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Quest Of My Heart

Guest HeavenForbid

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Story Title: Quest of My Heart

Type of story: short/medium fic

Main Characters: Jack, Martha and Becky

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Jack and Martha are very happy but then Jack meets the wondeful, amazing and beautiful Becky. Who will Jack end up with?

Chapter 1

There she was, again. So beautiful and mysterious. He had seen her before. In the diner, in the Surf Club, on the beach, in Yabbie Creek and she was even in his dreams. The first time was in the diner. She ordered a drink and sat down in the table in front of him. He stared at her for the whole time she was there. After she finished, he followed her out of the diner but she disappeared. After that, he had seen her many times. But now, this time, it was different. He felt something for this girl. Something that he had never felt for another girl. Was it love? Maybe. Was it lust? Maybe. But maybe it was just a need to spend time with an adventurous person. He walked down to her. It would be the first time that he had spoken to her.

“Hi. My name is Jack” he said

“Becky. It is lovely to meet you” she smiled

“Would you like to get a coffee?” Jack asked

Suddenly he heard a voice. Jack turned around. It was his girlfriend, Martha

“Are you ready to go?” she asked

“Where?” Jack asked puzzled

“To my grandfather’s!” Martha answered

“Oh yeah…I will be there in a second” Jack said

“Right. I will be waiting in the car” Martha said annoyed

Martha walked off. Jack turned around to Becky.

“Look’s like you are busy” she smiled

“Yeah…Look’s that way. I better go” Jack said

“Maybe another time?” Becky suggested

“Definitely!” Jack replied

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Chapter 2

Jack and Martha went to Alf’s, Martha’s grandfather’s house. They were having dinner there. Martha was introducing Jack to Alf for the first time. Martha knocked on the door. Alf answered it.

“Granddad!” Martha smiled

“Hello love!” Alf said

“This is Jack” Martha said

“It is nice to meet you, Jack” Alf said

“And you Mr Stewart” Jack answered

“I hope you are making my granddaughter very happy” Alf said in his scary tone

“He is granddad” Martha laughed

“Good!” Alf said “Well, why don’t you kids sit down and I will get the table set.”

Martha and Jack sat down at the dining room table. Alf and Martha were having a very deep conversation. Jack was not listening anymore. He had tuned out and was in his own little world. Where he was with Becky and they had a lot of fun together. Ok, yes, he was with Martha. But he didn’t love her. They were a good couple though. Everyone though it. But Martha wasn’t the type of girl that Jack wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He wanted a fun, adventurous, mysterious and amazingly beautiful looking girl. Becky seemed to be all of these things.

“Jack! Jack!” Martha shouted at him

“Huh…What...What? Did you say something?” Jack asked coming back to reality

“I said to you want gravy?” Martha repeated

“Oh, yes please. Thanks” Jack said

They all sat down and had the dinner. It was lovely. Alf was certainly a good cook. Jack thought. But Alf was certainly good at hiding things as he managed to hide the container in which the food was delivered in from the best restaurant in town

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Chapter 3

After the meal, Martha went home. Jack said he was going to his fathers’ house but he was really going to find Becky. He walked around the park and searched for her. But nothing. After a while, he started to walk home. As he walked down the road, he heard a noise. He turned around but nobody was there. When he turned around to continue walking, there she was.

“Becky! You scared me!” Jack said

“Sorry” Becky said

“What are you doing here?” Jack asked

“Is that your house?” Becky said pointing down the street

“Yes.” Jack answered

“Here! Take this!” Becky said handing her mobile phone

“Why?” Jack asked

“Ring, your girlfriend and tell her you will not be home tonight” Becky said

“Why? Where will I be?” Jack asked

“With me. I am going to show you what you are missing!” Becky replied

“Ok. What will I say?” Jack asked

“I donno. Make you something” Becky said

Jack dialled the number into his phone. Martha picked up the phone.

