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Wed, 11 Apr 07 - “ Free …. But At A Cost “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Free …. But At A Cost “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 11 Apr 07 - Episode # 4393)

Cass suggest to Kyle to let lily go 0-as does sally when she enters to room. Kyle demands sally to get her car keys – as sally tis look for them, brad & Ric arrive. Ric in partic wants to aggressively take lily from Kyle, but Cass & the others suggest not. Sally then throws her keys towards Kyle – but they hit the kitchen “table” and drop on the floor,. Kyle demands that lily should pick them up. She instead grabs a bottle of kitchen cleaner(?) and spays some in Kyle’s eyes. Ric & brad then move in to restrain Kyle. (note – I soooooooooooooo loved the look of sheer terror on lily’s face – partic in those BIG blue eyes on hers, as Kyle had her in his clutches).

Soon after, the still restrained Kyle tells lily that he wolves her – and that no one will EVER love her like he does. Cass rebuffs BOTH of these claims – by insisting that Macca sisd exactly those things to her, just after/before he beat her. The police arrive – and haul Kyle away.

A little later, Cass, Ric & lily are at the surf club playing pool. Lily comets that she still thinks to Kyle is going to arrive and bash her up. Cass insists that she too gelt that way after she left Macca – but that it does pass.

Soon after, Cass (vph) tells lily that she has been in contact with the female counsellor – who can see her next week. Sally enters – and agrees with cassie’s thoughts that lily can stay with them until the counsellor sees lily. Lily then comments on how cool for thinks that Ric is (tell me not ANOTHER love triangle?) before Dan enters and speaks to Cass. She can’t believe it when he says that she can no longer even try to become one of the counsellors for the help line – as she waaaaaaaaaaaay broke all the rules with Lily

Drew brings ryan back to the mansion. After drew makes a comment that makes belle remind herself of why they broke up, she slams door in his face.

Ryan tells belle that he is keen to stay with Dan for a while – and when Amanda & Kelli rtn from Amanda’s court case, whilst manda can’t believe that she has to go to AA type meetings, belle makes her aware of how Ryan is being teased as his drink driving mum.

Belle then really doen't like it when manda is keen to have a drink at the end of this hard day. Bell has a go at her – but manda simply bails, and goes to the surf club. She buys 2 bottles of wine – and encounters Peter & Lara (who is seen out of uniform for only, I think, the 2nd time EVER).

When Amanda returns to the mansion, Belle can’t believe that she’s bough more alcohol – but however, bell IS plead that newxtmoring when both bottles have remained untouched.

Amanda tells bell that she (Amanda), Kelli & Ryan are go to9 beach today – and Amanda wants belle to come. Belle says that she has assignment to do, but will join them at beach sometime today.

When Kelli etc arrive at the beach, Amanda realises that they’ve only bought wine with the picnic hamper. Kelli says that’s he forgot OJ – so she goes off to diner to get some.

Amanda &^ Ryna see peter & Lara nearby. Ryan is pleased to see peter, whilst Amanda comments on how close peter & (kini top) Lara seem to be.

Ryan then goes for a swim, and Amanda (because of petrer & Lara) has a glass or two oaf the wine. Kelli returns – just as Amanda realises that she can’t see Ryan anywhere. Amanda & Kelli start searching, aided by paeter & Lara. They find Ryan with belle – Ryan was caught in a rip with took him down the beach.

When they get home, amanda promises to make things up to Ryan – he suggest that should catch a DVD together, but then belle sees that the wine bottle isn’t full – and she way confronts Amanda.

Things gets worse when Kelli reminds Amanda that she has type alcoholics meeting to go too – and belle lets Amanda “have it” about disappoint Ryan again.

When Amanda & Kelli gave gone, belle tells Ryan about what’s happened. He REALLY now wants to stay over at Dan’s. Bell initially tries to persuade him against it – but Ryan doesn’t let up, and belle caves.

They go to the diner, where they encounter drew and Dan. Ryan is once more V persuavve with Dan (who lets him stay with him).

When belle, Amanda & Kelli are back at the mansion, anima can’t believe that belle just let Ryan go to dans like that. Belle has had enough – she storms out, leaving Amanda devastated – and whilst Kelli doesn’t smirk or even smile a little, who KNOW that she is LOVING this (end of ep)


Is Rachel falling back in love with her old flame (Hugh)?

Kelli’s war against Amanda continues – looks like belle thinks that Amanda has tried to (food) poison her

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle’s dark green (red bow tie) spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Belle’s red shorts/red, blue &white (star motifs) bikini top)/black (with pink writing) singlet top

BRONZE – Sally’s black (yellow wavy pattern across the bust) spaghetti strap top


Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Alf’s sky blue button up shirt

Amanda’s orange (with black “slashes”) bikini top/bone long pants

Amanda’s red & green spaghetti strap top

Belle’s black (Norton) t shirt/olive green skirt

Brad’s white (black pin stripe) button up shirt/greeny-blue t (beneath)

Cassie’s red “100% woman” singlet top/greeny-blue shorts

Dan’s twin tone brown polo shirt

Drew;s brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t

Kelli’s white (bubble) jacket/red top/faded black long pants

Kelli’s white (with red asymmetric rectangle motif) spaghetti strap dress

Kyle’s black (unknown – rock band perhaps? white cooooool looking motif) t shirt

Lara’s red bikini top/red long shirt

Lara’s white jacket/red top

Lily’s red (silver rabbit motif) t shirt/dark blue jacket/brown long pants

Lily’s red (unknown white motif) t shirt (with white long sleeve top beneath)/light blue shorts

Peter’s stylish grey button up shirt/dark jacket

Ric’s black (white typed alphabet) t shirt

Ric’s yellow (with orange & blue thin horiz stripe) polo shirt

Ryan’s green (unknown but looked cool, motif) t

Ryan’s green boardies/grey (with cloud outlines) t

Ryan’s royal blue polo shirt

Sally’s grey & brown (bush motifs) tube top

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