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Mon, 16 Apr 07 - “ Not ALL Plans Go, Well, According To Plan “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Not ALL Plans Go, Well, According To Plan “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 16 Apr 07 - Episode # 4396)

Note –Due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual.

Leah tells Irene that she got a post card form Alex. He comments that he is hanging out with a girl named Dorkus, who (he suggest) would certainly be called “Dork” if she /moved to oz.

Outdoors somewhere, Ethan tells Kelli that he thinks that Amanda has suffered enough, or more to the point, he wants Kelli to stop, as he is keen to be with her more often. Kelli ini9st that she won’t stop until ALL door in Amanda’s life are closed – and that Ethan was a petty criminal (who can easily go back there) before Kelli met him.

Kelli picks Ryan up form Leah’s place (Amanda is at a counselling session). Kelli & Dan speak about recent events – before Kelli & Ryan bail.

Later, Kelli (mansion) tells Amanda that Ryan is to be picked up form the party that he is attending at 7pm, but after Amanda says that that will give her time to get her to her hair appointment and back with ease, Kelli writes that REAL time that Ryan is supposed to be picked up – 6 pm !!!!

After the party, Ryan enters the mansion alone (having been dropped off by the host of the party).

At the diner, Dan is talking to Leah & Kelli – and he is most surprised when someone mentions that manda was drinking the day that Ryan was caught in THAT rip.

He heads for the mansion – where he JUST stops Ryan form putting a knife in the toaster – as the bread is stuck in there (and smoke is coming from the toaster).

When Amanda comes home, new hairdo and all, Dan really lets her have a piece of his mind about this. Manda insists that Kelli said 7pm, but Dan thinks that its just manda being careless AGAIN. Amanda is further affected when Ryan goes to LEAH and hugs her, rather than supporting his mum.

Jack insists to rohan that he will get the charges against him dropped – if rohan helps jack.

Alf approaches Martha at diner, but she declines an offer to go to some school thing of little Pippa’s (Martha is working that night).

As rohan is planting THOSE drugs in cam’s bag, cam sees him.

Subsequenetly, cam is on edge about what is to come, ie after Martha did her latest performance on stage, he “winged” his way through a chat about her new dance moves.

Jack & the police arrive in force – but the only drugs found are in MARTHA’S bag. Cam accompanies her when she goes to the police sation.

Martha insists that they aren’t hers – but McGrath says that his hands are tied. Cam puts up the bail money for Martha, and after she exits the police staion, cam has quiet words with jack. Cam tells jack that he KNOWS what jack tried to do – and wonders, since it backfired, what jack will do now.


Amanda isn’t ready to give Ryan up without a fight – we see her speeding towards a police (incl Jack) roadblock!

We also got the BIG WEEK coming spiel as well.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s dreamy white (sky blue streaked) spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Martha’s orange top/white jacket/black boots

BRONZE – Ryan’s white (with light blue across the chest) polo shirt/dark blue jacket


Cam’s light purple button up shirt (with black t shirt beneath)

Cindy’s black spaghetti strap top

Dan’s off white & light blue polo shirt

Ethan’s black (white ying/yang based motif) t shirt/white (blue check) button up shirt

Irene’s sky blue blouse/apricot top

Jack’s black leather (with 2 white horizontal stripes on the chest) jacket

Kelli’s white t/grey (knee length) shirts

Leah’s green (hoop neck) halter top

Martha’s red (with white lightening within a circle motifs) robe/spangly silver bra & short (dance outfit) skirt

Rohan's tan t shirt/white (brown tropical motifs) button up shirt

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