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Madeline McCann

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Rosey, here is the latest on the story.


Basically, a 3 year old went missing from a holiday apartment in Portugal whilst her parents were dining in a nearby restaurant. There have been rumours of peodophile rings, baby brokers, stalkers etc, but unfortunately they are no further to finding the little girl.

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Everytime I think about her I want to cry.

How can someone keep her knowing all the pain she and her family must be going through.

It makes me so angry.

I just want her to be safe.

Is it too much for people to do to find a place in their heart and return her to where she belongs, safe and sound with her family.

If you have Bebo please become a groupie of this band:

Bring Her Home Safe - A Madeline McCann Support Group

It isn't mine, but its a lovely tribute.

This is a really sad situation. Me and my friends were talking about this and the Code Amber thing on the bus and none of them knew about it and they kept getting the information wrong and they were like screaming it out on PUBLIC TRANSPORT, gee... On the website, it says 'One of Maddie's kidnappers has been found! The other remains out there-with Maddie'. Is this correct information? If so, it means she's still alive.

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^^ The last I heard was that three people have been questioned by police. They haven't been arrested or detained, nor is it clear whether they are suspects or witnesses - Portuguese law is a lot tighter on the release of information than the British police. Last night there was also some speculation that the three people were due to be released within a few hours; however, I don't know what happened there. There haven't been any newsflashes this morning, though, so I think it's safe to assume that there have been no further major developments.

Her parents have also said that it's "unthinkable" that they would return to England without Madeleine - so it looks like they will be staying there for the forseeable future. It's understandable, really.

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Breaking news: Someone's been arrested, but they haven't been named by the Portuguese police.

Where did you hear that? I hope they find her soon and that she's safe.

Random ITV news bulletin. Me too. :(

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I havnt actually hear anything about this person, so I dont really know what I can say. Could someone fill me in pleasE? Is she like a misdsing persom?

Omg! I want this news to be all around the world so Madeline can be found! Madeline is four years old she disappeared from her appartment in Praia da luz (Portagal) twelve days ago. Her parents, Kate and Gerry Mann, from the Uk, (Rothely, Leiscteshire) where eating at a tapas bar nearby the appartment, they checked on Maddie and her two younger two year old twins every half hour. However at ten oclock when Kate checked Maddie was not there. Police have sice had no leads, except they have no a 'suspect' a british man Robert Murrat' who was said to be helping the poilce in the search for Maddie as a translator. He has not be arrested but has been questioned and several items were removed from his appartment. Kate and Gerry Mcann have vowed to stay in Potugal until Maddie returns.

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