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Shocking Deception

Guest Roccoluver

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Title Shocking Deception

Type- One shot

Character- Amanda, Josh West, Colleen

BTTB Rating- A

Proof read- No

Spoilers- No

Warning- Sexual content, I don't feel its that graphic, feel free to PM me if you otherwise

I would like to say two things, First thanks to Sally_Fletcher for the title and I have no idea what made me write this :lol: enjoy

Shocking Deception

Amanda smiles as she balances on Josh West’s body, he kisses her gently but passionately, his hands slide off her top as he pulls off his pants.

He smiles and pulls her back down for another kiss, and soon they are naked on the couch in a passionate bond.

“Woo hoo it’s only me” Colleen called out walking into the lounge.

Josh pushed Amanda off him.

“You didn’t lock the doors?” he asked.

Amanda nervously smiled.

“Must of slipped my mind”

Colleen walked into the lounge.

“Holy Neptune’s ghost, I’m so sorry” Colleen squeaked.

Josh hopped up.

“It’s okay Mrs. Smart, you don’t have to go on our behalf”.

Colleen nodded, trying to keep her eyes off Josh’s body, he smirked at her, spreading his arms out wide he laughed.

“Like what you see”

Josh walked over to Colleen and kissed her on the mouth.

“Josh West!” Amanda called out “What are you doing?”

Josh smirked “Don’t worry babe you’ll get your turn” Josh went back to kissing Colleen.

Amanda kissed Josh as she woke from her rest, she glanced over at Colleen lying in their bed.

“I can’t believe we did that” she whispered

“It was good” he said

“She’s older enough to be our mother”

“So was Graham, shhh you’ll wake her”.

Amanda fold her arm’s and glared at Josh smirk.

Colleen stirred, stretching out she whack Amanda in the face. Amanda forced a fake smile and look at Josh.

Colleen sat up in the bed “I guess I should do the cleaning now” she said getting out of bed and pulling her clothes back on. “Mmmm, I have meeting in the city” Josh said kissing Amanda.

Amanda crossed her arms, she felt left out with nothing to do.

“Well I have shopping to do” she declared, hopping out of bed. Josh smirked at her “What ever babe, just don’t spend all our money”.

Colleen shook her head.

“I wouldn’t trust her with a credit card”

“Excuse me, who hires you”

Colleen hurried off to do some cleaning.

“Behave” Josh said as he kissed Amanda goodbye.

She laughs “Me, you’re the one seducing old people”.

Josh smirked “At least my one didn’t die”.

Amanda glared “It could be arranged”

Josh was the one to chuckle this time “Who would want to kill little old Colleen”.

Colleen smiled as she removed the tape. She smiled to herself. Now she maybe able to get some new clothes after all, and a new house. She grinned, everyone made think she was an old fuddy duddy but she could be just as sneaky as anyone else.

She smiled at the tape.

“Come on baby mummy needs a new pair of shoes”.


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