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Way Back Into Love

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Title: Way back into love

Topic Description: Jack and Martha

Type of Story: One shot


Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: Romance, Drama

Warnings: Spoilers

Way back into love

Martha walked into the diner a million thoughts rushing around her head; she turned the corner to come face to face with Alf ad Irene.

“Hey love” Alf said as he brought his granddaughter in for a hug,

“Hey grandad” she said distracted,

“You ok?” Alf as catching onto her distant tone,

“Yeah I’m fine just tired” she lied,

“Ok how Tony and Jack are are they back as well?” he asked,

At the mention of Jack’s name Martha went into her own little world until Alf brought her back,

“Martha” he said “Are you ok?” he asked snapping her out of her day dream.

“What”, oh yeah um no they will be back tomorrow” she said,

“Ok well it looks like your half dead I’ll let you get some sleep and I’ll talk to you later”,

“Ok Martha half smiled as she started to walk up the stairs,

“She seemed a bit distant don’t you think?” Irene asked,

“Yeah I’m sure it’s nothing” Alf said unsure himself,

“Yeah I hope so” Irene said concerned.

Martha shut the door behind her and slid down it, the same thoughts had been going through her head the whole way back from Adelaide and she still couldn’t shake them, what was she going to do?, There was so much to consider,

Cam for on, what would he do if he found out? He didn’t seem like the kind of guy that would let something like this slide she had no idea what to do Jack would be back tomorrow, what would happen between them? She began to quietly sob, she was so confused, her head was telling her one thing but there was this ache in her heart telling her to do the complete opposite, her heart wanted Jack and it was not about to change it’s mind anytime soon.


Martha awoke on the couch to the sound of a knock at the door she quickly stood up and made her way over to it, she opened it and came face to face with a bunch of flowers,

“Hey Cam” she said unenthusiastically,

“Oh I was hoping for a little bit more enthusiasm than that” he said,

“Sorry I guess I’m still trying to get my heads around Beth” she lied,

“Yeah that’s ok” he said understandingly walking past her into the apartment,

“So what are you wearing tonight?”

“What for?” she asked confused,

“The dinner with Lou Baines” he answered,

“Oh that” she said disinterested,

“Yes that Martha you know how important this deal is to the Rocket Club” he said annoyed that she forgot,

“Yeah I know and I’m sorry but I’m way to tired I think I’ll just stay here I’m sure you can close the deal without me”,

“Martha” Cam said annoyed,

“What?” she asked.

“I need you there please” he practically begged her,

“Ok fine” she said as she couldn’t be bothered arguing she wasn’t in the mood,

“Thankyou I’ll pick you up at six” he said as he leaned in and kissed her, she slightly cringed under the touch of his kiss,

“I’ll see you later he said as he walked out the door when he had gone Martha turned around, What was she going to do?,

“Hello” Lou said looking up from where he was sitting and greeted Cam with a handshake and he did the same to Cindy,

“Oh and this is Martha up close and personal” he said as he brought her into his arms for a tight embrace, Martha was very confused at this point as to why Lou Baines was hugging her but shook off the awkward feeling as she took her seat at the dinner table, she picked up the menu but froze as she felt a hand start to lightly caress he thigh, she looked down to see Lou’s hand and did not hesitate in the removing of it, but as soon as she was free of his touch his hand was back doing the same movements as before, she subtly removed it once more and excused herself form the table,

“Excuse me” she said as she stood up and made her way towards the bathroom,

“Excuse me” Cam said as he saw Martha enter the toilets, he stood up and made his way towards Martha.

Martha washed her hands and then looked up into the mirror at her reflection she quietly looked away and made her way out into the restaurant again but was stopped by Cam standing outside the door,

“What the hell was that?” he said raising his voice slightly at her,

“You knew” she said,

“Of course I knew” he said,

“Then why didn’t you stop him?” she asked,

“Because I am trying to make him give me hundreds and thousands of dollars here and if he wants to touch your thigh, you let him” Cam said simply,

“I can’t believe you” she said disgusted you actually want me to go back out there to get groped by that sleazebag”

“Yes I do, now come on” Cam said taking her hand and leading her back towards the table, Martha smiled politely as she took her seat and sure enough as soon as she was seated Lou’s hand had gone straight back to where it had been, this was going to be a long nigh, and Cam was not going to get away with it, Martha thought to herself.

