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Fri, 27 Apr 07 - “ Paris Snow Globes Are EVIL !!! “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Paris Snow Globes Are EVIL !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 27 Apr 07 - Episode # 4405)

Kelli “suggests” that Ethan should hide. She then lets Amanda in. Amanda wants to grab the books, which are in the little room where Ethan is hiding. Kelli insists on getting them, and Ethan sneakily hands then to her.

When Amanda gets home to the mansion, she discovers that her insurance is INDEED lapsed, and she gets nowhere when she rings the insurance company.

Next day, johnno’s lawyer arrives at the mansion – and Amanda can’t believe that the lawyer th8inks that she will be up for $800,000 because of the emotional & physical pain that the “injured” man has suffered. The lawyer suggest that they settle this out of court – as that way Amanda would be spared that legal expenses too..

When the lawyer leaves, Amanda is in a quandary about what to do. Kelli suggest that that ultimate fix for all of this is to sign over the ownership of the mansion etc to Kelli, and that way Amanda’s only remaining asset, the gym will be “lost” Kelli insists that she knows a guy who will easily backdate these transactions.

Amanda, who can’t believe that she has taken another “hit” (after losing peter, belle etc), looks like she IS going to ho with Kelli’s (of course) evil plan.

Lily enters the vph, and Cass wonders where she got to (when lily was actually with Jules). Lily says that she went for a walk. Lily then gets a txt msg – she tells Cass that it’s the phone company (reminding her to top up the credit on her phone), but it’s really Jules – who wonders if they can meet up the headland.

Cass, brad & lily and then more than a tad surprised when Sally, Ric, Colleen & maddie arrive back a day earlier than expected. After maddie goes upstairs (*she will be stay the night here), sally says that maddie wanted out of Adelaide as soon as the funeral was over.

Next day, maddie, Ric & Cass go to the diner. When Ric asks, maddie says that she not know how she feels (about Beth etc) right now.

Colleen approaches, and says that maddie can have a croissant “on the house”, but maddie says that the coffee she ordered will be fine. When colleen walks away, Cass wonders why ppl think that speaking ultra politely (like colleen was) in any way helps things.

Ric & maddie go to the headland, where they see Jules & lily. Whilst Ric suggest that lily shouldn’t be hanging out with Jules, maddie thinks that life is too short to worry about what ppl think. She also tells lily that although she won’t tell Cass about this, maddie thinks that lily should be honest with Cass – or what’s the point.

Lily arrives back home, and is about to tell Cass when Ric enters. Lily then tells Cass that what she was going to say wasn’t important, and that Ric probably needs Cass more right now.

Maddie enters the hunter house. She looks at the unopened mail. There’s a parcel form maddie & kit from Beth. Maddie opens that parcel and sees a little pink gift bag with her name on it. She opens the accompanying cared with says “my darling Matilda, I miss you very much, love mum” – and how can see that it’s had an affect on maddie form the look on her face.

Cass (vph back patio) tells Ric that maddie knows that Ric is there for her when she “breaks”. Talk turns to lily – and Ric is surprised when Cass doesn't know about (hasn’t been told by lily) about lilly/jules.

Jules & lily are chatting in the diner when Cass enters and confronts lily, who tells Cass that Jules is NOTHING like Kyle or macca, and that she is going to continue to see him.

Ric goes to the hunter house – and comments to maddie on the unopened gift bag. He suggests that maddie is feeling (inside) too emotional to do so, but maddie says that she is feeling nothing, but when she says this, everything seems to “hit” her – and she slumps to the floor.

Ric sits beside her – and maddie begins to pour her heart out. She tells Ric that she wished she is even half as good as Beth, and that she wished she appreciate Beth more, esp. in light on Beth having to raise all 5 kids alone after jack died.

Maddie however that says the Beth did get one thing wrong, - when she said that its impossible for a child to love their mum more that the mum loves their child, as maddie loved Beth sooooooooooo much, and would give anything to have one last moment with her

(Note – I soooooooooooooooooooooooooo want a ghost Beth, appearing to both maddie & kit, scene)

A little later, with Ric no longer at the hunter house, maddie gets up the courage to open the gift bag. Inside is a snow globe of Paris (with the Eiffel tower esp. featured). Beth’s note which came with the pressie says that when maddie is 21, they (maddie & Beth) will climb the Eiffel tower together.

This REALLY being tears to maddie’s eyes.

(Note : at least she didn’t scream her head off, like Gypsy did – when her kidnapper Robert Perez incl a Paris snow globe as part of his psych torture of Gypsy, esp. when the little plastic item was one of the things that was amongst the things that the police found (undamaged) after Robert burnt the Nash house to the ground).

Ric, sally & Brad enter the diner and Ric wonders (in voice over as se see maddie running as fast as she can on the beach) how maddie will cope – esp. since the one person that she’d turn to in a time of crisis, her mum, is gone.

We then see maddie sitting on some rocks a the water’s edges, before cut back to the diner, where sally holds ric’s hand.

Cur back to the rocks – and maddie is nowhere to be seen, and one of shoes on in the water (end of ep)


Lily dives into the ocean to try and save Maddie, but (form the look on Cassie’s face at the HOSPITAL), either Maddie or lily is in life threatening danger still


Belle confronts Kelli – saying that she’ll go to Amanda if Kelli doesn’t have a GREAT explanation on a photo that Belle has found.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s black (with wide lining on collar) blouse

SILVER – Lily’s light blue (with cartoon airplane & cityscape motifs) t/white shorts

BRONZE – Colleen’s cream (pink floral motifs) blouse/black (light pink floral motifs) skirt


Amanda’s black top/maroon crop jacket

Amanda’s white (lacy v neck) blouse

Brad’s black long sleeve top

Cassie’s soft pink (with silver, on an angle, square motif) one shoulder top

Cassie’s yellow (with white star motif) t

Colleen’s black (with red floral motif on right shoulder) top

Johnno’s lawyer’s dark suit/white shirt/dark blue (with white dots) tie

Jules’ dark coloured (white mansion? Motif) t

Kelli’s light blue (with various dark blue stipes – some vertical, others diagonal) singlet top

Kelli’s white (SB gym) singlet top/grey zip up jacket

Lily’s “dirty” pink scoop neck t (with bright orange bikini top beneath)

Little pippa’s sky blue long sleeve top

Maddie’s emerald green scoop neck t/denim jeans

Ric’s bone (with unknown white motif) button up shirt

Ric's white (grey & black silhouette of a girl’s face) t

Sally’s black thin strap top

Sally’s black top/black jacket & long pants

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