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I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

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Story Title: I don't wanna miss a thing

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Warnings: Spoilers

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: There has been a fire at the rocket club, a fire which puts Martha's life in grave danger will Jack and Martha admit there true feelings for one another or will they throw it all away.

His eyes shot open as he felt the grip around his hand grow tighter, he shot up and looked over at the person whom hand he was holding, he watched in relief as he eyes flickered over and adjusted on him,

“Jack” she said lightly,

“Shhh” Jack said brushing a piece of hair out of her eye and looking down at her,

“What happened?” she asked,

“The fire” Jack said,

“Oh yeah I remember” she said,

“I’m going to get Rachel to check you out and ring Alf and Sally”,

“Ok” Martha nodded as Jack left the room.

“Rachel” Jack said walking up to her excitement and relief written all over his face,

“Jack what happened?” Rachel asked,

“It’s Martha he said, she’s awake”,

“Oh my God really” Rachel said walking towards her room,

“Yeah I’m just going to let Alf and Sally know”,

“Ok” Rachel said entering the room,

As soon as Rachel had left Jack whipped out his phone and dialled Sally’s number,

“Alf, It’s Jack Martha’s awake”,

“Hey” Sally said as her Alf, Rick and Cassie entered the room,

“Hi” Martha said looking up at them,

“How are you feeling love?” Alf asked,

“Yeah I’m ok but I can’t get rid of him he looks exhausted” Martha laughed at Jack,

“Yeah mate why don’t you get home you’ve had no sleep over the last week,

Jack was reluctant but finally agreed he was exhausted he admitted to himself,

“Ok” he said standing up, “But don’t think you’ll get rid of me for long”,

“Oh I won’t count on it” she said as he left

“How long has he been sitting here?” Martha asked once he had gone,

“Since you came in” Alf said “He wouldn’t budge,

“Really?” Martha asked “What about Cam?”

“He has been to busy with insurance for the club and what not”,

“Oh ok” Martha said, that’s all she needed to know.

“Hey” Jack said walking through the door a couple of hours later,

“Hey” Martha said putting her magazine down and sitting up,

“Is there no one with you?” Jack asked guilty,

“No, I sent them home”,

“Oh ok” he said,

“I actually need to talk to you about something” she said,

“Ok” Jack said moving closer,

“I’m done, with Cam, the rocket club the dancing everything”,

“Really?” Jack asked,

“Absolutely” she said “But I can’t do it alone, I want you to come with me” she said,

“Of course I will” he said happy that she had finally come to her senses,

He smiled at her maybe things might actually work out

“Ok Martha all your tests have come back and everything seems to be in order so I want to keep you in for observation just until four and you are free to go” she said smiling as she left the room,

“Wow I guess tonight it is” she said,

“Yeah I guess are you sure you could leave it for a couple of days” he suggested,

“No I want to get that part of my life over with and sooner rather than later,

“Ok” Jack said the sooner Cam was out of Martha’s life the better as far as he was concerned,

Martha walked up to the site of the rocket club with Jack close behind her there was not much of it standing and Cam was standing nearby talking to some guy probably about insurance she cautiously walked over and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around to see her standing there,

“Martha, I didn’t know you were awake” he said,

“No you wouldn’t would you” She said,

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked,

“You don’t love me you never have you didn’t even care about me enough to sit by me while I was in a coma for a week”,

“I’m sorry” he said trying to win her back but it wasn’t going to work this time,

“No, no more excuses I’m done with you the dancing everything” she said,

“Martha please” Cam said grabbing her arm,

“Let go of me” Martha said calmly,

“No not until you agree to stop this stupidity and come back to me and when we have this place up and running again to be the best dancer again,

“What part of I’m done do you not understand, now let go of me” she told him trying to shake herself free”,

“You heard her let go” Jack said coming up,

“Mate this has nothing to do with you”,

“I’m not you Mate and it does have something to do with me, it has everything to do with me now let go of her”,

“What ever” Cam said as he let go of Martha’s wrist,

“Bye Cam” Martha said turning her back to the dark part of her life and turning back to everything she knew.

