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No Good

Guest Oxidizer

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Type of Story 2 Parts

Main Characters Eve Jacobsen, Laura McPherson

BTTB Rating A (D)

Genre Angst

Any warnings? Scenes of asphyxiation and hinted animal cruelty

Does story include spoilers? Not anymore

Summary Choosing your friends carefully doesn't make you a psychopath. Killing them does.


They know who you are, Eve.

Those were the words that played on her mind. From the moment they passed Sally's lips, she knew that it was game over. The end. Who's? She didn't know. She'd like nothing more for it to be her hostage's but she knew, deep down, that it would have to be her's this time. At least for the time being. Breaking that gas pipe was the turning point; the moment her escape plan was at its final stages. She always had a way out -a back-up plan- but this wasn't how she planned it. She wanted to fake Zoe McCallister's death, not Eve Jacobsen's. Not her own. With a little help from her friends -or to be more exact, friend- she planned on causing a fire at the warehouse, having the police find the two bodies instead: "her's" and Sally's. Once again, Peter Baker ruined her plans, and for that he had to pay. Sometime. Someday. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Looking through the car windscreen, which seemed darkened due to her sunglasses-covered eyes, Eve smirked to herself when she began to slow down; shifting gear and pulling up on the dirt track-like roadside, where a young woman stood in wait. She wound the windows down and leant across the passenger's seat, rearing her head outside and savoring the summer breeze that carried the crisp sea air.

The 20-something year-old girl who was dressed in a yellow vest and tight baby blue-coloured jeans, slightly torn around the knees, dropped from the kerb lightly and approached the awaiting car. She leant in and raised an eyebrow flirtatiously to the brunette leaning in her direction; their faces almost touching. "You're much prettier in the flesh."

"Thanks," Eve replied flippantly, biting the corner of her bottom lip to prevent from grinning. She had waited for this moment for so long, of course not how she initially planned, but similar all the same. In just under 3 hours she'd be officially deemed dead.

Laura chuckled lightly, a smirk playing across her lips. "My pleasure."

"Not just for the compliment," Eve explained, her otherwise mischievous tone slowly diminishing, falling into a more serious persona. "I mean for everything. You didn't have to come today."

"What, are you kidding?" Laura let out a half hysterical laugh of disbelief, her hands falling down to her sides after using them to punctuate her exclaim, smacking across her thighs. "Of course I did! There was no way I was missing out on finally meeting the oxidising_angel." she drew her last words out slowly -seductively- referring to the brunette's screenname.

Eve grinned bemusedly as she popped the trigger on the passenger's door, unlocking the car and granting her friend access. "In that case, kitty21, you better hop in." she pushed the door outwards in the platinum blonde's direction and saddled back into the driver's seat, giving her room to make her way inside.

Laura stepped closer, on the verge of getting in the metallic green Holden, before stopping dead in her tracks; looking Eve up and down and making her look up at the blonde expectantly. "Nice to see you made an effort." she snarked playfully, commenting on the simple black joggers and hoodie she was wearing.

"Trust me, where we're headed, you don't want to go in all dolled up." Eve replied bitchily, hidden behind a thick layer of emotionless words, patting the vacant seat to her left.

"Now she tells me." Laura muttered quietly to herself as she crouched in the car, closing the door shut behind her as Eve put on her seatbelt. They had a long-winded drive ahead of them.

To: kitty21

From: oxidising_angel

Subject: Hey...

Hi, Laura!

This may seem a bit odd, but it's been eating away at me for some time now, and I had to ask. Else I'd explode.

I was wondering if you'd like to hook up sometime, maybe this week? I've got to clear out Kim's stuff from a storage space he's renting out, and I could use some help. Now before you get the idea into your head that I just need a lackey, I don't. I just figured, what better opportunity to meet?

We could pick up Kim's gear and then go for pizza or something afterwards, you know, get to know each other in the flesh. So to speak. :wink:

Don't answer straight away, think about it.

But I do have a surprise waiting for you if you accept...