“Heya hun” Jack said

“Heya. Where are you?” Martha asked

“Yeah. I ran into a couple of mates and we were going to play a few games of poker.” Jack lied

“Ok. When will you be home?” Martha asked

“Well, That is the thing. I will be having a few drinks so I think I will stay the night.” Jack lied again

“Oh…Ok…Well. Love you” she said

“Love you too” Jack replied and hung up

“Why do you say “I love you” when you don’t?” Becky asked

“What do you mean?” Jack said “I do love her.”

“No you don’t!” Becky said and started walking down the street

“Yes I do!” jack said

“Then if you love her, why are you out with another girl and lying to her?” Becky smiled

“Good point! Maybe I don’t!” Jack said and the walked down the street.

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Chapter 4

Becky turned around to Jack and said

“Right, meet me at the beach in 20 minutes”

“Where are you going?” Jack said looking at his watch

“Just meet me there.” Becky smiled and ran off.

Jack looked at the watch again. It was half nine. He walked to the beach hoping nobody would see him as he told Martha that he was with his mates. He started to think about Becky again. What was it about her that he liked so much? Jack was 23 years old and she was 18. She had her whole life ahead of her. Whereas, he life had begun when he met Martha. Well, at least that was what he thought. Martha and he had talked about having children in the past. They even talked about marriage. They had only been dating for for a few months. But now that, her grandfather, Alf had moved back to the Bay last week, they hadn’t really spent a lot of time together. She was always of there. Was the love dying out? Jack reached the beach. Becky was there.

“What are we doing here?” Jack asked

“Just follow me” Becky smiled

She walked down to the water. There, there were jet skis. Becky got on one. Jack stared at her.

“Come on, get on!” Becky said

“Nah…I don’t think so” Jack said

“Please!!!” Becky begged and started fluttering her eyes

“Fine” Jack said

They both go on the jet skis. When they were on it, Jack realised how much fun he could be having. Becky was so adventurous. They had a lot of fun. After a while the headed up to the cliffs.

“Your amazing, Becky” Jack smiled at her

“Why, thank you! I already know!” laughed Becky

“What brought to you Summer Bay?” Jack asked

“Well, I loved the beach. So I moved her a few weeks ago” replied Becky.

Jack sat on the rock and Becky said beside him

“What about you?” Becky asked

“I met my girlfriend, Martha in the city. So I moved here to be with her” Jack answered

“Ah….I see” Becky said and got up “Why are you doing this?”

“What?” Jack asked

“This! Hanging around with an 18 year old girl when you have a loving girlfriend at home!” Becky asked

“I want some fun in my life. Every morning I get up at 7. Martha gets up after me. We have breakfast and I go to work. When I come home, Martha had dinner ready. Sometimes we would watch a movie after that. Other times, we would go to bed. Pretty boring life eh? I mean I am 23 and I live like a man in his 70’s!” Jack said standing up.

He grabbed Becky hand and looked into her eyes. The sunset was behind them. You could see the shadows of there bodies embrace in a kiss. Jack grabbed her body and pulled it towards him placing his hands around her waist. Becky smiled. Jack returned the favour.

“I have another thing ready.” Becky said

“What?” Jack asked

Becky looked down. It was a cliff.

“Let’s jump off!” Becky said

“What? Are you insane?” Jack asked

“No! It is fun! I do it all the time. I always come here to think! Come on. You first!” Becky said looking at him

“I am an old fashion kind of guy, lady’s first!” Jack smirked

“Fine! Chicken” laughed Becky

Jack stood at the edge of the cliff. Becky ran towards the cliff. Jack jumped in front of her and grabbed her. He swirled her around kissed her very romantically. They sat on the rocks, in each others arms, and watched the sun set. Eventually the sun had set and they had fallen asleep. Jack woke up. Becky was still asleep in her arms. He looked at his watch. Three thirty am. Becky woke up. She stood up.

“Come on!” she said

“What? Where are we going now?” Jack asked “I am tired!”

Becky rolled her eyes and grabbed his arm. She brought him back to the beach. She took of all her clothes and ran into the water

“No! No way!” Jack said

“Come on, Jack!” shouted Becky

“No!” Jack answered

“What? To scare to show flesh? I’m not” Becky yelled

Jack took out her clothes and was standing in the boxers.

