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Fri, 11 May 07 - “ It’s Been A While “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It’s Been A While “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 11 May 07 - Episode # 4415)

Tony [hunter house] tells colleen that a casserole that she’s just bought over reminds him of Beth doing the same things when the Holden’s 1st hit town. Colleen wants to help Tony etc with sorting out beth’s clothes [which they are give to charity] but he insist that kit & maddie have got that under control.

After colleen bails, an unknown woman enters. She introduces herself as Naomi Preston, and she wants to see Luke, as she met him etc as the writer’s circle. Tony says that Luke not home. Naomi say she come back later – appointment at the diner.

When Naomi goes to the diner, she meets with Sally & brad, as she is the school’s new teacher. When Naomi mentions that the bay is just the [dreamy] way that Luke described it, she gets a MASSIVE shock when sally says that Naomi will definitely get the chance to read more of Luke’s work – as his teacher [note – the look of shock on Naomi’s face priceless].

Meanhewile, Luke arrives home – and Tony tells him about Naomi. Luke races to the diner – where Naomi [brad & sally have gone btw] is NOT impressed with him, as he gave her impression that he was older that he is. Namoi tells Luke that they will deal with this later – as she has to look for a place to rent etc.

Later, Tony is about to unzip the suitcase that Beth took on holidays, but he just can’t, and slams his fists aginat the top of the case.

Naomi arrives at the door as Tony did that, as he opens up to her about how he is REALLY [not] coping with all that has happened.

Luke arrives home – and, after Tony bails, Naomi tells Luke that Tony spoke to her about these things as she is emotionally detached from all that’s happened.

The subject returns to Luke’s deception, incl Luke even saying something about his English [uni] PROFESSOR. Luke insists that it doesn’t mean anything and that that can still be together. Indeed, they KISS – but Naomi pulls away. She insists that since they are now teacher & student. Naomi then bails.

Note – the last time I can remember a student/teacher relationship was Steven & Selina, so …. [ep title]

Martha [rocket club] tries her best to get herself out of the clutches of the lecherous Lou – she screams for help form cam several times, before his conscious eventually gets the best of him, and cam enters the room. Martha runs to him, whilst Lou tears up THAT contract.

Soon after, Martha [diner flat] and cam discuss things. Cam makes it very clear he doen't ant the police involved – and he reminds Martha that her family etc will have a field day with all of this.

Next day, Martha & cam talk more. Martha is worried about crystal – but cam thinks that they were just trying to scare him. He says this after Martha once more suggest going to police.

Cam then gets a phone call – asd soon after he meets with the loan shark [and one of his thugs] at the beach near the diner. Cam agrees to make a bit of a payment [$2000] today - Jack [form afar] sees this.

Meahiile, colleen is run off her feet at the diner, despite he help of ric & Alf [irene is way at dental appointment today]. 2 teenage boys, who give colleen some lip, don’t help things.

Jack enters – and has a word to cam about seeing him speak to a loan shark. Cam suggest that the last time jack went with his instincts, Martha got arrested.

Soon after, Cam [of course] just happens to be about the go up the internal stairs to the diner flat when colleen mentions that they’ve had a massive day of business [over $2000 in takings] at the diner.

Soon after, colleen discovers that the money in the till is gone/. She thinks it’s the boys who were hassle her – but jack & Alf both suspect Cam. Naturally, Martha overhears this – and comes to his defence.

Jack & Martha goes upstairs, where jack questions cam about the money. Cam naturally rebukes the claims – but the way he does so, [from the look on her face at least] seems to make Martha question if he is telling the truth.

Indeed, when jack is gone, Martha wonders where cam found the money. Cam inits that he went through the club’s books and worked something out, but when cam bails, Martha has a look herself. He can’t see how cam could have got the money that way – so she look in his bag, and finds the diner money. [end of ep]


Martha is trapped inside the Rocket club – which Cam has set alight

Will Cass/Jules, Kimmy/Kit and Rachel/Hugh get together?

Also, the official H&A site more goss etc about Luke & Naomi!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Naomi’s dark blue [white floral motifs] long skirt/olive green top [white lace at the very top]/white short sleeve jacket

SILVER – Colleen’s light blue [green leafy motifs] blouse

BRONZE – Luke’s yellow polo shirt/olive green shorts


Alf’s faded orange [green check] button up shirt

Brad’s black (white pin stripe) button up shirt

Cam’s light purple button up shirt

Martha’s black blouse & matching short shorts

Martha’s black leather crop top & matching short shirt/black jacket

Martha’s grey cami top/white (red floral) PJ long pants

Ric’s maroon (with gold crest) t shirt

Sally’s red scoop neck long sleeve top

Tony’s red & black polo shirt

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