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Thurs, 26 Apr 07 - “ Little Liar Lily “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Little Liar Lily “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 26 Apr 07 - Episode # 4404)

At the beach, belle & Cass are V surprised (peter & Alf are too) that drew says that he stole the alcohol for a bit of fun. Peter insists that drew should help Alf at Noah’s for a while.

Soon after, belle speaks to drew alone – she knows from his responses that he is covering for Jules.

At the diner, both Belle & Cass (verbally) have a go at Jules – he gets angry and knock one of the glass containers on the diner counter to the floor. Irene is not impressed.

When Cass returns to the vph, brad is on phone to sally (in Adelaide for Beth funeral). He tells Cass (when on phone) that funeral about to begin. Cass then “suggest” to lily that she should steer clear of Jules

However, Lily & Jules encounter each other on the beach – and jules is please that lily isn’t treating him like everyone else. Cass just happens to be walking near surf club, and sees them talking.

When lily gets home, Cass tells her about how Jules “lost it” in the diner – and lily eventually promises that she will stay away. Btw also during this scene, Cass suggests that she would have no trouble if lily wants out with Luke (but lily insists, of course, that she doesn’t know Luke – as she hasn’t even met him yet).

Belle goes to the surf club, and wonders why drew is taking the fall form Jules. Drew doesn’t say – which frustrates belle.

All tis also frustrates drew, who tells Jules (when he goes to the surf club) that he won’t be covering for Jules any more.

Jules goes to the vph, where lily tells him that they can’t hang out any more. Jules makes it clear that he thinks that Cass has forced this decision on lily, but he decides that he isn’t get anywhere so he bails.

Soon fterm, Cass comes downstairs – ready to have some beachy fun with lily who is no longer in the house.

Lily catches up with Jules near the surf club – he almost falls off his motorbikes as he is kinda showing off to lily as he slides the bike to a halt.

Lily says that she wants to hang out with Jules – but they've got to do it in secret, as lily doesn't want Cass to find out.

Amanda (mansion) is wallowing in despair – esp. since she has to ask Dan every time that she wants to speak to/see Ryan.

Alf arrives at the door – he tells Amanda & Kelli that he had to0ld field all the complaints for the gym cus9mers yesterday, as it wasn’t open. Amanda insists that she will hire a gym instructor today.

Soon after, Amanda is walking near the surf club. She encounters Ryan & peter. She is keen to join them when the go to Noah’, but Ryan runs away from her when she tries to walk hand in hand with him.

Kellie arrives at the surf club. Alf is pleased that she is there. Kelli saes that she will open up the gym – and therw will be an instructor here later today.

Soon after, a male customer asks Kelli some questions about doing his workout. After Kelli gives him some advice, Alf wonders if Kelli should have done that.

A little later, the guy who asked Kelli for advice cries out in pain – and when the ambulance officers arrive, he even needs a neck brace. The guy tells (just arrived) Amanda that he will sue her for all she has.

Alf is pleased when Kelli tells him that a fitness instructor will be here at the gym very soon, but when Alf goes to the mansion with manda, the latter says that the gym has NO insurance.

She tries to phone the gym, but there’s no answer – Kelli is there, but she is “busy” with Ethan, who reveals that the so called injured customer is a mate of his called Johnno.

Manda decides to go to the gym and gets the (financial) books herself – Ethan & Kelli stop talking when they here Amanda tries to open the locked door (end of ep)


Sounds like Maddie is doing a post charlotte’s death Jade, i.e. live for the moment – and it sounds like it gets her in massive trouble

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s white (lacy v neck) blouse

SILVER – Kelli’s black (white floral motifs across the bust) thin strap top

BRONZE – Cassie’s rainbow coloured bikini top/yellow (with white band at the top) shorts


Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Alf’s orange (green checks) button up shirt

Belle’s red (gold hear motif) singlet top

Belle’s faded hot pink & black singlet top

Brad’s black (white pin stripe) button up shirt

Cassie’s green & white diagonal stripes tube top

Cassie’s white (with fluro green ‘collar’) haler top, beneath a grey plunge v neck top

Drew’s black (olive green thistle motifs) t

Drew’s brown (‘Amsterdam’ crest) sleeveless t

Ethan’s white (green checks) button up shirt

Irene’s black (with white rope pattern) top

Irene’s light brown singlet top

Jules’ light blue t/black leather jacket

Jules’ white (green ‘Norton motorcycles” logo) t

Kelli’s blue sports top/grey zip up jacket

Kelli’s white (SB gym) singlet top

Lily’s red & off white (horizontal stripes) long sleeve top

Lily’s “dirty” pink scoop neck t (with bright orange bikini top beneath)

Peter’s dark blue board shorts

Ryan’s brown (cloud outlines) t

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