“Come on! Give me a look!” laughed Becky

Jack looked at her.

“Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!” she chanted

Jack finally gave in. He took of the boxers

“Wow! I am impressed!” she smirked

Jack ran into the sea. They played around for while. Jack and Becky looked at each other. He looked into her eyes. They kissed again. After a while, they got out of the water and put their clothes back on. Becky grabbed him. She had taken the key of the Surf Club. They went in there and straight into the store room. Jack took Becky’s hand. They sat down on the floor and eventually they fell asleep in each others arms

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Chapter 5

At around 6 am, Jack woke up. Last night was great! He thought. But was it a little to much fun for him? He woke Becky up.

“Morning!” she said stretching

“Heya” Jack smiled

Becky leaned in and kissed him. Jack stood up.

“I have to go” Jack said

“Where?” Becky asked

“Home. To Martha” Jack said

“What?” Becky said annoyed

“Becky, you are a nice girl. But, I donno really. I did have so much fun last night but what about Martha? I cant leave her” Jack said

“So. What? I wasted my entire night trying to win you over for nothing!” she yelled

“I am so sorry, Becky” Jack said and left the room

Becky was fuming. What had she done? She wasted her whole night with him thinking that he would win her over but no! He just went crawling back to Martha.

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Thanks for the comments! :lol:

You can decide if Jack should be with Martha after this chapter :D

Second last chapter :)

Chapter 6

Jack had felt so guilty about what happened between him and Becky. He practiced over and over in his head what he was going to say. He did have fun but I little to much. He arrived at the house. When he opened the door, the entire house was silent. Martha was still in bed, after all it was only half six in the morning. He got a cup of tea and the headed into the bedroom where Martha was sleeping. He opened the door smiling but his smile suddenly turned into rage. In the bed was two naked bodies, one was Martha and the other was her “good” friend, Paul

“What the f*ck is going on here?” Jack shouted

Martha and Paul woke up with a fright. They covered up their bodies.

“JACK!” Martha shouted stunned

“What is going on, Martha?” Jack yelled

“Please, Jack, Please…It is not what you think!” Martha begged

“What to you take me for? There is only one explanation for this!” Jack screamed

Jack went out of the room. Martha followed while Paul began dressing himself.

“GET OUT!” Jack spat

“Jack please!” Martha said and started to cry.

“You know what Martha! I was actually with a girl last night. Having a great time but I came back to you! Because I love….Loved you. And you know what? I think I have just made the biggest mistake of the life!” Jack shouted

“What? Who? Why?” Martha asked

“I don’t think to explain anything to you!” Jack said “Why did you do this”

“I wasn’t thinking. He came over and we had a few drinks”

“Few drink my ass! You have been doing it with him for ages, haven’t you! Your’s are always touching each other. Haven’t you!” Jack said

“YES!” screamed Martha “Why do you think I didn’t want to move to the city?”

“I have to go somewhere! When I come home, you better be out of here”

Jack walked to the front door and slammed it shut in anger. Martha was left heartbroken.

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Last chapter :ph34r:

Chapter 7

Jack went out of the house and back to the Surf Club. Becky wasn’t there. Where was she? Jack couldn’t believe what just happened. Martha had been cheating on him the whole time. And he was willing to give up Becky for her. The lying cheating b*tch! He thought to himself. Jack stopped. He knew where Becky was. The cliffs! Like she said last night, it was where she liked to go to think. Jack went up to the cliff. Becky was there and was about to jump off. Jack ran a head of her and jumped into the sea which caused Becky to scream;

“Jack! Jack!”

Becky ran over to the edge. She pulled Jack out of the water. Jack grabbed her face and kissed her

“What was that for?” Becky asked

“I want to be with you...” Jack smiled “….Forever”

“Really?” Becky asked

“Yes, Becky! I do” jack said

Jack looked into her eyes. He knew, Becky would make him happy. Very happy. A lot happier that Martha did. They walked back to Jack’s house. When they arrived, Martha was gone. This would be the start of the knew lives together.

Please don't kill me :lol:


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