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I Just Can't Live A Lie

Guest Traceve

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Story Title: I Just Can't Live A Lie

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Peter Baker and Clare Brody.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance :wub:

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None.

Summary: Clare Brody comes back to the bay after Peter ends things with Amanda. He hopes to get back with Clare.

It had been a long day for both Peter and Clare. Not only had Peter tried to make amends with Clare, but he also had managed to upset her even further. He knew she loved him too. What he didn’t know was why she wasn’t acting on those feelings. He knew was hard for her, seeing him after all this time. Clare didn’t know Peter had almost married Amanda, nor did she know that the whole thing with Amanda had been a lie. Every time he kissed Amanda he imagined it was Clare he was kissing. The break up had been Peters fault. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t regret it, right?

Lately nothing I do ever seems to please you

And maybe turning my back would be that much easier

Peter had brought her flowers, chocolates, all those things he thought she would love. All those things were pushing her away further and further. He knew if he walked away now it would be easier for both in the long run, but he couldn’t let that happen. Not again.

Cause hurtful words are all that we exchange

But I can’t watch you walk away

Clare still loved Peter. After everything they had been through. She didn’t know why though. She though after he left her she would end up hating him. But she didn’t. Last time she had seen him before now was when he walked out. She swore at him, something she rarely did.

Can I forget about the way it feels to touch you?

And all about the good times that we’ve been through

Clare craved for his touch and dreamt about the way things used to be at night. She knew doing those things wouldn’t bring him back. But in a way it did make her feel a bit better about it.

Could I wake up without you every day?

Would I let you walk away?

Often when Peter woke up in the morning, he would snuggle into something, usually the pillow beside him. All he wanted lately was to wake up next to somebody in the morning, and he wanted that somebody to be Clare.

No, I can’t learn to live without

And I can’t give up on us now

Peter couldn’t let her slip away, not again. So this time he had planned out things carefully. He knew she always stayed behind at work, she was still that work alcoholic he had come to love. He would make his move then.

Oh, I know I could say were through

And tell myself I’m over you

but even if I made a vow

I promise not to miss you now

And try to hide the truth inside

I'd fail cause I, I just can’t live a lie

One of the things Peter most hated about the situation at the moment was lying. Each time Jack or Dan had asked him if he was okay, he would reply yes. When really, deep inside he was hurting. Clare’s bitter rejection, time and time again had hit him hard.

Could I forget the look that tells me that you want me?

And all the reasons that make loving you so easy

When Clare had dropped her files, she gazed into his eyes, for a minute there she thought she was going to kiss him. Clare had to break the silence by coughing before walking off leaving Peter there by himself.

The kiss that always makes it hard to breathe

The way you know just what I mean

Peter had asked Clare to stay behind after work that day. He was going to try and talk to her, try to find out what was going on in that head of hers. He walked into her office; she looked up and gave him a small smile. She was afraid to move closer to him, afraid she would let her guard down. Peter knew she wouldn’t move, so he went and sat beside her. Clare could feel their legs touching, so she quickly swung her leg over the other. Before she knew what was happening they were passionately kissing.

No, I can’t learn to live without

Ohh, so don’t you give up on us now

Clare finally realizing what was happening sprung up from her seat and quickly left the room. Leaving Peter behind her, she ran. She could hear him yelling out her name, but she pushed his voice out of her mind.

Ohh, I know I could say were through

And tell myself I’m over you

But even if I made a vow

I promise not to miss you now

And try to hide the truth inside

I'd fail cause I, I just can’t live a lie

Clare hated betraying herself like this, she knew she shouldn’t. She was scared, scared of getting hurt by Peter again. She knew she hadn’t stopped loving him and the way she felt right now, she probably would never stop.

Ohh, and I don’t wanna try

Peter had caught up to Clare by now. He grabbed her arm to stop her running again. Without exchanging words, he studied her facial expression every so carefully. She bit her lip and stared right into his eyes. This time it wasn’t Peter kissing Clare, it was Clare kissing Peter. She threw her arms around him and kissed him.

Ohhhh, I know I could say were through

And tell myself I’m over you

But even if I made a vow

I promise not to miss you now

And try to hide the truth inside

I'd fail cause I, I just can’t live a lie

I just can’t live a lie


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