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It Takes Two and Kate's Happy

Guest Leith

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From Sydney Confidential

April 25, 2007 01:00am

Article from: The Daily Telegraph

CHANNEL 7 golden girl Kate Ritchie has launched into the next phase of her professional and personal life after scoring her first TV hosting role, and a new boyfriend to boot.

Just months after making a successful foray into broadcasting on radio station Nova, Ritchie is on song to extend her career beyond Home and Away after signing up to co-host the second season of It Takes Two with Grant Denyer.

In her first major TV role away from the Summer Bay set, Ritchie will replace Teresa Livingstone as co-host on the celebrity karaoke contest when it warbles its way into loungerooms on Tuesday, May 8.

Livingstone's embarrassing return to Australian TV last year was obviously off-key - sending a live cheerio to a contestant's dead father wasn't her best moment - and the actress has now headed back to LA to improve her luck.

For Ritchie, upgrading herself from being an It Takes Two contestant to the program's co-host isn't the only new project on her busy schedule - she has also won herself a new man along the way.

Having finally sounded the full-time siren on her on-again, off-again relationship with embattled NRL player Chris Walker last August, Ritchie has been secretly dating professional skateboarder Corbin Harris for the past two months.

The pair may have a bit of an age gap - Ritchie, 28, is four years senior to Harris - but Confidential hears they have been anything but short on romance since meeting at Ada Nicodemou's big fat Greek wedding to Chrys Xipolitas in February.

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Personally, I am really happy about this. Kate is a really fun person, as I think we have seen from her roles outside of H&A, firstly as a contestant on the show, and recently her drivetime show with Nova in Melbourne and Sydney. She is quite a talented woman, and should be much better than Teresa Livingstone.

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Since when was 24 to 28 an "age gap"? The media try to make a drama out of everything it's so pathetic! I like the pic though. I love when couples are the same height, it's cute.

But she is a woman...and as far as the press is concerned women can not date younger men... a 70 year old bloke can marry a 30 year old woman...and they are like good on him...a chip off the old bloke...cheering him on etc......vice versa and they have you heaving in the toilets..its sexism.

He looks kinda cute ...good luck to them..lets hope the press leave them alone.

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Good on her. Ch 7 are being smart giving her other things to do rather than constraining her and risking losing her all together.

Who was the contestant who's dead father got the cheerio last year? I didn't hear about that one.

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