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Spamming in the Artwork forum

Guest .Cat.

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We have recently noticed a lot of spamming occuring in the Artwork and Creations forum, and have decided to take action. Any post that is off topic in any thread, will automatically be deleted by a moderator. If you continue to spam, you will recieve a warning, and if you have already received warnings more serious action may be taken.

Right now it's not a serious problem, but if it grows into one, we're afraid we'll have to take serious action which could possibly lead to disabling of post counts in that forum - something we don't want, but we're afraid it will be our only option should the problem continue.

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I wouldn't consider that spamming.. :huh: But i do think it would be better to wait a while for more than one person to comment on your avatars before saying thanks. Otherwise if you keep saying "thanks" to the people who commented on your avatars, i think it will look a little like spamming.

Although, if only one person replies to your thread about your avatars that you have made, i think it would be wise to say "thanks" along with more avatars :)

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I wouldn't consider 'Thanks' as spamming. You're being polite, it shouldn't be taken the wrong way.

Yeah but if you get 10 comments about 1 avatar and then respond to everyone of them instead of saying "thanks person "1", "2", and "3"." :P Get what I mean? :P

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