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Turn Back Time

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Story Title: Turn Back Time

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Drew/Belle/Lucas/Mattie and everyone will be in there at some point.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: (SC) (L)

Summary: Lucas and Belle left the Bay after secondary school. They have been living in the city. They are back now for their wedding. But when they return, Belle soon realises that things have changed since she left

Chapter 1

She looked up at the sign. “Summer Bay 1 mile”. She tuned and looked at her husband to be. Belle Taylor was now 24 years old now. She and her fiancé Lucas were returning to the one place that they both loved, once…Summer Bay.

Flashback…5 years earlier

This was July 2001. Belle had finished secondary school along with all her friends and her boyfriend, Lucas. That September, Lucas and Belle would be leaving the Bay for a new life in the city together. After all, in the Bay, nobody could keep secrets. Nobody could hide there feeling. Belle wanted to get out of the Bay for one main reason. His name was Drew Curtis. He and Belle dated for while. But it didn’t work out when Belle discovered that he has been sleeping with her mum, Amanda. Then Belle got together with Lucas. Once Lucas and Belle started getting serious, Drew realised that he loved Belle. But Belle was with Lucas and she loved Lucas. After gradation night, everyone went to the Surf Club to celebrate. After a few drinks, Drew asked to speak to Belle, but her friends wouldn't allow him near her. Belle ran outside. Lucas followed her.

“Belle!” Lucas called “Are you ok?”

“Yeah…I am just so glad we are leaving this place” Belle said

“Really?” Lucas asked

“Yes. Will you miss Summer Bay?” Belle asked

“Yes, all my friends and family are here” Lucas answered

“Do you want to leave?” Belle asked

“Yes…But I am not saying that I will not miss this place” Lucas smiled

Lucas and Belle hugged each other. Lucas then went back into the Surf club and Belle headed down on the beach. Out of nowhere, Drew appeared

“Can we talk?” he asked

“No…I don’t want to talk to you” answered Belle annoyed

“Please. Just listen to what I have to say” Drew begged

“You have a minute” Belle replied

“You know very well how I feel about you. I love you, Belle. And I will never give up on you” drew said

“Drew! I am leaving here with Lucas. I don’t love you. We will never happen again. Why the hell can you not get over that! I will never be coming back to this place” yelled Belle

End if flashback

Belle laughed at herself. She remembered that night very well. Saying that to Drew and now look at what she was doing. Returning to Summer Bay. That night was the last time she saw Drew Curtis. She often wondered about him. What he was up to? What did he work at? And most of all, had he given up on her? Belle was feeling tired. They had been in the car for around three hours now. Belle hoped that they would be there soon. After a while, Belle looked at another sign; “Now entering Summer Bay”

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Chapter 2

Belle and Lucas drove up to the Holden’s home. Beth and Tony walked out. Everyone greeted each other. Beth showed them to the bedroom that they would be staying in.

“Only two months!” Beth said

“I know! I really can’t believe it” Belle smiled

“It only felt like yesterday that we started dating. But it has been nearly seven years though” Lucas said

“Right, here it is. It is Mattie’s old room” Beth said

“How is Mattie? Does she like living in France with Scott?” Belle asked

“Yes…She loves it. She will be coming home in a month” Beth said

After they got settled in, Beth had prepared lunch for them. They all sat down and eat up the lunch.

“So…What is it like to be engaged?” Tony asked

“It is great. It makes, I think, our love official. Getting married” Belle smiled

“What about your mum, Belle?” Beth asked

“What about her? I haven’t seen her since I left and I don’t plan to.” Belle answered

“Belle, she is your mum and she would love to see you walking down the aisle.” Tony said

“Yes Belle, you and your mum I always had a patchy relationship but for one day, don’t you think you could forget about the differences that you and her have. Your mum and Drew happened over 6 years ago” Beth said

“I guess you are right. Maybe I should go and see her. Tell her I have getting married” Belle smiled

“What? She doesn’t know?” Lucas said stunned

“Well, no, she doesn’t! I mean, we got engaged last Christmas. I couldn’t just call her up and say; “Heya.mum! How are you? Haven’t seen you in a while. Oh yeah, I am getting married!” I just couldn’t do that” Belle replied

“Guess not” Lucas said

Belle knew that Lucas was annoyed at her for not saying anything to her mum. After lunch, Tony gave the address to Amanda’s new home which she bought a year ago. Belle left the Holden’s house and walked down along the beach. The sweet smell of the ocean water made Belle realised how much she missed this place. She saw a familiar face on the beach. It was Drew. Belle was going to walk down when she saw a young women and a little child walk up to him. The women kissed Drew. Belle heard the young child say “daddy”. Belle was shocked. Drew had his own family now. Belle thought back to the gradation night when Drew said that he would never give up on her. By the looks of it, he had certainly given up on her.

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Thanks for the comments, Reo and Zetti :)

I forgot Matilda always wanted to go to France..I can't wait to see where the others are

I never even knew that :lol:

I just needed her to be somewhere for a while before I bring her into the fic

France was the first place I could think of because Scott lives there :lol:

Will update soon

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