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Never The Same

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Chapter 2

“Pete, peter is it really you?” asked Clare, staring at Peter. She couldn’t believe her eyes, Peter was standing there looking her in the eyes, he was really there, he was alive.

“Yes its really me babe, I’m alive, I spent a month in the witness protection programme” replied Peter, grabbing Clare’s hand.

“Oh my god, I love you so much, you really alive, here with me, holding my hand!” said Clare in excitement her fiancée was very much alive.

“I love you to sweetie, so do you still want to get married?” asked Peter, kissing Clare.

“Heck of course I do baby” said Clare, putting her arms around Peter.

“Aw, I’m glad to hear you still do babes, we should have it next week!” replied Peter, smiling at Clare.

“Why so early baby, don’t you want to wait, I have no trouble getting married next week but there’s a lot to sort out” said Clare.

“I want to marry my fiancée as soon as I can because I love you to much to wait” replied Peter. And that was the truth he loved her so much he wanted to get married right now.

“Then how about we get married now, without anyone just the two of us!” said Clare. She didn’t need any guests at her wedding day, she was happy with just her and Peter.

“Are you serious? Is that what you want, we can do that” replied Peter, he didn’t think Clare would of wanted to get married that soon.

“Yes of course I’m serious silly, wouldn’t of said it if I wasn’t” said Clare.

“Well come on then sweet heart, let’s get married” replied Peter, taking Clare by the hand.

“You may kiss the bride!” said the Priest.

“I love you so much Mrs Baker!” replied Peter, kissing Clare passionately on the lips.

“I love you to Detective Baker!” said Clare, smiling at her husband.

“Come on lets go spread the news!” replied Peter, glaring into Clare’s love struck eyes.

Dan was the first person Peter and Clare told, he was happy for them.

“Why didn’t you tell me before you got married I would of come” said Dan. He was happy for his brother.

“We wanted it to be only us,” replied Peter, explaining to his brother.

“Well let us give you a party to celebrate!” said Dan.

“you sure can do that Dan” replied Peter smiling at his younger brother.

Peter lied in bed staring at his sleeping wife, she looked like an angel when she was sleeping.

“Morning my little angel!” said Peter, touching Clare’s cheek.

“Morning, how long have you been laying there watching me sleep?” asked Clare, yawning.

“Five minutes, I didn’t want to wake you,” said Peter, getting up and stretching.

“S*it what’s the time?” asked Clare, she had to get to work, even though it was the night after her wedding.

“Half seven, you have plenty of time babe, as for me I have to go now, I better go and have a shower or I’ll be late!” said Peter, kissing Clare.

Dear diary,

I’m so happy I married Peter yesterday, it was the best thing I’ve ever done, we decided not to go on a honeymoon, we’ll just take a few weeks off work, starting next week of course, I thought it would be best to spend the rest of this week at work.

Eve has not showed herself yet so maybe she is dead; I hope she is even if Peter is not dead!

Write soon diary I have to have a shower and get to work!

Love Clare ♥

“bye Clare, love you!!” said Peter, picking up his jacket and car keys.

“See you soon sweetie, love you to!” replied Clare, kissing Peter good-bye.

She watched him drive off to work; she decided to turn the stereo on. She put her favourite song by Arvil Lavigne on. There were foot steps coming from outside, it didn’t scare her.

“Whose there, come on show your self!” said Clare, getting her gun from her belt.

“Surprised Clare, don’t move!” spat Eve, staring at Clare.

“What your alive, how could you make me think Peter was dead?” asked Clare, pointing the gun at Eve.

“Put the gun down Clare, there’s no need for violence just yet!” said Eve sarcastically, she would be the only one using violence if needed.

“No, I need it when you’re here!” spat Clare.

“Sweetie I am not going to kill you! I want you to help me with Peter! Seen as my accomplice is dead!” lied Eve, Tracey wasn’t really dead.

“What no way am I going to help you, he’s my husband for god sake I love him!” replied Clare, she would never help Eve kill Peter, her own husband.

“But does he love you?” asked Eve, running out of Clare’s house smirking.

