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hey. i'm sorry i made everyone sad! well here's the last chapter.

Chapter 11: Goodbye

Summer bay was stunned with the news of Jack’s sudden dead. Many people wouldn’t believe it, they expected him to show up at any given moment. Like he could just stand up and keep on walking. Like dead wasn’t the end. Most people didn’t knew how he died, but the sure as hell wanted to find out. But how was the police supposed to tell them that this was murder? A hit and run? According to the evidence somebody had deliberate tried to hit him. they didn’t even tried to stop.

Tony felt his hearth shatter when he got the news of Jack’s dead. First his wife, then Beth and now Jack. All because of a car. When they told him it hadn’t been an accident, he immediately knew who had done this. Cam. How could this be happening? How. Jack had just gotten home. He heard the door close when the police officer left. He didn’t try to keep his tears in anymore and fell on his knees.

Lucas almost fainted when he heard the news. Ric and Mattie, who were with him catch him. Alf, Sally and Brad felt as if Martha had died all over again. It suddenly started to rain in summer bay. As if the weather wanted to grieve to.

Jack looked at the ocean. He had always believed that when you died you’d go to heaven. He had never expected to still be here in summer bay. Maybe there was a reason why he was here. Didn’t he wish to say goodbye to his father and Lucas? maybe this was his chance. Maybe.

Tony was going trough Jack’s stuff, he thought that would make him feel better. But it didn’t. between a couple of pictures of Jack and Martha he found and old letter. Written by Martha years ago. He doubted. Should he open this, wasn’t this private? But Jack was dead now. it didn’t matter anymore.

Dear Jack,

When you read this letter I will be long gone. I wanted to say goodbye to you, but I’m not good at goodbyes. It’s better this way. I want you to know that I’m really sorry for everything that has happened. You have to know that I have always cared about you. I was confused, vulnerable and Cam took advantage of that. But I never loved him. I never did. I’ve always loved you….

Tony stopped reading. The tears were making it impossible to read the rest of the letter. Suddenly he felt a presence behind him. he turned around but he couldn’t see anybody. He sat back down and started to cry more. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. ‘I love you dad. Goodbye.’ Then the presence was gone. Jack, it had been Jack come to say goodbye to him. forever.

Lucas was walking on the beach. Mattie and Ric were talking with Tasha and Robbie. He felt the raindrops fall on him. but it didn’t matter. He was going to get sick but he didn’t care. Why? Why had Jack died. His big brother. He wished he could just see him one time again. Just to say goodbye. Suddenly in the distance he saw Jack standing in the rain. He closed his eyes and shook his head. Dreaming, he had to be dreaming. He opened his eyes again and still saw Jack standing there.

Jack had gone to see his father. He thought that was all he needed to do, but then he remembered Lucas. he spend the rest of the time looking for him. he finally found him on the beach. He was standing in the rain. He wanted to walk to him, but suddenly saw Luke looking at him in shock. He smiled, and put his hand up to wave at him. Luke waved back. He smiled at him once more and then he disappeared. He had said his goodbyes, there was nothing more to do.

Cam was sitting In his cell all alone. he heard the rain on the building. He looked around his little cell with a smile on his face. He had gotten the revenge he had wished for. Jack Holden was dead. But so was Martha. She had paid for the fact that she had left him. he wished he didn’t have to kill her, because he really loved her. he looked at the picture of Martha at the club. He smiled.

He got up in shock when he suddenly saw Jack stand I front of him. ‘You’re dead’ he whispered. Jack just looked at him. with hate in his eyes. ‘I am. For real. But I was already dead. I died on the day you killed Martha. But now I’m really dead. But you you have to stay here. In this little cell. For the rest of your life. To remember what you did to her. I hope you can live with your guilt. That is if you have a conscious or a heart.’ After he said that Jack disappeared again. Cam looked at the place where Jack had disappeared. The smile had faded from his face. Jack was right. He sat back down, looking at Martha’s picture. For the first time he realized the harsh truth. He had gotten his revenge. But at what cost?

Jack was standing on the cliff. The same cliff where he had kissed Martha for the first time. He felt alone. he had said goodbye, he had done everything. But he was still there alone. suddenly he felt a hand in his hand. He looked at the person that took his hand and saw Martha. He wanted to say something, but there was nothing left to say. He just put his arm around her and she laid her head on his shoulder. Perfectly happy. So many things had happened. So many time had passed. But now they were finally together again. And this time it was forever.


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