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Mon, 23 Apr 07 - “ The Death Of A LEGEND !!! “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Death Of A LEGEND !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 23 Apr 07 - Episode # 4401)

Opening credits – the new version of the theme is more mellow, and like previous versions, than the Isaac Canan versions. No actual changes to credits themselves (no one added or removed)

As Kit (hunter house) continues to have labour pains, kimmy starts getting her things to9gthetr, whilst Maddie goes to find Tony (she finds him at the diner).

Whilst kimmy drives kit to the hospital, Maddie thinks she & Tony should both go to the hospital too, but Tony insists on staying at home for Beth to arrive.

Meanwhile, kimmy & kit discover that a fierce MVA (with lots of police in attendance) has blocked the road to the hospital. Rather than go the long way around to the hospital, kimmy inits that he knows a short cut – a bush track which is incredibly bumping and WAY decreases the time between contractions (note – further proof that kimmy is a complete moron),

Then that bush track causes a puncture, and “brainy” Kimmy’s spare tyre in also flat !!!

Kit really thinks that baby is coming – but (kinda in a fusion of gypsy’s quick roadside birth and Leah’s lengthy one in a hospital at the end of 2001) kit’s baby takes a while before HE is finally born.

Kit then starts convulsing – and meanhwile, maddie & others at the hospital; are wonder where kit * kimmy are.

Kimmy is really stressed about kit when Alf arrives (obviously realising that kimmy WOULD be stupid enough to take a heavily pregnant woman on a track that wouldn't be out of place in the World Rally Championship !!!)

Soon after, kimmy carries kit in the hospital – and Rachel & Hugh go to work to save kit, which they are able to do.

Kimmy, Maddie & Sally are rally pleased to hear that Rachel etc have been able to work their magic and kit is now recovering in one of the hospital rooms.

Kimmy takes the V healthy bay into the room when kit is – and she holds her child for the 1-st time.

Maddie & co join the proud parents in kit’s room, before Maddie rings Tony to tell him about the new bub – Tony talks to her with a hand free phone kit as he drives to the hospital (see below)

McGrath calls jack into his offie at police station. McGrath wonders if jack knows anyti8nhg about the (drugs) evidence against Martha, which has gone missing. Jack insists that he doesn’t.

Later, McGrath tell cam & Martha (police station) that the charges against Martha have been dropped, due to various circumsuvnces. Cam makes it clear that he thinks that jack has arranged for the evidence top disappear. McGrath back up jack’s words that this hasn‘t occurred.

Jack & cam have a few quite words about the situation, and they have more at the diner soon after.

When cam was bailed from the diner, Martha tells jack that although she doesn't want t rally know what happened, she thanks him if he did “misplace” the evidence.

Jack then gets a radio call from McGrath, who wants jack back at the station immediately.

When jack gets to the station, and goes into McGrath’s office, jack thinks it’s about the drugs, but mcgrath tells jack that he is needed at an MVA. McGrath “suggests” that jack should sit down before he relays further news.

Tony is driving to the hospital (to see Kit’s new bub) when he is surprised to see that THAT car accident is still blocking the road.

He gets out of the car, sees jack and proceeds to tell him about kit’s baby boy. Tony can see that jack looks way troubled, and wonders why. Tony then sees something VERY shocking –

Beth’s lifeless left arm !!!!!!!

(which, unlike the rest of her, ISN'T beneath a white sheet that clearly indicates that the person beneath that sheet is no longer with us) !!!!

Jack tries his best to console the grieving, whaling Tony !!!!!

(note 1 - end of ep.

Note 2 – Beth, and Clarissa, you will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO missed !!!!!!!!

Note 3 – it think it would be a nice touch of Beth still gets to see Kit’s child, by making an appearance to kit like Noah did after he passed away)


The Aftermath – Tony having to tell Beth’s kids etc

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Kit’s black (with intricate golden “band” towards the bottom) long skirt /royal blue [frilly collar] scoop neck t

SILVER – Sally's royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top

BRONZE – Maddie’s apple green (with sky blue lining) cami top/apple green (with red dots) shorts


Alf’s white (with faded red & blue check) button up shirt

Cam’s plum button up shirt

Hugh’s black (occasionally shimmery) button up shirt

Kimmy’s off-white (red “Mombassa University” logo) t/denim jeans

Kit’s pink hospital gown

Maddie’s choc brown v neck top/mustard crop jacket

Martha’s red spaghetti strap top/green shorts

Rachel’s maroon long sleeve blouse/denim vest

Ric’s sky blue t/dark colour shorts

Tony’s choc brown (with orange & brown horizontal stripes) polo shirt

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