“You have no idea how cheap you made me feel” Martha said walking into the apartment and trowing her purse down on the table,

“Cindy understood why you couldn’t?” he asked,

“Cindy didn’t have that sleazebags hand up her thigh all night”,

“Come on it was all night” Cam said,

“Yeah easy for you to say you didn’t have to cop it” Martha yelled at him,

“Oh didn’t I” Cam huffed “I practically rolled over sideways and begged to that toad and I’d do it again this deal means hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Rocket Club”,

“I have just spent the last week at a funeral with my friends the ones that don’t treat me like dirt the ones that actually care about me”,

“Oh so Jack really did get in your ear after all”

Martha looked at him “No he didn’t but you know what the difference is with Jack?” she asked him “He would have punched that sleaze bag in the face, but not you all you care about is the money,

“Look I’m sorry you had to go through that I really am It won’t happen again”,

“Maybe” Martha said,

“What?” Cam asked,

“You’re always sorry Cam until it happens again”

“But I promise it won’t”

“That’s right it won’t because I’m not going to be dancing anymore” she said walking into the kitchen,

“I just told you how bad things are” he said turning around and following her,

“And now you have Lou Baines to bail you out you don’t need me anymore” she said smartly,

“No the deals not sealed yet anyway I still need you to dance I need you to bring the Punters in Baby”,

“Well I suggest you find someone else to bring them in Baby” she said sarcastically walking into her room.

The next morning Martha was sitting in the diner thinking about everything that had happened between last night and now, first she had had a late visit from Cindy trying to guilt trip her into dancing again and the night was topped off by Cam coming to tell her that he was in love with her but she had just sat there looking at him he thoughts were distracted by a voice coming from the other side of the diner, it was Jack talking to Irene, he must of just gotten back, Martha thought,

She turned around and as she did her eyes caught Jacks they stared into each others eyes before Jack started walking towards her,

“Oh god” Martha thought as she tried to figure out what to say but before she knew it he was there standing in front of her,

“Hi” he said awkwardly,

“Hey” she said just as awkward there was silence between the pair as Jack took a seat across from Martha,

“So” he said trying to start a conversation,

“This is exactly what I was afraid of” Martha said looking up,

“What?” Jack asked confused,

“We can’t even have a conversation” she said,

“I know it’s a bit awkward”,

“A bit?” Martha said sarcastically,

“Yeah” he said,

“Have you talked to Cam you didn’t act to suss did you?” he said,

“Jack we slept together I acted as unsuss as I could” she said, as she continued to think about last night,

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked he could sense that it was more that what happened between them in Adelaide,

“It’s Cam” she cried.

“I can’t believe that jerk”Jack said“How he could just sit there while some guy was doing that to you,

“Cam needs money he’ll do what ever it takes to get it, he doesn’t care who gets hurt in then process” she finished as she debated whether of not to tell Jack the other thing she decided she would,

“He said that he loves me” she blurted out,

This got Jacks full attention as he snapped his head around to face her,

“What, you don’t love him do you?” he asked,

“I don’t know, no, Maybe, I don’t know” Martha said confused, “It’s just not how it’s meant to be” Martha said sadly, “It’s just not there if you know what I mean,

“Yeah I do” Jack said looking at her, what had happened in Adelaide, he had actually thought that maybe she would let them have another chance but no that wasn’t about to happen especially not with Cam in the picture.

“Oh crap” Martha said looking at her watch,

“What” Jack asked?

“I told grandad I would meet him at the surf club at eleven and it’s that now so I better go, thanks for the talk” she said walking off.

Martha walked around the back of one of the buildings and slid down and started to sob quietly to herself, her life was one big mess and she had to fix it, but how was she meant to; Fix things with her family, quit pole dancing, break up with her boyfriend that says he loves her, get her old job back and try and have a second chance with her husband. She just sat there and sobbed as the realisation hit her about how badly her life had fallen apart just since last year.

