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Fri, 20 Apr 07 - “ Hugh’s Ex “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Hugh’s Ex “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 20 Apr 07 - Episode # 4400)

Colleen (diner) tells Irene that she has got word that the likes of Betty Allsop has had a word in the ear in charge of the bowl club that she always goes to, and it sounds like (after the drew cheating debacle) that she’ll never be sable to go that club again.

Irene suggests that it’s not the end of the world, and that colleen should indeed takes her money etc and spend time elsewhere. (Note – let’s hope this won’t lead to repeat of her gambling problem from a few years ago)

Martha (diner flat) & cam are talking about the drug charges agonist her when cam gets a phone call. When the call ends, cam insists that he has to go to the rocket club to sort something out. Martha wants him to stay, but cam insists that he has to go.

After cam gets to the club, he talks to Cindy. His chief investor in the club is going to pull out – because of the drug raid. Cam even seem to frighten Cindy a little when he throw all the financial paperwork he is working with on the floor, and slams his fist again the table (Cindy is working at the bar btw).

Martha (diner flat) answer the door. She can’t believe that the (unknown) guy has come here to repossess the Alfa Romeo that cam gave her.

Martha goes to the rocket club, and tells cam what’s happened. Cam (in his office) tells her that he is REALLY in trouble, as he is imagining a domino effect (other investors pulling out). Martha decides to go and get him a cup of tea.

When she returns to the office with the tea, she accidentally spills it on his desk as she is attempting to put it there. Cam REALLY “goes off” at her – and Martha bails quickly for the club.

She goes to the diner, where she waaaaaaaaaaay hugs Alf.

Soon after, those two are talking in the diner flat. Martha tells Alf that she has never seen that angry side of him before – and is kinda way scared.

Ca then arrives – and Alf suggest” that he [cam] should go, but Martha insists on speaking to him.

After Alf bails, cam way apologises for losing his cool. He asks Martha for another chance, and whilst she does hug him, the look on Martha’s face suggest that she is still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay concerned about things.

Rachel & Kimmy are at the diner, and when colleen approaches, Rachel asks her how things went tween Hugh & Julie. Colleen indicates that things seemed to go very well at the diner for them.

When colleen has walked away, Rachel tells kimmy that Hugh [at the hospital] gave her a VERE different view of events [with how snappy he was in the previous ep]

Rachel [hospital] approaches Hugh a couple of times, but he either to tries to change the subject or ignore her altogethter.

Soon after, however, Hugh approaches Rachel [in the hospital’s staff lunchroom]. He apologises for his actions, and Rachel works out that Hugh is still hung up on his former g/f, BUT, whilst Hugh is talking about Rachel, the later thinks that Hugh is talking about the girl that Hugh broke up with just before he came to the bay this time.

Hugh insists that the break up was a timing issue, and he can’t see himself getting back together with his ex for various reasons [you know that he is thinking of kimmy/Rachel] any time soon.

Kit (hunter house) seems annoyed that both kimmy or Tony want her not to be alone in the house at this point, but both guys' opinions are valid, as Kit once more thinks that she is going into labour.

Indeed, after a scramble to get all her things [incl CD player & soothing CDs] together, kit & kimmy go to the hospital – but by the time that they get there, the contractions has stopped.

After kit & kimmy return to the hunter hose, kit [kitchen] is telling kimmy [lounge room] something – but you suspect from the way that its filmed that kimmy just may be asleep, and sure enough, he is [asleep ion the couch].

When Tony arrives home [lat at night], he is surprised to see kimmy on the couch [still asleep]. Kit tells Tony that she doesn’t have the heart to wake him – so she’ll text Rachel and tells her what’s happening (*which she does soon after).

Next day, Kit is already way u & about when kimmy wakes. He can't believe that he crashed n the couch like that. Kit assure him that she contacted Rachel of his whereabouts.

Kit goes into the kitchen and is about to serve kimmy some breakfast when he [lounge] hears the crash against that floor of the pan that kit was cooking with.

Kit tells him that her waters have just broken – and the contractions begin!!! (end of ep)


The much publicised BIG week is NEXT week –

the (bush) birth of Kit’s baby;

a death from a car accident (form Maddie’s & Tony reaction, can I suggest Beth?),

whilst Belle/Drew are WAAAAY back together)

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rachel’s red cami top/black long pants/dark jacket

SILVER – Hugh’s sky blue (with little grey square motifs) button up shirt

BRONZE – Cindy's black leather halter top/black (silver studded) choker “necklace”


Alf’s blue & red check (think the girls SBH uniform) button up shirt

Cam’s “Irish” green button up shirt

Colleen’s orange (white native floral) blouse

Irene’s bluy-gey singlet top

Kimmy’s off-white (red “Mombassa University” logo) t/denim jeans

Kit’s dark blue PJs

Kit’s royal blue [frilly collar] scoop neck t

Kit's red (yellow leave motifs) v-neck top (with black top beneath)

Martha’s black (with white cross on the front) shoestring strap top

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