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Madeline McCann

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The only thing which I've said from the very start that the McCann's are guilty of is leaving the kids alone in the first place! They are paying for that every second of every day by having to live with the guilt! The Portuguese Police have totally messed up the investigation altogether from the very start! They have no idea at all at whats happened to little Maddie & the only way for them to cover their own backs is by accusing her poor parents! They just don't want to admit that it could have been one of their locals that could have snatched her! They have put that poor family through hell! I'm glad to hear that there is no case for them to answer now! Maybe now they will be left in peace to grieve for their daughter! If Kate had anything to do with Maddie's disappearance at all then she would have cracked by now & admitted it! Her determination,faith & strong will of her innocence has kept her going & got her through this & proved them wrong! My thoughts & prayers are with The McCann's in the hope that one day their nightmare will come to an end.

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Photo examined for Madeleine clue

Madeleine has not been seen since 3 May

A photograph of a small blonde child in Morocco is to be examined by experts working on the disappearance of four-year-old Madeleine McCann.

The photo, showing the child being carried on a woman's back, was taken three weeks ago by a Spanish tourist.

Madeleine disappeared on 3 May from a holiday apartment in Portugal.

Her parents' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said Gerry and Kate were aware of the photo and it had been passed to authorities to study.

Spanish websites, including www.cope.es, have published the picture.

August photo

News of the photo comes days after reports that a British man believed he had spotted Madeleine near a hotel in Marrakech in the same location and on the same day as Norwegian tourist Marie Pollard reported seeing her.

Mr Mitchell said the Spanish holidaymaker had taken the photo in August but had only recently downloaded her photos.

"My understanding is that the police at both ends, in Spain and in turn the British and Portuguese authorities, are now aware of this material - it is being investigated," he said.

He said he was unclear about how the photo initially came to the authorities' notice.

"What I am clear on is that this needs serious investigation, serious analysis, that is ongoing," he added.

"Kate and Gerry are fully aware and will be kept informed throughout."

Speaking on Tuesday night, Mr Mitchell said the photo was made known to the McCanns only hours earlier.

When Madeleine first disappeared, police asked holidaymakers on the Algarve to submit their photos for examination.

The McCanns are formal suspects in the inquiry into the girl's disappearance.

They insist she was abducted while they ate at a nearby tapas bar with friends.


And the photograph in question.

I know its blurred but it looks a hell of a lot like her and along with the other sightings. I hope to god they find this little girl alive.

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