Eve x

When the police found out that Marc Edwards was killed before the crash, and couldn't possibly be the Stalker, Eve had to formulate a back-up plan. The net was beginning to close in and surround her. The perfect time was when Kim and Hayley's one-night-stand was exposed; Zoe wouldn't have been expected to make as many appearances as she usually had, as everyone would understand that she was dealing with her heartache. She took some time off work, laid low and carried out her now-more-personal revenge; clipping the breaks on Peter's car and later abducting him, intent on cutting him out of the picture once and for all, and switching the paternity test results. During that time, and in between all of those twisted acts, Eve went online and upped the ante on a more sinister level; sniffing out the perfect match to her body type. With the Stalker now known to still be on the loose, she had no choice but to prepare for the inevitable end. Eve knew that the time would come when she'd be caught, hunted down and shot like a rabid animal; just like her beloved Sarah. There was no way in hell she was going to let that happen, so she concocted an escape plan. After surfing through numerous chatrooms in her mobile home, Eve finally found the one; a girl named Laura McPherson. She seemed lonely, had an awkward relationship with her parents, who were always enjoying the luxury of countless holidays and leaving her behind, knowing she could fend for herself. She lived in a secluded farmhouse in the Ferny Hills, Queensland, and regularly used cyberspace to open up and let out her frustration; with Eve, she found her connection. They just clicked. After two weeks of communicating -growing increasingly closer- Laura began to be less precocious and let her barriers down, allowing the masqueraded psychiatric nurse to work her way in. What's more is that after talking and getting to know this girl, Eve found out that they shared a lot more in common than the same select interests, they also shared the exact same body type. Eve had found her match.

To: oxidising_angel

From: kitty21

Subject: RE: Hey...

"Don't answer straight away." – Are you kidding me?

"Think it over." – Already have.

Consider it done. I'm free all week and I'm just dying to see you!

You pick a date and time, I take requests (assuming you ask very nicely :wink: ).

Call me when you're ready,

xLove Laura

Lying on her stomach, Eve shook her head in disbelief at the girl's naivete, having read Laura's reply. Smirking, she used her finger to navigate the mouse on her laptop's touch pad and closed the window, before logging off and pushing the computer aside; her legs kicking playfully. The blonde, whose hair was loose and free to bounce, leaped up from the bed of her caravan and walked towards her chest of drawers, positioned on the opposite side of the room. Opening the bottom draw, Eve liberated her balaclava, black pants and jacket. It was time to lay Zoe McCallister to rest. She had no choice after Peter suggest hypnosis to trigger any potential memories from her supposed attack. She whipped out her mobile phone with her free hand and held it to her ear, switching hands as she kept it positioned by a clutched tilt to her head; the phone clenched between her head and arched shoulder.

Eve picked up her dark clothes and examined them, a smirk playing across her lips as she sprawled them out on her bed neatly; taking the phone from her shoulder and dialling a number. Her farewell gift to Kim was granting him the one thing he always wanted but could never manage to successfully have; a baby.

Now it was time to see how much he cared for Zoe.

"Wow!" Laura exclaimed as she held up the neutral pink dress from the box placed on her lap, examining the surprise Eve mentioned in her e-mail with glee. "You didn't have to get me this," she turned to face her close friend, clearly moved by the gesture. "I'll repay you."

"No way," Eve adamantly replied, almost snapping, but in that nice way. "Absolutely not." she turned to face a bemused Laura and smiled lightly. She didn't want to do what she had to, but she had no choice. The least she could do is make sure she died with a smile on her face. "They're a gift."

"Oh, Eve." Laura couldn't control the grin that was quick to distort her smile, tears pricking at her eyes. It was the first gift she ever received from anyone other than her parents, and even then they weren't thoughtful. "I'm so touched."

The brunette changed gear and floored the accelerator, realizing that she was behind schedule. "I hoped you would be."

"Thank you so much."

"No problem," Eve smiled earnestly, her eyes focused on the road ahead with cutting determination; her vision almost tearing up the concrete. "And besides, you've earned it. You're doing me a huge favour today."

Laura raised an eyebrow quizzically and giggled. "By picking up your ex-boyfriend's junk?"

"Something like that." Eve veiled the smirk that played across her lips with a chuckle. "I'm just glad you e-mailed me your body details." realizing she could've rephrased that better, she quickly clarified. "Okay, that came out wrong-" Laura stifled a laugh with the back of her hand, still looking down at the dress Eve had bought her. "-What I meant was that without knowing your size, I'd have been in a lot of trouble at the store."

