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Logie Awards 2007 Form Guide

Guest Perry

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From the Sunday Telegraph 06-05-2007

I thought this was interesting, I'm ony putting the one's that concern Home and Away

Gold Logie:

John Howard- All Saints

Kate Ritchie- Home and Away

Rove Mc Manus- Rove Live

Rachel Caprani- McLeod's Daughters

Simmone Jade Mackinnon- McLeod's Daughters

Bert Newton- Bert Family Feud

Natalie Blair- Neighbours

John Wood- Murder in the Outback

Who will win: Rove McManus

Who Should Win: Kate Ritchie

Who did win: Kate Ritchie

Silver Logie Most Popular Actor:

Brendan Cowell- Love My Way

Mark Furze- Home and Away

John Howard- All Saints

Aaron Jeffrey- McLeod's Daughters

Paul O'Brien- Home and Away

Who will win: Mark Furze

Who Should win: Brendan Cowell

Who did win: Aaron Jeffrey

Silver Logie Most Popular Actress:

Natalie Bassingthwaighte- Neighbours

Natalie Blair- Neighbours

Rachel Caprani- McLeods Daughters

Simmone Jade MacKinnon- McLeod's Daughters

Kate Ritchie- Home and Away

Who will win: Kate Ritchie

Who should win: Kate Ritchie

Who did win: Kate Ritchie

Most Popular New Male Talent:

Dustin Clare- McLeod's Daughters

Ben Lawson- Neighbours

Bobby Morley- Home and Away

Chris Sandrinna- Home and Away

Andrew Supanz- All Saints

Who will win: Bobby Morley

Who should win: Andrew Supanz

Who did win: Dustin Clare

Most Popular New Female Talent:

Jolene Anderson- All Saints

Brooke Hanson- What's Good For You

Michelle Langstone- McLeod's Daughters

Amy Matthews- Home and Away

Jessica Tovey- Home and Away

Who will win: Jessica Tovey

Who should win: Jessica Tovey

Who did win: Amy Matthews

Most Popular Australian Drama:

All Saints

Blue Heelers

Home and Away

McLeod's Daughters


Who will win: Home and Away

Who should win: Home and Away

Who did win: Home and Away

In everything Home and Away is nominated in, Andrew and Richard decided that it should win or will win depending what category it was in some it was both.

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