Two weeks later and Martha was back at work at Noah’s and living at the Sally’s house they had all welcomed her back with open arms, her and Jack had been hanging out a lot to lately and Martha was starting to feel things she never thought she would again or maybe they had always been there just hidden under something else all she knew was that something inside of her was longing for something and that something was Jack,

Martha stood up from her bed and walked over to her cupboard she opened it and brought out her once white and beautiful now singed dress she closed her eyes and thought about that day she smiled as all the happy moments flowed back to her but snapped them open as it all went black, there beautiful day ruined, the day they were supposed to remember as the most perfect day of there life ruined by one person and she would never forgive her.

Jack was sitting on the couch, no one was home so he decided to pull out an old video that he always watched when he needed cheering up, and it was there wedding video, the day that he would always remember as the best day of his life even if it had been ruined by a psychotic stalker, he slipped the video into the player as the music began to play it was there song, he smiled as the memories flowed back like it had just happened yesterday, the day when she had ended there marriage had been without a doubt been the most painful day of his entire life it was the day that he had lost apart of himself, he had lost his heart she had taken it and never given it back, Sam had been special to him but no one as hard as they tried would ever compare to her everything about her was everything he wanted he loved her so much.

Martha woke up half an hour later lying on her dress she must of fallen asleep she thought to herself as she sat up to find Sally standing there, Martha gasped,

“Reminiscing?” she asked,

Martha sighed,

“What’s going on?” she asked,

“I think I made one of the biggest mistakes of my entire life, I still love him Sal, in always have” she cried as she fell into Sally’s arms,

Tony walked through the door to find Jack watching his wedding video,

“It was beautiful wasn’t it” Jack spoke,

“It definitely was” Tony said as he watched them as they said there vows,

“She was beautiful” he said as his eyes began to fill with tears as he thought of what he lost,

“Hey mate” Tony said sitting down next to Jack, “You still love her don’t you” he said,

“Yeah” Jack nodded there was no way he could deny it,

“Well you have to go after her, if the last month could have taught us anything it’s that life is way to short”,

“What if she doesn’t feel the same way?” he asked,

“Yeah and what if she does” he said

Jack nodded he knew what he had to do.

Jack was walking down the beach when he saw her; in his eyes she was perfect; her hair blowing in the wind she looked as though she was deep in thought as he walked up to her,

“Hey” he said,

“Hi” she said turning to face him,

“What you thinking about?” he asked,

“Oh nothing” she said,



The spoke at the same time,

“You go first” Martha said,

“Ok” Jack said this was it if this went wrong they probably wouldn’t even get to be friends and the thought of that scared him half to death,

“I’ve been thinking” he said,

“Oh that’s always scary” she said jokingly,

Jack gave out a light chuckle but he was to nervous,

“I’ve been thinking about us” he said,

“Us?” she asked secretly hoping that he felt the way she did but then he thoughts were deflated by the thought that he might be asking for a divorce,

“I love you Martha” there he said it, it was all out there, all out there for her to decide what to do with,

Martha stared at him as a smile appeared on her face,

“I love you to” she said softly,

“What really?” he asked,

“Yes” she said smiling,

“What does this mean” Jack asked,

“Um well” Martha started “Do you want to be together?” she asked,

“Of course I do” he said,

“Ok” she agreed, “But we have to take things slow no diving head first back into marriage I want ti get this right this time” she said,

“Me to and if slows the way you want to do it then slow it is” he said,

She smiled at him as he began to speak again,

“Does going slow include kissing?” he asked,

“I think that can be aloud” she said smiling,

He smiled back at her and there it was deep in her eyes the thing he had missed most was the look the look of love that they shared for each other it was there and it was stringer than ever as they leaned in and sealed there love for each other, and they knew they would be together now and forever.

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