"Anytime," Laura touched the brunette, gently caressing her upper arm and making her smile. Eve felt awkward because it was a total betrayal of Sarah's memory, but knew she'd understand as she was doing it for the greater good. Not to mention she actually fell for Kim Hyde. "Anyway, are we here yet?" the platinum blonde watched the passing scenery through the glistening window. The heat inside the car was overwhelming, as the sun beamed down brightly; piercing through the leaves on trees. "I mean, we've been driving, for how long now?"

"14 minutes and 57 seconds." Eve interjected, not having to examine the time on her digital watch; her focus still attached firmly on the long stretch of road ahead.

"Yeah, that." Laura blinked at Eve's intellect before continuing with her concerns. "And we haven't seen anything other than bushland, more bushland and even more bushland." she sighed restlessly, turning around in her seat to look at the brunette. "Eve, look, no offence, but this guy... is he, you know, sane?"

A light-hearted chuckle escaped Eve's lips as she looked at Laura suspiciously from the corner of her eye. "What makes you ask that?"

Laura scoffed playfully, her cobalt blue eyes slightly widened as she raised her eyebrow so high it almost pushed her fringe up. "Most people store their sh*t in their houses or whatever, not in creepy little factories in the middle of nowhere." she expressed her concern intensely. "All kinds of lunatics could be lurking out here."

"Don't worry, you're with me." Eve turned to face her, smiling maniacally behind feigned serenity, touching her hand to assure her of the platinum blonde's safety. "And the factory isn't little."

"That's comforting." Laura twisted her face awkwardly, leaning back in her seat and resting her arm on the side, watching the trees and bushland pass by.

"Speaking of which," Eve nodded her head up front; a relieved smile invaded her mouth.


Eve undid her seatbelt and smirked. "We're here."


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Thanks for the awesome feedback, guys! :D

I'm glad you like it. The last part should be up tomorrow onwards.

Your descriptive writing was excellent and the use of flashback was great. Loving your take on this.

You captured the emotions very well as well.

Hee. Thank you, Chris. 'Tis inspiring. ^_^

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Seeing as it's taking longer than expected to complete, I figured you guys could use a teaser.

This one explains why Eve's ID tag was melted around the edges in 2006. It doesn't tell you how Peter got his hands on it, but my take is that forensics recovered it and gave it to him, claiming it as evidence or something.

Anyway, here we go...

Holding her scorched stomach outside the ablaze feedroom, Eve used her free hand to liberate her ID tag from the psychiatric institution from the pocket of her black joggers. She always carried it with her at all times -especially when she was around Kim- to remind her of who she was and her quest. She flipped it between her index and middles fingers and brought it up to her face, examining it ruefully: the end of an era. Thoughtfully, Eve paused for a second and hesitated. She breathed a deep and heavy sigh to brace herself for what she was about to do, instantly regretting it when she choked on the smoke she unintentionally inhaled by doing so. Without another second's thought, she threw it into the fire; unable to see where it landed from the smoke and flames. And that was it, in that small moment, Eve Jacobsen perished in that explosion, staring on blankly at her former self. Now she could move on. Like a prophesized phoenix rising from the ashes; Zoe McCallister was reborn.

I'm not sure when Part 2 will be up but I'm hoping for sometime this week. Stay tuned... :ph34r:

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

I'm hoping Part 2 will be up sometime this week (or the weekend at the latest). I'm determined to finish this one as soon as I can but without rushing it.

I'm sure I'll post more teasers in between, you know, to help with the wait or whatever. :P

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I'm this close to bribing you with cookies, Andy.... I really thought I missed the update of chapter 2.

I loved the teaser. It was written beautifully.... Love the last sentence of it... It was a nice touch....

Take your time with the update. I'm sure it'll be just as brilliant as the first part. :)

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Hee. Thanks, Chrissie! :D I'm so glad you like it.

Sorry it's taking a while BTW, I wanted to finish Part 3 of Mascara & Paranoia before I started on this. Hopefully it'll be finished early next week (I wanted it complete for the 2nd anniversary of the tyre factory episodes). :P

I'm hoping I make it in time as I don't want to rush this one.

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