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Night Shift

Guest Oxidizer

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Type of story: one-shot

Rating: G

Main Characters: Stalker



Is Story being proof read:


Night Shift

The sound of the city was deafening. Lights glowed from the tall and sharp buildings lining the streets of Sydney as they flickered on after dark. Cars and pedestrians littered the roads and sidewalks as traffic jams were prevalent.

On the farthest end of the city's darker side stood the hospital. It towered the other skyscrapers and loomed over the ambulances parked below ominously.

Walking down one of the many lone and silent corridors was a nurse - her mound of blonde curls tied back loosely in a ponytail that swung agilely with each step she took. The lights that emanated from the ceiling illuminated the space calmly. Ahead were two other nurses -in deep conversation- walking in her direction. She turned her head to the side and entered the darkly lit room to her left, as not to draw attention to herself. If she had taken the time to observe her surroundings, she would've noticed those two orbs of perfect crystalline green stare at her, entranced.

Inside her first patient of the night's room, the nurse delicately smiled in the elderly woman's direction - her face barely visible from the dim light that glowed from the lamp on her bedside cabinet. She wasted no time in handing the patient her medication and stood watch as she swallowed them weakly, passing her a glass of water to wash the pills down easier.

"Thank you, dear." She took a faint sip from her drink and handed it back, regaining the breath that her age slowly ate away at - watching as the nurse placed the glass on the side. "You're an angel."

Those eyes from the opposite side of the corridor peered into the shadows of the room that the nurse was in and watched her intently: she was talking with an elderly woman with a smile. From what she could tell, she didn't seem as dangerous as she initially thought. But the brunette knew more than anyone just how deceptive appearances could be.

"Sleep well," the nurse smiled soothingly, placing her hand on her patient's arm and giving it a comforting squeeze. The eldest of the two smiling back weakly.

Collecting an empty glass from the side and placing it on the neutral green tray she held in her hand, the nurse stepped out of the dark and over the threshold. Standing in front of her was a brunette woman wearing a dark pantsuit, looking back at her intensely.

The detective grimaced when the blonde smiled at her: she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her vision now in slow motion and dream-like as the nurse approached.

She wanted to say something -confront her- but she couldn't form the words. Instead she just watched as the nurse she knew was a known killer disappear down the coolly lit corridor without so much as giving her a second glance.

Little did Senior Detective Tracey Thompson know is that the following night she would return in search of her - like an addict hooked on drugs.

Friday the 25th of November 2005 was the night she no longer locked up the dangerous to protect society, but instead would become one of them.



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