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Final Destination - Summer Bay (by Reo) - comments


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Thanks :D

I actually have 9 pages written and I think I posted just over 2 here or around that.

But i dont want to slack on my other story,By posting all of what i have on this one at once and then write more and not able to stick with the other.

So I will post them slowly along on here,Until I have written enough chapters on my other. :D

But I have to say,Its funny lol It's making me laugh as I write it :P

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This is an excellent start, Reo!

I love it :)

Final Destination is a brill movie so I really like this idea.

Ric was leaning against Matilda slowly closing his eyes..His hand moved down his waist.

Sally: Ric! Take your hand out of your pants!

Ric: Wah?!

Ric awoke and sat up straight and quickly pulled his hand out and looked away from everyone, But it wasn't too long before he started to fall asleep again.

Lucas: I think I have cake in my shorts.

Everyone moved away from Lucas.



I couldnt stop laughging at them bits!

Update soon

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Thanks Cal. :D

I cant believe that im getting all these good comments.

The other chapters are actually far funnier,Too me anyway..So if you like this you will love the rest.

But i need to catch up with my other story first,Just a few chapters.

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Yeah,Sad that she went first..But I had no idea's in my head at the start apart from her death and another..I felt it best she have the first death.

But its just a story,No-one or thing can get rid of Colleen in real life :P

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