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Awesome update! Can't wait for more! You stole my idea of Clare having a diary :( Lol, it's ok, I was just joking around. Nice work, update soon please!

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Chapter three.

Clare sped to work, doing way over the limit, she wanted to rush, to tell Peter Eve was in fact alive and not dead,

“Pete, we need to talk, like now!!” said Clare, puffing, she ran into the station from where she parked her car,

“what, what’s wrong?” asked Peter, grabbing Clare’s hand,

“its Eve, she’s alive, I’m serious, she, she wants me to help her kill you!!” said Clare, sputtering on her words,

“Clare is that the truth, is she really alive?” asked Peter, he didn’t want to believe Clare,

“it’s the truth Pete, here’s her jumper, she must of dropped it when she ran off!!” said Clare, giving Peter Eves jumper,

“great, maybe I should of stayed in witness protection!!” Peter muttered to himself,

“huh, what did you just say?” asked Clare, she was sure he said something,

“uh nothing, we need to find Eve!! What exactly did she say to you?” asked Peter,

“nothing really, she just wanted me to help her kill you and I sad no way he’s my husband and I love him” said Clare, looking into Peters eyes, she didn’t want to tell him, but she had to, she couldn’t let a psychopath walk the streets creating havoc in the bay once again,

“did she say anything about where she was going before she left?” asked Peter,

“no, nothing at all she just ran out” said Clare, answering Peters question,

“****ing great, just great!! that’s all I need” spat Peter, throwing the file that was in his hands on the floor,

“Pete calm down, we’ll find her, she hasn’t got Tracey, well she wasn’t with her anyways!” said Clare, rubbing Peters back,

“we’ll never get her Clare, how do we know she doesn’t have Trace still aye, she could be hiding her” replied Peter, furious ,

“we’ll get her Pete, just have hope!!” said Clare, trying to calm her husband down,

“what, after she’s killed me and the rest of the Bay, she’ll eventually get you on her side, she wont give up until she does, I don’t want to lose you Clare, not to someone like her, or anyone for that matter!” replied Peter, slumping into his chair,

“babe, she’ll never get me on her side no matter how hard she tries!!” said Clare, reassuring Peter she’d never help the stalker.

Dear Diary,

I cant believe the stalker is still alive and she wants me to help her kill my husband, no way am I going to go to her side and no way would I help her kill my husband, I’ll catch the psychopath if it’s the last living thing I do, why does she have to go for Peter, yes he made Sarah Lewis kill her self, but that was an accident, ok I guess where she’s coming from, she wants revenge, but don’t you think she’s got enough revenge on the bay so far?

Clare sat at her desk with her head in her hands, she was worried about Peter, what if Eve did get to him? She wouldn’t be able to live with out him, he’d only just come back to her, she didn’t want to lose him again,

“Clare we’ve got a lead on the stalker, she’s hanging around your house!” said Lara,

“I’ll be right there, can you get Jack to come with me, I’m going to catch this psycho once and for all!!” replied Clare, picking up her car keys,

“ok sure thing” said Lara, walking out of Clare’s office,

“thanks Lara!!” replied Clare, nearly running out of her office.

Clare parked her car a bit down the street, she didn’t want Eve knowing she was there, she’d do a runner,

“Jack you go that way, I’ll call you when I’ve got her!” said Clare, ordering Jack,

“yes Mam” replied Jack, doing what she said,

Clare snuck around the corner of her house, she saw her near the rabbit hutch, holding her dead rabbit in her hands, she quietly snuck up behind the psycho,

“Jack!! Help I’ve got her, think you can get away huh, you cant, I’ve got you now and you’ll be locked up for the rest of your life!!” spat Clare, laughing,

“I’ll get away, Tracey will help me, she always will!!” replied Eve, trying to struggle out of Clare’s strong grip, but there was no chance of her getting free, her grip was to tight,

“Tracey’s dead love!!” said Clare, laughing at the thought of Tracey being alive,

“that’s where your wrong, she’s very much alive!!” spat Eve, she saw Jack coming from around the corner,

“we’ll see about that!!” said Clare, moving so Jack could put the cuffs on her.

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