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Muffins of Love (by Nicom) - comments


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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fic. This has to be one of the funiest and best one shots I've ever read. The plot is really good - loving the cyclical structure. :wink::lol: The characterisation of Colleen is just spot on and her obssession is hilarious. Writing is brilliant as always. I shall now proceed to choose some of my fav bits. :P

Though with every free muffin that was given, so was a piece of her heart. The compliments that he gave about the double chocolate muffins grew personal to Colleen, and each word of them made her heart flutter. They were words of love to her ears, and she memorised each one. lmao!

“That was really great Colleen.†She recited with a smile as she placed a muffin onto the plate. “I’d love to get fat on your muffins.†She added as she rubbed her hands clean onto her apron.

From where she was stood, she could still make out every curve of every muscle on his upper body. She swallowed down a giggle of delight that had formed in her throat, and began to walk from the kitchen area with an order in each hand. Only you could say that.

She didn’t take her eyes off Jack, with every small step she took with her tired legs she thought of a reason for why she loved him. One was his hair, the way he wore it rugged and scruffy; like a real man. Every time she laid eyes on his dark matted head gear her fingers began to itch with curiosity, wondering what it would feel like to run her fingers through the jungle of hair. That was disturbing, but hilarious all the same.

The only thing that kept her connected to the world was the plate in her right hand, and her determination to stop his muffin touching the floor. Falls off chair - brilliant.

I could go on but I haven't got time to keep picking bits out.... Maybe I should have just copied and pasted the whole fic... Hmmm

Really really brill Nicole. :D

EDIT: Poor Peter. lol

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Well when i saw the title i became slightly concerned, as you already know. But i took the plunge and read it. And OH MY GOD was it funny! :D

I had tears in my eyes nearly the whole way through, along with feeling slightly nauseous :P lol

Excellent fic, very funny.

But look out Peter!!!!! :lol:

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OMG that was so bloody fantastic Nicole, it was hilarious, only you could have me laughing so hard!

Coleen is wonderful, so accurate in her obsessions. my favourite parts were the ones that Jade described. Just thinking about it now has me cracking up.

Absolutely the funniest fic i have read in a long while :D

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Oh Nicole you did it again! You really make Colleen fics your own. I loved it.

Her infatuation, her comments towards Martha and Sam (some of your own thoughts in there too hey?) and the way she turned her attention to Peter at the end. Genius!

I wasn't in a reading mood today, I'm way too tired but this caught my attention and I'm glad it did. great work hun.

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