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Catch Me When I Fall

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Story Title: Catch Me When I Fall

Type of story: one shot

Main Characters: Tracey, Eve, Peter & Sally

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: (V/D)

Summary: A different view on Eve's escape.

Lara was fast asleep, but woke up quickly when she heard footsteps coming from her lounge room, she was to scared to walk out there for a second, but she picked up her gun and got the courage to walk out and face the perpetrator,

"whose there?" asked Lara, aiming her gun all around the room,

"you should really lock your door Lara!!" replied Eve, hiding in the darkness of the room,

"how'd you get in here? How'd you get away from the prison guards?" asked Lara, trying to find where Eve was,

"ask your Tracey Thompson that!! She helped me escape, she's been on my side from the beginning, she's my accomplice!" replied Eve, smiling at the thought of Tracey,

"what no, you're a liar and I think you should get out of my house" said Lara, she didn't believe what Eve said,

"I'd tell you to ask her but your not going to live after tonight!!" replied Eve, aiming her gun at Lara and shooting her three times till she died.

Eve was a lonely girl at school, that was probably why she's like she is today, everyone bullied her, beat her up, stole her lunch money, that wasn't going to happen anymore, she was going to get revenge for those days, revenge on the bay, for her troubles when she was younger, someone had to pay for doing it and her classmates couldn't.

Peter went for his morning run, he didn't expect to run into Eve, he had tried to avoid her, but there was no possible way he could,

"hello Detective" said Eve, putting her hand or Peters shoulder,

"get off Eve, what do you think your going to do to me?" asked Peter, wiggling free from Eves hand on his shoulder,

"sweetie, I'm going to have to kill you after I tell you what I'm about to tell you, Tracey's working with me, she's my accomplice, she's been telling me everything you've been doing, plus there's a camera in your office, oh and Lara's dead!" said Eve, getting her gun from her pocket, staring at it,

"what Tracey would never work for you, quit the bull**** Eve!!" replied Peter, he didn't believe a word Eve said,

"it's the truth Pete and now your going to die!" said Eve, shooting Peter, he had to die and he did die, Eves wish had come true, it was what she had always wanted.

Tracey laid in bed wondering where Eve had gotten to, it was very unusual for her not to be beside her in the morning, she was always there when she woke up, she checked her watch, she had to get to work in less than an hour, she didn't want to go if Eve wasn't here, what if Peter had gotten her? And locked her up again or even worse killed her, she couldn't think like that, Eve would be ok, she'd come back soon she was sure of it, she jumped out of bed and found Eve sitting in the lounge skimming through a magazine,

"where'd you get to sweetie, I was getting worried" said Tracey, going to sit next to Eve on the couch,

"I killed Lara and Peter, I killed Lara just for the sake of it, she was Peters girlfriend and she would suspect it was me that killed Peter" replied Eve, she was happy with what she had just recently done,

"what seriously, you killed them both in the same day? asked Tracey, she was pleased with what Eve did,

"yup both on the same day to, Lara didn't really expect it, sorry for not telling you, I didn't want to wake you, you were sound asleep!" replied Eve,

"nah its ok, you killed Lara and Peter, I'm proud of you!" said Tracey with a smile on her face.

Sally was cleaning her house, she had found a note lying on the floor, she couldn't help but read it, it read 'tick tock sally' she couldn't believe the stalker had escaped, she thought she was locked in prison but she had obviously not, she thought she'd be safe now, but she wasn't and probably never will be again,

"hello Sally, think your safe? Well think again!" said Eve, laughing, she was going to kill her,

"get out Eve or I'll call the police!!" replied Sally, she didn't want to let Eve know she was scared,

"you haven't got your Detective Baker anymore, he's dead, I shot him this morning, so your all alone!!" laughed Eve, getting her gun from inside her sock,

"there's still Jack!!" replied Sally, shocked to hear what Eve had done to Peter,

"you wont get the chance to sweetie you'll be dead in about hey right now actually!" said Eve, laughing, she shot Sally two times over.

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