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Fri, 4 May 07 - “ Leaving Home “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Leaving Home “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 4 May 07 - Episode # 4410)

Notes – many many MANY thanks to those that upload H&A eps to bttb, as I missed last night’s ep when my bus decided to come a “tad” late. Also, this ep guide is mostly in sequence, i.e. no A & B story etc

Peter (form afar) sees the forlorn Amanda walk on the beach. When he gets back to Leah’s, Dan is surprised that peter is feeling sorry form Amanda. Dan thinks that peter should focus on finding Jules.

Ryan enters the room, and Dan is again surprises when peter suggests that he will take Ryan to Amanda’s place.

Sally & Cass enters lily’s hospital room. They are look fwd to her coming home, but when Dr Young enters, lily says that she is having trouble breathing. Cass is way concerted for lily as she (Cass) & sally exit the room.

Kelli is talk to Ethan on the phone at gym. She thinks that she is save here (now that gym is closed). Belle however arrives at the door, and confronts Kelli about THAT photo.

Amanda is surprised that its peter who drops Ryan off at her place. Whilst Ryan goes to play with his new R/C rally car, Amanda is pleased when peter at least agrees to stay FO coffee.

Kelli (gym) insists that Ethan was trying to get more money out of her – but belle isn’t so sure.

After peter (mansion) helps Ryan out with fix his rally car, he tells manda that he saw her at the beach today, and something just felt different bout her. Peter then gets aph n call – Jules have been found, and peter tells Amanda that he has to bail.

As he does, Kellie arrives home. When manda tells Kelli that Peter’s anger seems to have gone, Kelli suggests that Amanda not get hopes up. Kelli then tells Amanda that Ethan is back in town.

Harper (Leah’s place() tells peter, drew & Dan that the owners of the bike aren't press charges. After Harper bails, Jules doesn’t like it the drew told peter etc about Linda. He also isn’t keen to ring his parents – tell them he’s ok.

Lily (hospital) apologises to sally &b Cass for them having to come to the hospital – as the doctors want her to stay in her longer, because of her occasional breathlessness etc.

Belle arrives at mansion, but manda already knows about the photo. Manda is pleased that belle was at least thinking of her, and they agree to go for coffee later. Belle however still looks suspicious of Kelli, which the latter is well aware of.

Indeed, Kelli meets Ethan at beach. She is way worried about belle, Kelli iniststhat they must move now into the final faze of their plan 0 to drug her, and get her behinds that wheel of her car. That way, when she crashes the vehicle (with everything else that’s happened), she’ll bel alone & destitute un the hospital – with NOTHING to live for. (Note – Kelli is waaaaaaaaaaaay vengeful as she says this).

Amanda brings ryzn back to Leah’s place. She asks Dan if peter is there, which he is. They speak on the back patio, and Amanda wonders if there is any chance of them get back together. Peter says there isn't – can't trust her (cares about her though, but not enough). Peter thinks Amanda should try to get on with her life.

Cass enters lily’s hospital room – and she suspect that there is something more to this. Lily tells Cass that she doesn’t think she’ll understand. She goes to by saying that she is scared of stying in this place (the bay) as she feels like she is being treated as the victim again. Lily says that after seeing her mum again (another victim), need to takes control of her life. Cass tells lily that she is way strong, and that Cass way supports lily’s decision.

Meanwhile, at Leah’s, pteer tells Jules that Leah and dean are allowing Jules to stay here – but with the usual ground rules. They also tell him that lily has been asking formn him at the hospital.

Lily explains to Cass, brad & sally that she didn’t want to go back to old life (the vph) to get her things, which is why she ask thrkm to bring them in for her. Lily tells Cass and she that almost drowning made her realise that she can do almost anything, and looks fwd to visits form them when she gets settled (at a refuge for starters). She asks Cass to apologise to ric for not say goodbye in person to him.

When sally &brad leave the room, Lily tell Cass that she (Cass) is the most important person in her life (the one that lifted her out of the mire that was her life). Lily says that she will never forget Cass.

After they bail for the room, we see (but they don’t) Jules at the hospital – holding an envelope. Jules is in tears that he couldn’t “get” to lily in time.

Kelli arrives aback at mansion – sand is shocked when Amanda says that she is LEAVING town!!! (end of ep)


Looks like Amanda realise the truth about Kelli, and that Ethan switches sides, but that doesn’t stop Belle from being rushed to hospital, or (separately) Amanda from being at Kelli’s “mercy” in a crahed car

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s tan spaghetti strap top (with dark blue top beneath)/tan skirt

SILVER – Sally’s light brown (darker brown floral motifs) blouse

BRONZE – Peter’s light purple button up shirt/dark suit


Belle’s plum v neck top/sleeve less sheep skin crop jacket/dark blue beanie

Brad’s cream button up shirt (with white t beneath)

Cassie’s orange (white floral motifs near collar) singlet top

Dan’s light green (black old man’s face motif) t

Dr Young’s apple green button up shirt/dark suit

Drew’s black (rough seas motif) t

Ethan’s purple (orange crest) t shirt

Jules’ yellow (black silhouette of cooooool sunglass wearing man) t

Kelli’s orange (brown triangle at “collar”) halter top

Lily’s light blue red rodeo motif) long sleeve top

Ryan’s white (with grey & red on shoulders & sleaves) polo shirt

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