BTTB Rating: 12+

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers? No

Any Warnings: V/D SC

Summary: Lucas and Matilda seem to be the perfect couple, but that could all change when Matilda’s twin brother turns up out of the blue but in trouble.

Note: I have changed the ages of Matilda and Henry to 15 and Lucas is 16.

This part is a bit boring, and not very relevent to the actual storyline in my fic but it will become clear soon. :D


Matilda’s Point Of View

“I love you†I tell him for the very first time. I smiled nervously at him as I wait for his reply. I start peeling petals off a flower I had wrapped around my hand. It took up a few seconds while I awaited his answer. He eventually smiled back at me and his lips began to move.

“I love you too†I felt a huge sigh of relief wash over me, as I had not just made a huge fool out of myself. I have only known Lucas a short time, since we moved here and from the moment I met him I knew I wanted to be with him…

Actually that is not exactly true!

Five Months Ago

“Mum, can I move out?†I ask, as I definitely did not want to live here when she shacks up with her new boyfriend and his two sons.

“Oh that’s a shame†I here my Mum shout from the spare room, which she was doing up for one of the boys. “I think you will get on very well with his youngest†She adds, his youngest? How old is he then? 5? 6? 7? “He is just a bit older than you are but Tony says he is very well behaved and polite†Just at that moment we both heard a knock at the door, saved by… Tony and the boring son.

“Hi, you must be Matilda, I’m Lucas†Tony’s son says to me. He goes to shake my hand but I obviously declined, his hand looked sweaty enough to save the whole population from dehydration. I just smiled at him instead, and then walked away again.

“I’m just going to pack my bag†I tell my Mum sarcastically, but she never has a sense of humour when it comes to her children, so she blocks me from going into my bedroom.

“Are you going anywhere nice?†Lucas asks me, totally clueless. I just walk past him and out of the door, could not be bothered to play happy families right now.

Lucas’s Point Of View

I walk down the beach holding her hand, barefoot so the soft sand is slipping between our toes sneakily. “Oh look, there is Cassie!†She shouts, moment ruined.

“You will never guess who has just showed up†She squealed at Matilda. Matilda opened her mouth to try and guess but Cassie interrupted again with “Your brother, Henry, I just kind of ran into him unpacking†She sounded rather exited, I did not know how I felt because I had never met her brother before. What would he be like? They never really talk about Henry much, Matilda said it hurt Beth to talk about him as she had not seen him in over one whole year.

“Really?†Matilda runs excitedly up the beach to her house, I shrug my shoulders at Cassie and then we both followed her. We got there a couple of minutes later and Matilda ran up to Henry and hugged him so tightly, he looked like he was struggling to breathe.

“Hi I’m…†But I get interrupted again.

“Lucas, I know, Matilda’s boyfriend†He sounded calm but his face expression then changed to anger. “You better not hurt her! Otherwise you will have me to deal with†He told me so that no one else could here him, I was quite worried about living with him now. He then just burst out laughing, “I’m joking, chill man†I awkwardly smiled at him.

“Chill man? Since when do you talk like that?†Matilda laughed.

"Come on inside everyone, we have a special dinner organised and we do not want to make it go tio waste" Beth smiles, the whole family was here in one place.

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Thanks all of yoou! ^_^

Contains some sexual language… Don’t say I didn't warn you...:rolleyes: Oh and if you don’t know who killed Tom King (Hehe, don’t think you get Emmerdale in Aus but a very big day in the UK TODAY!) then don’t read down.


Lucas's Point Of View

"One more baby..." Belle says to me while touching my shoulder seductively. She wanted more alcohol which we were not suppose to have here but Ric and Drew sneaked it in. We were all at Henry's secret welcome home party, while Dad and Beth were away for the night so when I say secret, I mean no adults were informed.

"Get off him, b*tch" Matilda laughs while gently pulling Luc into a small hug, and sticking her tongue out at Belle until she went to talk to Drew.

"You know you have me all to yourself" I smile but then Cassie me pulls over to dance with everyone else. Matilda was not very impressed so she grabbed Ric, she was quite drunk even though I told her to stop hours ago.

"I know what this party is missing" Belle shouts as she downs yet more alcohol.

"Adults?" I say, trying to sound like I was joking but I was too serious to joke right now. I got many weird looks off the guests but I don't care... well not much anyway.

"Spin the bottle!" She corrected me. Everyone got quite exited and rushed into quite a large circle behind the sofa and then they had a tough decision to make; which empty bottle of vodka were they going to choose to spin?

Matilda's Point Of View

The game was boring for a while, Drew and Louise... Drew and Belle... Drew and Lucas... DREW AND LUCAS! Yes! This is something that could really turn a girl on.

"No way! Never going to happen" Drew says adamantly, while shaking his head repeatedly. Ric starts doing chicken impressions which gets Drew riled up.

"Someone is not comfortable with their sexuality" I tease which wound him up a fair bit until he stormed out of the house.

"Lucas, cheer up, you didn't have to do it" Belle tells him as he sighed and looked really down. "Have a drink" Before she could finish the sentence Lucas had already snatched the beer out of her hand and downed half of it before anyone could say another word.

“GUESS WHAT!†Cassie squeals at me excitedly while waving her phone in my face.

“You found out who killed Tom King!†I scream back at her to which she looked really weirdly at me. “Ooh who is it?†I shout sarcastically.

“I was going to say that Holly is on her way back with more alcohol…†She then re-reads the text. “Oh and she said Carl was the killer, so she lost her money on the bet or something†She adds.

Henry’s Point Of View

“I didn’t want to know that, I have put the video on record for a reason; so I can watch it tomorrow†I immediately regret saying that, I then get confused looks off everyone. “Not that I care or anything†Too late, the damage was done.

“Well now my brother’s made a complete prat out of himself…†My sister says while laughing very loudly. “Here is Hol with the rest of the spirits†But before anyone gets chance to crowd around her, Lucas has already jumped on her and stole half of it, he has had a total change in attitude, but he was the only one who wasn’t completely drunk- that was actually about to change.

I didn’t feel so well now so I just had to sit down, the room was spinning and my head was banging…

Matilda’s Point Of View

“Party over!†And nothing says that more than your brother throwing up all over the rug next to the sofa. Everyone then leaves with no questions asked, leaving just me, Lucas, Henry, Cassie and Ric.

“We are going to get off too, great party, see you tomorrow†Cassie says to me, while grabbing Ric’s hand and skipping off, she was still a bit drunk but so was Ric. I was feeling sick now but Henry looked pinker than a couple of minutes ago.

“I’m off to bed†Henry told us as he walked off upstairs leaving me and Lucas alone. I was quite bored while cleaning up all the mess, including the generous gift Henry left on the rug and left.

“All done!†I told Lucas who was sat there looking very out of it, but his eyes just lit up when I randomly kissed him, he kissed me back and we both fell onto the sofa. He was giggling like a little girl and I was joining in. “Upstairs?†I told him, he looked quite surprised by my suggestion.

“Are you sure you are ready?†He asks me considerately. I nodded but was I really as ready as I made out?

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