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Lyrical Contest

Guest Marieh

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"stolen" from www.eyeboard.com (The Tribe Forum)

So I know there's alot of contests out and running, but I'm in love with this one.

Ok, so the host pics a song lyric and then you make whatever you want (blend, avatar, wallpaper etc) but the graphic must contain some part of the lyric.

So the one who wins this picks the song and if it should be h&a related or not, and can give own rules if there's something that should be changed.


- One entry per person.

- Parts of the lyrics must be in the artwork

- Can be whatever you want (blend, avatar, wallpaper etc)

- Send the entries to me before 21. April, 5 pm (+ 1 hour for UK'ers), if the pm system dosen't work or my inbox is full send it to: mh_olsen@hotmail.com

Panic! At The Disco: Camisado is this weeks song ;).


- Because I've recived both avatars and blends I've decided that the voting will be changed. Instead of giving 1 vote, you give 3 votes where your first choice get 3 points, your second choice 2 points and then your third choice 1 point.

And if this dosen't go well, we'll just close the contest :)

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