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Thurs, 3 May 07 - “ Sweetheart “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Sweetheart “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 3 May 07 - Episode # 4409)

Note – this ep guide is mostly in sequence, i.e. no A & B story etc

It’s late at night when jack enters the hunter house. He sees Tony sitting at the table – totally in the dark (no lights on). When jack talks about the memorail tomorrow, Tony tells him that he knows that the baysiders need to do this, but its will be like going to the funeral all over again (for Tony).

Next morn, Irene (diner) talks to kimmy about today’s memorial for Beth. Rachel enters, and kimmy tells her that he was up earl to check on Archie. Rachel wants to have breakfast with kimmy, but he tells her that has to go to meeting at the gym.

As kimmy bails, Hugh enters – and senses that Rachel is worried. She insists that she’s going to see how how much more this whole baby thing will affect her & kimmy before rushing into any decision.

Kimmy & Tony (gym) can't believe it when manda, with Kelli’s assistance, tells them what happed (the guy who got injured) and that the gym will be temporarily closed, with the possibility of that becoming permanent if this goes to court and Amanda loses everything etc.

After the disgusted Tony & kimmy, and then Amanda bail, kelli is once more annoyed when Ethan sneaks into the gym (just seconds after Amanda bails) kelli insists that all of this (her revenge) is coming to an end – and they (Kelli/Ethan) can waaaaaaaaaaaay be together soon. Ethan only then bails.

At diner, kimmy tells Rachel & Hugh about what happened. Kimmy takes offence to Rachel insisting that she can support him whilst he looks for a new job.

Jack (hunter house) is worried about Tony, and wonders if he’d like some help, but Tony insist not need it. Maddie & jack then bail – to get the flowers for the memorial.

Kimmy enters the hunter house. He tells kit about Rachel’s offer to support him (incl kit & the baby). Kit “suggests” to kimmy that he has to fix things with Rachel, as he threw her generosity/support right back in her face.

Meanwhile, near the beech, Rachel discusses the whole kimmy etc situation with Hugh (of course).

Kimmy approaches Rachel, and after Hugh bails, Rachel (interestingly) suggest that they (kimmy/Rachel) should be pleasant to each in the times they do get to spend together these days (note – I was expecting her to do that they should make those together times really special/important, i.e. the whole quality time thing).

Maddie is walk on the beach (the one on the other side of the headland) when she encounters belle. They begin to talk about lily, which leads Maddie to tell belle about how she felt close to Beth again when she prayed that lily would be OK.

The likes of Irene, belle, Maddie, Ric, Alf, jack, kit, kimmy etc arrive at the location f the memorial (which takes place further up the beach where Maddie & belle where talking in the previous scene).

There’s no sign of Tony, so Irene decides to go and find him, whilst kit (with baby Archie in her arms) makes it clear to Amanda that she doesn’t ant her at the memorial (given all that’s happened, esp. this latest incident with the gym).

Tony (hunter house) tells Irene that he fears that he will be overcome with emotion as the memorial, but Irene insisted that ppl would rather see Tony “lose it” than bottling up his emotions.

Everyone is please when Tony & Irene arrive at the memorial venue. Tony, and then Maddie fight back tears as they give moving speeches at the memorial. Maddie’s focuses on Beth calling her “sweetheart” – and how, no matter how bad life seemed to Maddie, that word from Beth always picked up Maddie’s spirits.

Tony and the others then throw white flowers petals (lots of them) into the water.

Soon after, at the hunter house, kit comments on/thanks Tony for being so strong throughout all of this. Tony (with jack & Maddie in the room too) then proposes a toast to Beth.

Manda (mansion) comments to Kelli about how annoyed she was at kit’s comments, and how she (Amanda) is an outcast form the community. Kelli (once more) does the whole “at least you still have me” thing.

Irene (diner] talks to belle, and Irene is rather surprised when belle WAAAY goes to bat for her mum (after Irene seem to agree with the sentiments that Amanda shouldn’t have gone to the memorial.

When Irene walks away, belle works on her art project – a computer slideshow of interesting nature photos. In one of these (digital) photos, she notices some ppl in the background on the seaplane wharf.

Belle is shocked when she magnifies the part of the photo with the ppl in it – as the ppl , who look to be having a FRIENDLY chat, are Kelli & Ethan!!! (end of ep)


Belle confronts Kelli about the photo


Kelli tells Ethan to get Amanda behind the wheel and crash her car

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle’s plum v neck top/sleeve less sheep skin crop jacket/dark blue beanie

SILVER – Rachel’s aqua blouse/black (knee length) skirt

BRONZE – Amanda’s shimmery silver crop jacket/black top & long pants


Alf’s maroon tie/white button up shirt/dark suit

Amanda’s sky blue (with gold straps & wait band) halter top

Ethan’s purple (orange crest) t shirt

Hugh’s grey (black & green tri pattern) t/light blue bord shorts

Hugh’s white (black diagonal stripes) button up shirt

Irene’s gold (with silver leafy motifs) v neck top

Jack’s aqua (ocean themed motif) t

Jack’s sky blue tie/white button up shirt/dark suit

Kelli’s orange (brown triangle at “collar”) halter top

Kimmy’s light purple button up shirt

Kit’s dark blue dress

Maddie’s royal blue spaghetti strap dress

Rachel’s off white (mottled) dress

Ric’s off white (with blue checks) button up

Tony’s dark blue tie/white button up shirt/dark suit

Tony’s white (with grey & aqua “block” on the chest) polo shirt

Tony’s white (with red & blue stripes, and BONT, across the chest) t

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