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Fri, 13 Apr 07 - “Is Martha THE Most Gullible BEEEEEEEP In The Univers

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Is Martha THE Most Gullible BEEEEEEEP In The Universe ???“

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 13 Apr 07 - Episode # 4395)

Belle is unpack her suitcase at the beach house – as she is moving back in. bell tells Irene that she can't believe that she thought manda could live up to her word. Irene also isn’t that keen that she was deceived. Irene also insists that until Amanda admits she was a problem, there’s not much they can do.

Meanwhile, at thee diner, Rachel thank Hugh for the whole picnic idea – as does colleen. The later then asks Hugh is doing anything today. He (wrongly) says that he isn’t – so colleen “suggests” that he can been team doctor as the much vaunted bowls tournament. When colleen has gone into kitchen Rachel tells Hugh that he should never say yes to colleen unless he knows what she is wanting.

In kitchen, colleen “drafts” drew & Leah into her team. When colleen is out of kitchen, Leah tells drew that that if she & others have to suffer, so too does drew.

Soon after, colleen, Rachel, Alf, Irene, drew, Kit, belle, Hugh, kimmy & Leah are at Noah’s. Collen informs them that the rival (Betty’s) team is done to only 4 players (thanks to injury). Just when those other than Alf, Leah & Irene (who colleen has selected to be the other bowlers in her team) think that they can bail, colleen tells them that they are also on her team – with silly jobs like Belle helping drew in his role of chief bowls polisher etc.

At the bowls club, colleen up & co “suit up” – and the game commence. The opposing team deliberately distracts colleen, Alf & co just as they are bowling – which means that Betty’s team has a BIG margin part way through the match.

Drew decides that he has had enough – and belle sees that he is putting the stickers (which indicates where the weighted side of the bowl) on the other side. Drew insists that colleen will be even MORE difficult to be around if she looses.

Colleen’s team starts to catch up – and things are tiered leading into the 2 final bowls of the torment (colleen, then Betty). Colleen bowls V well – but Betty’s last bowl is a bad one, and colleen is beside herself that she WON!!!

However, Betty gets that last bowl of hers – and shows it to the umpire – who confirms her theory that the bowl must have been tampered with. The umpire announces that colleen is banned form this bowling club – and no doubt several others. Colleen faints – and Rachel & co are just able to catch her.

Afterwards, at Noah’s colleen continued to be distraught, while drew & belle waaaaaaaaaay share a smile (just like they did when drew saw belle tip the old cooking oil on ETHAN recently)

Cam (rocket club) sets up for his latest night of trading – incl giving a guy (Rohan I think) a big bag of drug. Cam tells him the DEF sell it OUTSIDE the club.

Martha rives – and both she & cam are looking fwd to her latest dance performance tonight, and more in the future (cam mentions that he has “landed” some more clients who want t have their “business lunches” here).

Soon after, Martha performs on stage once more – and cam congrat her when she is finishes. She then see a guy dealing drugs on the premises – she informs cam, who has one of the security ppl throw take care of the guy.

Martha wonders if cam is coming home with her – he says that he was things to take care of 1-st, i.e. seconds after Martha is gone, he gave (barmaid) May a look which indicates that he is ready for them to get a tad physical.

Outside, the police (jack & Harper) arrive – and they find drugs on Rohan (who was just been thrown out of the club). When jack presses for answers, the drug dude said that he got them in the club. Jack tells heaper to cal for back-up, as he is gong to raid the club...

Jack goes inside – after “suggests” that the place be shut down for the time being. He then finds cam – WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYT pashing Amy. Cam tells jack that she is gong to talk to jack’s superiors about this, whilst jack says that He is going to speak to Martha.

Jack goes outside – and finds no back up. Indeed, harper tells him that McGrath wants to see that nth at the station straight away. McGrath (station) subsequently “tears strips” off jack.

The latter then goes to the diner flat – where he tells Martha what he saw. Cam is already there, and Martha tells jack that cam told him that ca was simply hugging Amy to console her after a patron upset her. Jack (and the rest of the universe) can’t believe that Martha have fallen for yet ANOTHER lie.

When jack is gone, cam talks about the close relationship that clubs & the police should have – as cam might REALLYT need the police someday. He & matrha also talk about”that look” of victory that jack had when he saw cam “consoling” Amy.

Next day, jack & Tony are talk in the diner when Martha & cam come downstairs (about to bail). There’s another “discussion” thween jack, Martha & cam – which convinces jack that he should be playing this games differently.

He goes to the station – and suggest to mcgrath that the get a warrent to search the rocket club, and the statement form Paige & Rohan should help them get one (a warrant) form a magistrate.

Soon after, McGrath hand jack said warrant – but he insists that is they find nothing at club, jack HAS to drop this.

Jack then meets with Rohan on the beach. Like with Paige, jack offers to have rohan's charges dropped, IF he plants drugs in the rocket club. (end of ep)


A BIG week of H&A is coming –

the (bush) birth of Kit’s baby;

a death from a car accident (form maddie & Tony reaction, can I suggest Beth?),

whilst Belle/Drew are WAAAAY back together

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Leah’s green halter top

SILVER – Kit’s brown (kinda rustic) v neck top

BRONZE – Rachel’s blue & orange halter top


Amy’s green spaghetti strap top

Belle’s red (“billabong” in black) singlet top

Belle’s sky blue (white unknown motif) t/silver belt/red long pants

Cam’s black (mottled) button up shirt

Colleen’s light blue (green rainforest motifs) blouse

Drew’s black (white crest? Motif) t

Drew’s dark purple (“AI” with white stars surrounding it) t

Hugh’s green button up shirt

Hugh’s light blue (grey small circle pattern) button up shirt

Irene’s red scoop neck t

Irene’s sky blue blouse/apricot top

Jack’s black leather (with 2 white horizontal stripes on the chest) jacket

Kimmy’s green (white unknown motif) t

Leah’s silver (mesh like) spaghetti strap top

Leah’s totally white lawn bowls outsit (jacket & long pants)

Martha’s black satin (gold crest on the back) robe

Martha’s orange cropped jacket & matching hot pants (i.e. latest dance outfit)

Martha’s red thin strap top

Martha’s white jacket/orange top

Rachel’s mustard (red tropical motifs) spaghetti strap dress

Rohan’s marron t shirt/bone button up shirt

Rohan’s white button up shirt/brown t

Tony’s dark brown (with light brown horizontal section in the centre) polo shirt

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