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Open Your Heart

Guest ~Dom~

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Story Title: Open Your Heart

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Peter and Amanda

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Following the story of Peter and Amanda's relationship.



As they kissed joyfully, Peter and Amanda felt warmness fill their hearts, as they did every time they kissed. The house was totally empty, just what they wanted, to enjoy themselves. Amanda pushed Peter back gently, their lips unstuck from eachothers. She looked worried, Peter looked at her awkwardly.

“What’s the matter,” he asked, looking puzzled.

Amanda looked down. “What if someone finds out?”

“About what.”


“They won’t.”

Peter moved closer to Amanda, again, their hearts warmed. They knew it was the right thing to do.


Please tell me what you think :)

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Thanks for the comments :)


Chapter 1

Amanda was pouring herself a glass of orange juice, when the doorbell rang. She stared at her watch, it was only 3. Maybe it was Peter, but she really didn’t want him turning up unexpected. She turned to the mirror to fix her hair, as it wasn’t looking its best. She walked to the door, expecting Peter. When opening it, she got a shock. It was Dan and Ryan.

“Oh, you’re back early,” Amanda said trying to hide the surprise in her voice.

“Yer, we decided to come now as Ryan isn’t feeling to good and I just got a call from Leah saying I need to pick up VJ,” explained Dan. Amanda looked a little unsure. “You’re not doing anything, are you?”

“Oh, that’s okay,” Amanda hugged Ryan and sat him down on the sofa. “I wasn’t doing much at all.”

“Thanks so much Amanda.” Dan ran over to his car, then drove away quickly.

Ryan had turned the TV on, watching his usual stupid cartoons. Amanda walked into her kitchen when her phone began to ring. It was Peter. She stepped outside, sliding the door behind her.

Amanda I need to meet you at the cliff now.

Peter, I am looking after Ryan, I can’t leave him in the house on his own!!

What is he doing home, I thought Dan was looking after him.

He was but Ryan wasn’t feeling well.

Why didn’t you say no!!

How was I meant to know you were gonna call.

Just come please.

Peter hung up. Amanda though for a few seconds, then walked back into the house. Ryan was still glued to the TV.

“Ryan, I need to go out for 5 minutes. Don’t you go anywhere, don’t touch anything either,” Amanda told Ryan.

“Hurry mum I don’t feel to good,” Ryan said quietly.

Amanda kissed Ryan and ran out the door slamming it behind her.


Amanda finds out why she should of taken her house keys

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Thanks for the comments :)


Chapter 2

Peter waited by the cliff nervously, what if someone found out about there secret little meetings. They couldn't keep doing this forever. The cliff was sheltered, the road leading up to it was crumbled and narrow, which hardly anyone drove on. He heard an engine, he smiled as Amanda's car came into view, then to a halt. She got out and ran towards Peter, to kiss him.

"This better be worth it," she laughed, "I scratched my car on a bush coming down this stupid lane."

Peter smiled, "Don"t worry it will be." They kissed romantically. "I just can't seem to spend 5 minutes without you."

"Neither can I."

They stared into the distance, out to the ocean for a while.

Amanda stared at her watch. "Oh gosh, look at the time, I need to go back to Ryan." They shared one final kiss before Amanda drove off.

Amanda searched her pockets, but no keys, she must have left them in the kitchen. She knocked on the door. "RYAN, RYAN!" No answer, she walked round to the nearest window expecting to see Ryan gawping infront of the TV. Panic filled her mind. As she saw Ryan lying on the floor, unconscious, her heart sank.


Will Ryan survive

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