Jack continued to walk along the beach he missed her, he really missed her, she was there as his friend but he wanted more he want to be with her as her husband of at least boyfriend, he hated Cam, he hated that he had exactly what he wanted, he had Martha and Cam knew that was the one thing that he had against Jack Cam could see how much Jack loved Martha, anyone could for that matter but no one was about to say anything, he looked up ahead of him and saw Cam coming towards him, he walked up to him and began to speak,

“How can you?” he asked,

“What” Cam asked uninterested?

“How can you not see that you have the most amazing person standing right in front of you?” he asked “You wouldn’t know what love was if it came up and bit you in the face, love isn’t just a feeling” Jack said “It’s having complete devotion to a person, it’s putting them before all else, how you can have someone as amazing as Martha standing right in front of you and take advantage of that is beyond me” he said as he went to walk of,

“All of this coming from the man that put his work before her impressive”,

“You know you’re right I did put my work in front of her and I’m paying the ultimate price” he said as he walked off.

Martha was walking when suddenly she stopped as the spot she was planning to think was already occupied,

“Hey” Jack said as he turned around,

“Hey, you still come here to?” she asked him,

“Yeah” Jack said turning back around,

“Me too, but I still don’t go close to the edge” she laughed, Jack laughed along with her they stopped and looked into each others eyes, the silence was broken by Jack.

“Sit with me” Jack said “We’ll stay back here” he promised,

Martha smiled at him as he sat down and she took her place next to him but stayed a few centimetres apart,

Jack looked over and saw her shivering,

“Here” he said taking his jacket off and placing it around her shoulders,

“Thanks” Martha’s aid gratefully,

“I won’t bite” Jack joked as he looked at the space between them,

Martha lightly laughed at Jacks comment,

“Come here” he said opening his arms for her,

And for once in her life she did what her heart wanted her to do she moved towards Jack and fell into his arms, she felt so safe when she was in his arms, like anything was possible,

“You can’t tell me that what happened in Adelaide meant nothing to you” he said,

“Jack” she said sitting up,

“Please” he said “Look if you can look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t love me anymore and that you love Cam and what happened in Adelaide meant nothing to you, then I will let you walk out of my life I just want you to remember that I will always love you.

Martha looked at him she knew that she love him and that if she turned away now it would be to late, she knew she had to listen to her heart, and she did exactly what it told her, she leaned in until there noses touched and looked into his eyes pressing her forehead against his and looked into his eyes before there lips met in a sealing kiss.

“I love you” Martha said as she pulled away,

Jack smiled widely as he pulled her into a warm strong embrace like the one’s Martha had missed so much, “You know I love you” Jack said as he kissed the top of her head.

Martha walked through the rowdiness of the Rocket club,

“Cam” She said entering his office,

“Martha” he said standing up “You’re just in time I knew you would come to your senses, one of the dances had to pull out so I need to you get into this he said hading Martha a piece of what you couldn’t event call underwear, she looked at it in disgust as she thought of the times that she had danced in something like it.

“Cam stop” Martha yelled, he stopped talking and looked at her in surprise,

“I’m done, I’m sorry” She said handing the costume and walking out of Cam’s life forever…..

“Martha” Jack said looking up as she walked into his bedroom,

“I did it, I’m done with the Rock club, Cam everything, I want to be with you I want to be your wife again” she said coming closer and kissing him on the lips as they sealed there love for each other, they had found there way back into love…..

Way back into love

Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant

Ive been living with a shadow over head

Ive been sleepin with a cloud above my bed

Ive been lonely for so long

Trapped in the past, I just cant seem to move on

I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away

Just incase I ever need them again someday

Ive been setting aside time,to clear a little space in the cornners of my mind


All I want to do is find a way back into love

I cant make it through without a way back into love


I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine

Ive been searching but I just dont see the signs

I know that its out there

Theres got to be something for my soul somewhere

I've been looking for someone to shed some light

Not just somebody to get me through the night

I could use some direction, and I'm open to your suggestions


All I want to do is find a way back into love

I cant make it through without a way back into love

and If I open my heart again

I guess Im hopin you'll be there for me in the end


There are moments when I dont know if its real

or if anybody feels the way I feel

I need inspiration, not just another negotiation


All I want to do is find a way back into love

I cant make it through without a way back into love

and If I open my heart to you

Im hopin you'll show me what to do

and if you help me to start again

you know that I'll be there for u in the end


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