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Mon, 7 May 07 - “ Road Rage “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Road Rage “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 7 May 07 - Episode # 4411)

Note – this ep guide is mostly in sequence, as all tings relate to the same subject matter [Kelli’s revenge]

Kelli (mansion) tries to convince manda to stay in the bay, without luck, so Kelli meets Ethan on the beech. Kelli insists that they have to go with their grand plan 9get a drugged Amanda behind the wheel) today.

Kelly goes to the diner where Belle quizzes her about what belle think is a love bite./ when kelli in to bathroom, belle looking her bag – finds some medication and is further curious. When bell tells Irene, the latter suggest that bell is way off the mark. Kelli also has another go at belle for suspecting the she [Kelli] is evil.

Bell wonl;t let it go – so she tells peter [[police satin] and what she suspects – esp. that she thinks that Ethan and/or Kelli drugged Amanda the times that she couldn’t rem anything. Peter seems dismissive – but says that he will check things out – and what bell is gone, he orders a check of Kelli & Ethan phone records.

Amanda vists Dan at Leah’s house – and tells him the she is leaving. She also gives him a note t go to Ryan (she think too painful in peron). Ryan of course throws the note away – wanting to see his mum.

At mansion, Kelli spikes a glass of OJ, but things don’t go according to plan, as when belle comes over, and Amanda tells her the news [bailing fom bay], Belle drinks some of THAT OJ – and you can tell that she’s not initially keen on the taste.

Belle bails – and heads for the diner – where [outside] she looks a little worse for wear. Her vision is blurry but she sees etham.

Inside diner, Alf mentions that peter that he thinks he saw Ethan driving by him earlier today; ad things are heightened by Irene goes outside and finds some ppl trying to revive the collapsed belle.

Irene & peter rush belle to hospital, and dr young starts treating her.

At mansion, Kelli makes a phone call, fo a 1 way ticket overseas for Ethan.

Amanda is talk to kelli when Ryan phones Amanda – he wants to see her. Kellie drives Amanda over to Leah’s, and Amanda tells the WAY upset Ryan that she needs to get away for a bit [she’ll still see him regularly[ so she can be a good mum to him again.

When Amanda ^& kelli arrives back at the mansion, manda comments that kelli was driving like a mad woman.

Meanwhile, at the hospital. Dr young tell belle, peter etc that drugs were found in Belle’s system., belle thinks that the OJ was meant for manda, whilst peter gets a phone call – with the results of the phone call records. He asks the person on the other end of the line to compare the records of Ethan & kelli.

Amada is upstairs [mainion] when Ethan entrees, he accuses kelli of setting him up for a “fall“, but as kelli [kitchen] rants a bit about destructing Amanda, the later comes down into the longae – and now knows.

Amanda walks backwards a bit, but she knocks the table. Kelli hears and approaches. Amanda is still in shock that its been kelli that whole time. Manda runs to the door, and Ethan tries to stop kelli, but she knees him you know where and then knocks him out.

Kelli [in a 4WD] quickly catches up with manda [Honda sports car] and tries to run her off the road. Amanda speeds up – but she looses concentration, as rounds a bend to quickly. Amanda’s car ends up on its side !!! (end of ep)


Can anything stop Rachel/jimmy form drifting apart?

Will Peter be able to save Amanda [her car is alight thank to Kelli]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s mauve halter top/maroon crop jacket

SILVER – Irene’s green [understated red floral pattern] dress

BRONZE – Ryan’s bright orange [green dog dish motif] singlet


Amanda’s blue sports top/gold tracksuit

Amanda’s tan spaghetti strap top (with dark blue top beneath)/tan skirt

Belle’s red singlet top

Dan’s black (with several white ringed stripes on sleeves) t

Dr Young’s bluey grey button up shirt

Ethan’s brown t/cream [floral] button up shirt

Kelli’s orange (brown triangle at “collar”) halter top

Kelli’s rich red blouse

Peter’s white button up shirt/dark suit

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