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Tues, 24 Apr 07 - “ Buffy And Dawn “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Buffy And Dawn “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 24 Apr 07 - Episode # 4402)

Note – this guide is mostly completely in sequence, i.e. none of my usual splitting up into A & B story etc.

The ep began with some slow motion images of Tony surveying the crash site – looking at Beth’s suitcase etc strewn on the road etc. jack approached Tony – and Tony wonders just how he will tell maddie & kit what’s happened.

In kit’s hospital room, the new mum, kimmy, maddie, sally, Alf, ric & Rachel are all talking about the new bub, incl suggestion that the child has Beth’s eyes & chin.

A nurse signals to Rachel top come out of the room. The nurse tells Rachel that there’s been a faltalily – BETH!!! It takes a few moments for the info to truly sink in for Rachel who then REALLY can’t believe it.

Tony enters and approaches Rachel. She wonders if he would like her to relay the bad new, but Tony insists on doing that himself.

Rachel “suggest” form the others (kimmy, sally etc) to bail for kit’s room – and then Tony tells kit & Maddie the tragic news. Their reactions are poles apart – maddie goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaay all emotional, with Kit shows no emotion at all (i.e. same deal for when Joyce died in the AWESOME “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)

At the rocket club, cam & Cindy tell Martha that a rich guy called Lou bains is thinking of investing in the club. Cam thinks that Lou will be most impressed when cam’s best girl in dancing, i.e. Martha.

The later tells cam that she will bails now, so she can be back in tem for when Baines is due to be at the club later today.

When Martha is gone, Amy approaches cam. She wants to give him a “massage” but he does want to ruin things with Martha.

Maddie *hospital) asks Tony how this happened – and he days that a truck veered onto the wrong side off the road. Meanwhile, the emotionless kit is interested in contacting her brothers. He phones Robbie – and (again no emotion) tells him about the birth of her son, and of Beth’s death)

Tony goes into the corridor – where he sees the truck driver being bought into the hospital. Tony can't believe that this guy who killed Beth is still alive.

Kit tells kimmy etc that she wants to go home and make arrangements – and will do so with or with his help.

Amy answers to phone at the rocket club – it’s Martha, who says that she will be late because of family issues. When off the phone, Amy (off course) doesn't pass on the message to cam.

Lou bains arrives – and cam insists that Lou is going to have a good time here at the club today.

Kit, maddie, kimmy, the bub, sally, Tony etc arrive at the hunter place – and kit sets to work at getting Beth buried beside her (Beth) mum in Adelaide. Everyone can’t believe that kit is doing this so soon after Beth’s death.

Maddie confronts kit over her actions – and the sisters start arguing. Tony tells that both that they shouldn’t be acting this way – he then bails form the house.

On the beach, jack talks to Martha about how he tried to protect Tony form seeing what he did. Jack blames himself for not acting quick enough – but Martha insist that there was nothing that jack could have done/

Meanwhile, Tony is in the hospital room of the male truck driver when he (driver) awakes. Tony tells the driver that he was orphaned 5 children etc – and there’s a chilling tone to Tony’s voice.

All of a sudden, Tony seems to realise that he IS actually in the room when the truck driver – and he bails.

Martha arrives at the rocket club, and cam wonederes why she is SOOOO late (Lou bains has been and gone). Martha insists that she lefty a message – but then she actually tells (the angry () cam about beth’s death. He apologises for getting so annoyed with her – but she “suggest” that he should get out of her way.

Rachel (hunter house) tells jack & the others that Tony was in the truck driver’s room. Kit then apologises to maddie for acting that he she has been – kit insists that is she started crying, she thought that she wouldn't stop (note – once more, thoughts of Buffy in “Forever”).

Tony arrives home and goes into the kitchen. Jack asks him what happened – and Tony tells shim that she came awfully closed to doing something REALLY stupid (re the truck driver).

Cam (rocket club) approaches Martha – who seems to forget that he’s just gone off at her again, and think he is sweet for given her a few days of work – to go to the funeral etc.

As Martha begins her latest on stage (dancing) appearance, Cindy wonders if letting Martha do that (days off) is such a good idea. Cam insists that they need Martha to hold of Lou bains’ investment money.

Maddie (hunter house) and kit are talking about kit’s son’s BIG 1-st day when the baby (in another room) starts crying. Kit asks maddie to help her with the child.

When they leave the main room, Jack approaches tony, who tells jack theat he’s not sure that he can cope with beth;s death, esp, since this is the 2nd time that he has lost thye love of his life (1st time being his wife – jack & luke;s mum). Tony wonders if the truck driver will suffer like the now motherless kit & maddie will suffer etc.

Later, jack re-enter the hunter house. He give Tony some of Beth’s personal belongings – thing like her watch her purse etc.

Tony is an emotional wreck as he looks at things like the photos of he & Beth, and Beth & her kids that are in Beth’s wallet (end of ep)


Rachel insists that Hugh should move into the spare room at her place

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally's royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top

SILVER – Kimmy’s off-white (red “Mombassa University” logo) t/denim jeans

BRONZE – Maddie’s choc brown v neck top/mustard crop jacket


Amy’s gold (way tight fitting) top

Cam’s plum button up shirt

Kit’s pink hospital gown

Cindy’s black v neck top

Jack’s red (mustang motif) t shirt

Kit’s orange singlet top

Martha’s black leather bra & matching shorts, i.e. latest dance outfit

Martha’s red spaghetti strap top/green shorts

Rachel’s maroon long sleeve blouse/denim vest

Ric’s sky blue t/dark colour shorts

Tony’s choc brown (with orange & brown horizontal stripes) polo shirt

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