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Tues, 1 May 07 - “ Pride, Such a “Wonderful” Thing (NOT) “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Pride, Such a “Wonderful” Thing (NOT) “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 1 May 07 - Episode # 4407)

At Leah’s, drew tells Dan & peter about Jules (i.e. his fear because of Linda AND about Jules bailing). Drew also apologises for not telling peter sooner about the bike that Jules stole. Peter says that he’ll issue an APB – as there is nothing yet to indicate where jules is (no MVA’s featuring a bike the same as Jules was riding)

Maddie enters ICU at the hospital, and apologises to lily for being the reason that lily is in hospital. Lily isn’t mad at all with Maddie, and she insists that she is just pleased that BOTH aren’t admitted to the hospital.

Soon after, the likes of sally, Cass & Ric are in ICU with Maddie & Lily, When Drew enters the room, and lily wonders where Jules is. Ric mouths off about how gutless Jules is, but Drew tells everyone the truth (Jules scared because of Linda drowning), lily says that she just knew there would be a sensible explanation.

Lily’s mum Brenda enters the ICU. Sally “suggests” that the others bail form the room for mum & daughter can talk.

When the others have bailed form the ICU, Brenda almost immediately goes on the attack, saying that lily should be thought of the consequences of her actions, as Brenda certainly doesn't have the money to pay for lily’s med bills. Brenda also wonders where the mum of the girl that lily saved is – and lily oh so frankly points out that Maddie’s mum is dead.

Brenda can’t help herself and continues to say tings that annoy Lily – prompting the latter to all but scream at Brenda to GET OUT of the room.

Sally & co (of course) hear the loud voice and re-enter the room, but then whilst Cass comforts lily, sally goes after Brenda.

Sally wonders how Brenda can just walk out on lily like this – and Brenda responds by saying that lily walked out on her 1-st.

Brenda also blames sally & co for all this happening, but sally (rather than attacking Brenda) wonders if lily tried to rescue Maddie because of something (values, courage etc) that Brenda passed onto Lily.

Brenda looks for a moment as though there can be peace tween her & those think she believes stole her daughter, but then Brenda tells sally “well, look where it’s got her” (i.e., hospital)). Brenda turns and walks away.

(Note –this sally/Brenda scene was soooooooooooo cool, well until the bit where, just like our “friend” Martha, Brenda’s pride got in the way).

Cindy (rocket club) sees cam talking to a man. When cam & the guy are done, Cindy approaches cam – wonders why he is t6alklinmg to one of the meanest loan sharks around. Cam says that he has been borrowing money form loan shark to pay the wages at the rocket club. Cindy insists that she not realise this were THAT bad.

Martha enters the diner and talk to Irene & Alf. She tells them about how she & jack were glad that they were there for each other at the funeral.

Son after, Martha (diner flat) hers a knock on the door. It’s cam – who gives her a v nice bunch of flowers. He also asks her to accompany him to a business function tonight. Martha isn’t keen – but cam is able to talk her around.

Cam & Martha go to rocket club, where they meet up with Lou Baines & Cindy. As cam & Lou talk business, Martha is not impressed when Lou fondles her knees & thigh (all 4 are siting at a table). Indeed, Martha gets up – and when cam follows her, Martha tells cam how she feels. Cam convinces her to go back and sit next to Lou, and the latter gives Martha the same treatment again.

When the meeting is over, and Martha has bailed, cam & Lou further discuss the situation – and cam all but “promises” Martha to Lou.

Cam then goes the diner flat – where Martha once more lets him knows how she feels. She also insists that jack wouldn’t have let that happen. Cam comes back at Martha by saying that he was in a similar position tonight – as he was waaaaaaaaaaaay grovelling to Lou. Martha doesn’t care – she tells cam that she has decided to QUIT her job at the bar.

Martha goes downstairs to the diner – where Alf & Irene are pleased to hear her (quit) news.

When cam returns to the rocket club, he talks to Cindy about the situation. He tells her that he would NEVER force/allow one of his girls to sleep with a customer/investor like bains. Cam insists that he hoped that Martha could have strung Lou along a bit – until he had actually invested in the club.

Cindy goes to the diner flat. Martha can't believe that she is there – but Cindy WAAAAY tugs at Martha’s heart strings, by reminding her that all the girls employed at the club (several mums incl) will be out of a job if the club goes under. (end of ep)


Will Jack/Martha get back together, or will cam be able to talk Martha around for the billionth time?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s black (with bejewelled "band" at the waist) strapless dress

SILVER – Sally’s dark blue (occasional grey floral motif) thin strap dress

BRONZE – Cindy’s sky blue & red plunge v neck dress


Brenda’s sky blue blouse/black top & long pants

Cam’s powder blue button up shirt

Cassie’s soft pink (with silver, on an angle, square motif) one shoulder top

Cindy’s black spaghetti strap top

Dan’s white/green/black polo shirt

Drew’s brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t

Irene’s red scoop neck t

Lou Baines’ black (red rose motifs) tie/white button up shirt

Maddie’s emerald green scoop neck t/denim jeans

Martha’s light brown thin strap top

Martha’s yellow spaghetti strap top

Peter’s bone button up shirt

Ric's white (grey & black silhouette of a girl’s face) t/green & white (rising sun motif) board shorts

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