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Thurs, 12 Apr 07 - “ That Old Trick “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ That Old Trick “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 12 Apr 07 - Episode # 4394)

Leah (Noah’s) is talking to Hugh when Colleen interrupts. She’s hurt her wrist at the gym – and she is most appreciative when Hugh seems to magically heal her injury.

Rachel arrives – and eh talks to Hugh about how much she & kimmy have been disagree of late. Rachel thinks she & kimmy just need some serious time together (in amongst their busy lives) so they can talk.

Soon after, Hugh is at the diner, and both Leah & colleen thinks it’s a great idea that he has arranged a surprise hamper (for a picnic) for Rachel & kimmy, but when Hugh tries to9 ring kimmy, she gets no answer – as kimmy (who has just bailed from the gym t09 go to the last birthing class with Kit) has left his phone behind.

Rachel meets up with Hugh at Noah’s – and she is really appreciative of the picnic plan – but they discover that kimmy hadn’t got their phones messages AND that the person taking the birthing class that kit etc have gone too is running an hour late.

Rachel & Hugh then start talking about when the went to university together – and although we don’t see it, Hugh shows Rachel a pic of the pic of them back then.

Kimmy then arrives – and he thanks Hugh for the effort that he went too (with picnic etc).

Next day, Colleen (diner) approaches Hugh. She once more tells him how great a gesture the picnic thing was, but Hugh looks as though the feelings he had for Rachel has resurfaced – and he isn’t the only one whom that is happening too, as although Rachel & kimmy hug (in gym) after they talk about recent events, Rachel looks as though she’d rather be in the arms of another

In a park near water, kelli tells Ethan that she can't believe just how sweet this revenge on manda is tasting, esp. in light of Amanda “kicking” belle out of the mansion.

When kelli rtn to mansion, manda is so pleased that at least one person (kelli) is sticking by her. Amanda then shocks kelli by saying that she I going to try to talk to belle about all this.

Manda goes to the diner, where she finds belle talking to peter about the situation. Bell is SOOOOO not keen to listen to anything manda has to say.

Undeterred, amanda goes for another strategy. She speak to Irene – and tries to convibnce her to speak to bell about all of this on her behalf.

Irene (beach house) does talk to belle, who almost can’t believe that Irene is act on amanda’s behalf. Irene insist that she knows what its like to want forgiveness fro your kids.

Belle & Irene go to the mansion, and manda is so pleased that bell is there. After Irene bails, belle makes manda PROMISE that she won’t drink EVER again. Amanda insists that she won’t let belle down, so the later decides to stay at the mansion (and not go back to live with Irene).

Of course, kelli isn;t happy about this, and we see her take a bottle of pills out of her bag – which she no doubt plans to use to drug Amanda.

Next morning, belle comers downstairs into the living room of the mansion. She finds manda asleep on the couch – with a bottle of wine on the table beside her !!!

Belle throws the rest of an unfinished glass of wine at manda – who wakes in shock. Belle can’t believe that manda broke her promise already, and when manda says that she doesn’t know what happened last night, belle reminds her of THAT night with Ethan. Btw, Kelli is listening in, with glee, in kitchen – as belle “tears strips” (verbally) off Amanda


Jack launches a police raid on the rocket club – during which he finds Cam kissing a woman who ISN’T Martha !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rachel’s mustard (red tropical motifs) spaghetti strap dress

SILVER – Belle’s sky blue (white unknown motif) t/silver belt/red long pants

BRONZE – Hugh’s black (white occasional floral pattern) button up shirt


Amanda’s red (green rainforest motifs) spaghetti strap top/orange bikini top

Belle’s red shorts/black (“Rip Curl”) singlet top

Colleen’s white (blue floral motifs) blouse

Colleen’s white (green rainforest motifs) blouse

Ethan’s purple (unknown, but cool looking, motif) t/white (grey check) button up shirt

Hugh’s green button up shirt

Irene’s white (red floral) blouse/black top/black long pants

Kelli’s silvery (floral motifs, rich red lining) night gown/red thin strap top & matching long pants

Kelli’s white (with red asymmetric rectangle motif) spaghetti strap dress

Kimmy’s grey (PUMA) zip up jacket/SB gym singlet/dark blue (with lighter blue vertical stripe down the side) track pants

Kit’s royal blue scoop neck t

Leah’s purple shimmery top

Peter’s blue button up shirt/dark jacket

Rachel’s red (black belted) dress

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