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Eyeballs to Entrails

Guest emmasi

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Story Title: Eyeballs to Entrails

Type of story: Oneshot

Main Characters: Robbie and Kim

Rating: G

Genre: Romance

Any warnings: Buffy knowledge required; mild themes; gratuitous plagerism

Summary: Robbie and Kim express their feelings through the magic of Buffy quotes.

This fic is inspired by two things: perryadams' plan to quell character withdrawels with short bursts of self-indulgent fic (I mean that in a good way :P), and all the interest in Buffy that's been going around the board lately. So here it is, Robbie and Kim if they were together and also obsessive Buffy fans who happen to love the same characters that I do. Enjoy :D


Eyeballs to Entrails

“I’m naming all the stars…”

Kim rolled his head on the pillow. “You can’t see the stars, love,” he said, “That’s the ceiling. Also, it’s day.”

Robbie smiled sleepily. “I can see them. But I‘ve named them all the same name, and there‘s terrible confusion…”

Kim reached over to lay an arm across his lover’s body. Robbie lifted his own arm out from under the bed sheet to hold Kim’s.

“I love that you get me,” Robbie said. “Quoting Buffy with Tash never worked. She hated watching it. She said it was too unrealistic.”

“Tash thought that a show about a tiny blonde girl kicking butt was unrealistic?”

“I know,” Robbie grinned. “Ironic, hey?”

“Maybe she was jealous,” Kim suggested, rubbing his palm over Robbie’s stomach. “Didn’t want you lusting after anyone else.”

“Hm, that worked out well.” Robbie smirked at Kim before returning to the invisible stars in the ceiling. Kim followed him with curiosity.

“So, if you’re Drusilla,” Kim asked, referring to the vampire that Robbie had quoted , “Does that make me Spike?”

“Nah. You’re Angel, definitely.”

“Ah, the strong, brooding type?”

“Exactly. And you made me what I am today.”

“What?” Kim thought of Angel‘s relationship to the beautiful and mysterious creature he had sired. “I made you crazy?”

“That,” Robbie confirmed, “But you also made me strong. Like you.” Robbie turned to Kim, unsure if he agreed. He sometimes worried that Kim thought he was too weak, too unusual, to truly be in love with. Kim leaned across the pillows and kissed him, pushing that fear aside for the moment. Robbie closed his eyes and hummed, a mix of satisfaction and disappointment, as he felt Kim pull away. He opened his eyes as the bed began to rock. Kim was leaving. Robbie caught him by the wrist. “Do we have to get up?” he pleaded. “Can’t we just… sleep in?”

Kim broke free and stood up. “Unfortunately Rob, we’re not vampires. We do have to go out into the daylight sometime.”

Robbie pouted. Kim sighed.

He crawled over the bed to give Robbie a consoling kiss on the forehead. “I have to go to work,” he reasoned, “And you have to go to school.” He picked up the black-rimmed glasses from the nightstand and held them against Robbie’s sulking face. “‘The hardest thing in this world,’” Kim quoted as he helped his boyfriend to see, “‘Is to live in it.’”

Robbie grimaced and adjusted his glasses as Kim rolled off the bed. “You’re only allowed to play that card if you’re going to leap to your death for me,” he grumbled.

“Are you suggesting I wouldn’t?” Kim raised an eyebrow.

Robbie smiled and shook his head - of course not. Kim smiled back and left to find something to eat.

Robbie paused and thought. Maybe he did need Kim to pass one last test of loyalty, to prove that his love was unconditional.

“Do you love my insides?” he called out, impersonating Drusilla once more. “The parts you can’t see?”

He held his breath, afraid that he may have pushed his strangeness too far. But Kim called back to him without missing a beat:

“Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet.”

It was the most romantic thing Robbie had ever heard, and exactly what he needed. He adjusted his glasses with enthusiasm and hopped out of bed to follow his boyfriend into a sunny new day.


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