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Mon, 30 Apr 07 - “ Jules And The Letter L and/or .... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Jules And The Letter L and/or Devine Intervention??? “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 30 Apr 07 - Episode # 4406)

Note – this guide mostly in sequence (as all events are based around Maddie getting into a spot of bother

Maddie is far out in the ocean and she is struggling to tread water.

Lily & Jules are walk & talk on the beach when lily see/hears Maddie scream for help. Lilly dives in – whilst Jules just stands there.

Lilly races out to where Maddie is (there’s many great underwater shots throughout this sequence, of Maddie, lily, and later of Ric).

Lily reaches Maddie who all but pushes lily under the water in the search for boyency.

ric is walk on the beach when he sees Jules – who tells him bout Maddie & lily, Ric can't believe that Jules is just stand there on the beach, and urges him to get help,

As Jules runs off to do so, Ric dives into the water – and gets to Maddie. He brings her to to beach – she is a tad winded but ok.

Meanwhile, Jules gets to the surf club, where he alerts Alf.

Ric (beach) can’t see lily anywhere – so he dives back in the ocean – and finds her unconscious not too far from where he bought Maddie in from. Ric gets lily to the beach -= where Alf has arrived with a breathing device. They are able to revive lily. Ric then verbally abuses Jules for his inactions.

Lily is brought into the hospital & Dr young etc go to work at making her better, as lily is not in a good way

Drew encounters Jules on the beach – but Jules runs away from him.

Sally, brad & Cass arrive at hospital. Maddie tell them that a big wave washed her off the rocks, and then she was caught in a rip. Ric adds that Jules did NOTHING to help initially.

At diner, colleen & Alf are talking about jules (i.e. badmouthing him) with drew enters. Both let drew know how they feel about his old mate.

Meanwhile, Jules is at Leah’s place – all but in the foetal positions, waaaaaaaaaay crying.

Dr young tell cassie & co that lily had a lot of water on her lungs etc, before letting them go in to see lily in ICU.

Drew arrives at Leah’s and finds Jules packing his bags. Jules in totally in emotional pain when he reveals to drew why he’s been acting the way he has of late – Jules’ girlfriend is DEAD because of Jules.

Jules explains that he & g/f Linda went sailing one day – and they hadn’t realised the weather was going to turn nasty, which in did. A wave flipped the small craft they were in – and whilst Jules tried to get the boat right side up again, Linda DROWNED!!!

At the hospital, maddie wonders why all these bad things (Beth and now lily) are happening, whilst Cass tells sally that she is going to back off from telling lily who she can/can’t hang out with – as she REALLY knows that lily is way brave. Also, maddie has a go at rich for his habit of either psychically or verbally abusing ppl.

In ICU, sally talks to nurse Julie about contacting Lily’s mum, and then lily awakes, but soon after, she starts having massive trouble breathing again – so the medics “suggest” that Cass & co leave the room so they can do their thing and save lily.

Meanwhile, drew (at Leah’s) tells Jules that he HAS to face up to his issue.

Back at hospital, maddie pleads to Beth (i.e. “mum, please, please just help her”) to save lily’s life, and (shock, horror) lily’s condition begins to improve.

Dr Young approaches Sally, Maddie, Cass etc and tells then the good news about lily. Sally is concerned about maddie who appears to be a tad stunned, but maddie says that all is well.

Nearby, brad also has a word to ric about his temper. Ric isn’t impressed – and storms off.

Drew (at Leah’s) wonders where Jules is. He finds a note from Jules, who has bailed – the note says that Jules just can’t go through this again. (end of ep)


Lily is V annoyed when her mum turns at hospital


Martha is also annoyed – as Lou Baines is all sleazy with her

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Lily’s light blue (with cartoon airplane & cityscape motifs) t/white shorts

SILVER – Sally’s dark blue (occasional grey floral motif) thin strap dress

BRONZE – Maddie’s emerald green scoop neck t/denim jeans


Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Brad’s faded black elbow length sleeved top/denim jeans

Cassie’s soft pink (with silver, on an angle, square motif) one shoulder top

Colleen’s cream (pink floral motifs) blouse

Dr Young’s olive green button up shirt

Drew’s brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t

Jules’ dark coloured (white mansion? Motif) t/white (with grey camouflage pattern) board shorts

Nurse Julie’s white (with small blue circles pattern) blouse

Ric's white (grey & black silhouette of a girl’s face) t/green & white (rising sun motif) board shorts

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